Free for All: 02/10/12

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18 Responses to “Free for All: 02/10/12”

  1. Philip Klein
    Santorum donor Foster Friess: “A liberal, a moderate and a conservative walk into bar. Bartender says, ‘Hi Mitt.'” Huge applause.

  2. I’m wondering what CNN is planning to do to re-invigorate their evening/night time line-up. Based on what I’m seeing, they are getting killed in the ratings.

  3. So according to Obama, he still retains the power to unilaterally violate someone’s religious freedom. He’s just choosing not to do so as blatantly as he previously planned … for now.

    Four more years?

  4. I’ve tried, a few times, to watch Erin Burnett’s show… a show that’s probably destined to cancellation. It’s unwatchable.

  5. it’s actually pretty good if you mute the sound and play a Madona album on the stere. Works Like a Prayer.

  6. Laura, I was there when he said that. I didn’t spot Klein but I did see his Examiner colleague David Freddoso. Also spotted Griff Jenkins (got my picture with him), Uma Pemmaraju, frequent Red Eye guest Stephen Kruiser, Dave Weigel, and plenty of other people.

  7. ^ But they were nice to the guy, and didn’t audibly snicker once.

  8. @RebelSoulPundit
    Newt & Callista Gingrich=The Jolly Rancher and the department store mannequin.

  9. “itโ€™s actually pretty good if you mute the sound and play a Madona album on the stere. Works Like a Prayer.”

    I like Erin Burnett on mute. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyways, who else is ready for Pomona and then Daytona?!

  10. Speaking of religion, judicial activism at its finest in the UK
    The UK to my knowledge doesn’t have anything in its unwritten constitution separating church and state. I’m sure the UK has a state religion, Christianity or more specifically Anglicanism. So how did this happen?

  11. Newt & Callista were in Cleveland yesterday. Friend of mine sent me a cell phone picture of him posing with them. He knew it would make my day.

    josh, FishbowlDC said that Dave Weigel looked like an unmade bed today. Said he must have packed his clothes wadded up. You notice?

  12. Barney Rubble… that’s who Newt reminds me of. Please, no Bam-Bam jokes.

  13. @RebelSoulPundit
    The stuffed elephant in that video with Callista reminded me of Newt.

  14. lonestar77 Says:

    “Racists, sexists , anit-g@ys, RW bigots go away!”

    You have to give it to the Occupy nuts hired by the unions to protest CPAC, they got all the liberal talking points into one catch little sentence and managed to make it rhyme!

  15. ^ That’s the great thing about chants. They’re endlessly adaptable.

    A bit more on an unfolding tale.

  16. ^ NSF…oh, like anyone cares anymore.

  17. Guess it’s just me over here.

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