What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists Sunday night…


50 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. HOT: Adele sings for AC. That is all.

  2. NOT: the cesspool of the imagination of CNBC reality shows.

  3. savefarris Says:

    NOT: CNN’s code of conduct policy.

    Explicitly accusing Republicans of sodomy on the air: acceptable.
    Making fun of soccer players on Twitter: unnacceptable.

  4. Watching CPAC.

    Sarah Palin is an idiot.

  5. Grandpa Dave Says:

    HOT: ABC/Univision in talks about new cable channel.
    HOT: FBN increases business programming.

    NOT: CNBC hires Reality producer.
    NOT Roland Martin suspended/CNN standards policy.

  6. NOT HOT: CPAC. This is nothing more than a snarkfest that rivals Four on One.

  7. CPAC is supposed to be something of a snarkfest. It’s not like political snarking at funerals as the Dems frequently do.

  8. MSNBC’s coverage of the Maine Caucus is really bizarre. They keep saying results in a half hour (while the bottom third says 6:45). It’s almost like they don’t realize they went on the air a half hour early.

  9. Making fun of soccer players on Twitter: unnacceptable.

    G@ybashing is unacceptable. So is being ignorant.

  10. NOT HOT: MSNBC, AGAIN, goes off the air early so they can push the play button on their VCR. Or is a BRD player now?

  11. “The Place For Politics”

    More like, “The Place For Prison Documentaries”

  12. “The Place For News” – Andy Levy’s Twitter Feed. Whitney Houston died.

  13. With prison being more likely than ever, it’s a good idea to watch as many prison documentaries as possible. Kudos to MSNBC for an education as to how I can avoid becoming anybody’s b*tch if they find where I buried the… be back, doorbell.

  14. Ironically, Al, FOX is the only network not carrying the news. MSNBC cut out of Lockup to carry a special report with Paige Hopkins and CNN also carrying the story. FOX is at tape.

  15. NOT: abusive lifestyle of the rich and famous. RIP Whitney.

  16. I’m sure FNC will mention her death during the bottom-of-the-hour news break. While it is breaking news it isn’t wall-to-wall worthy.

  17. @LK: Yep. Everyone who enjoys Jersey Shore and idolizes Snooki and think that’s the life, this is the end result. It’s a shame though. Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey were the vocal powerhouses when I was growing up.

  18. McLachlan once said that this song was about Janis Joplin and Hendrix and the place where they found themselves. It plays differently when you know that.


  19. Al, “Not wall-to-wall worthy?” My God, MSNBC, has shut down Lockdown for continuous coverage!

    That’s okay Jim, he’s a doctor, not a gossip columnist.

  20. ^ I guess they all have. Haven’t heard anything new since the first five minutes, though.

  21. Al Sharpton was on CNN NewsRoom talking about the death of Whitney Houston. I wonder how MSNBC will react to that.

  22. Al talk to Page Hopkins on MSNBC, too. They’re not gonna complain about a eulogy on another network. Btw, this is the most airtime Page has ever seen on MSNBC.

  23. I have officially written off CNN.

  24. Piers Morgan interviewed Clive Davis last night, is talking to Simon Cowell now. I see no problem with this.

  25. @JR: Piers Morgan is as unwatchable as Martin Bashir. I dislike them both for the same reason — they’re pompous asses.

  26. Guess it goes without saying, Whitney Houston becomes the “hot” storey of the weekend

  27. I haven’t heard so much hyperbole since Michael Jackson died. She may have been a pretty good pop singer but the best voice in history – she may not have been the best in the eighties.

    The Grammy telecast should be even more unwatchable now with each performer on stage trying to outdo the last in maudlin eulogies.

  28. I don’t think it’s so much hyperbole – she was an iconic personality and, while maybe not “the greatest” singer, she certainly ranked up there with whoever else that might include. I just don’t see the point of the wall-to-wall on supposed “news” channels when what they’re putting on is stuff suitable for E network.

  29. fritz, I’m in agreement with you! What’s going on here?

    I’m watching FNC right now (1hr. delay, on DVR), and Harris Faulkner is reporting. Or should I say SCREAMING! What’s her problem?

  30. Waiting for the NHRA race to come on ESPN2. The thing I hate about college basketbore is how it takes an entire hour to play the final 2 minutes of a game.

    RE: Whitney — I hope it’s not as bad as Michael Jackson. I had to shut off all forms of media and communication for days over that.

  31. Some people just can’t get enough of nothing.

  32. If the Twitterverse is to be believed, FNC held off until 8:20-something to break in to Huckabee because it was waiting for its own confirmation.

  33. If y’all don’t like the coverage, watch a movie. Or a drag race. If they ween’t covering Whitney’s very sad death, we’d be stuck with Stossel, Judge Jeanine, and Lockdown. Get over it.

  34. Have a heart, Joe. With the schedule changes Missy’s going to be all messed up.

  35. Al, I can never count on FNC programing on weekends, EVER!

    I was watching JER at 2 p.m. and hoping to watch FNW at 2:30 p.m. ET, but I got called away. No problem; I’ll just watch the reruns at 11 & 11:30.

    Well forget that. It’s gonna be Whitney CONSTANTLY for the next week or so.

    I was no fan of Michael Jackson, but I definitely got caught up in all of the coverage of his death for the next week or so. But Whitney Houston? Yes, she had a beautiful voice and was truly a superstar, but was anyone surprised? Virtually every story about her in the past several years had to do with her drug issues.

  36. Nobody’s gonna do a week of Whitney. She died the night before the Grammys AT THE GRAMMY PARTY. They’ll ride the story into the tributes at the show, then move on Monday.

  37. You probably right Joe – unless drugs were involved – then it goes legal and we get weeks of Nancy Grace style reporting.

    Don’t get me wrong; I think she was a great performer, but there are dozens of female singers, past and present, that were her equal. I don’t expect this kind of coverage with the passing of Aretha Franklin or Celine Dion – unless drugs are involved. It’s the life history, not the talent, that makes this a wall to wall story.

  38. Hot: Page Hopkins
    The former Foxnews anchor broke the news first on MSNBC and went four straight hours with great interviews. We were reminded of her quick thinking on the air and wondering why MSNBC ( or NBC for that matter) hasn’t used her talents more.

  39. I had forgotten that they practically went wall-to-wall over Natalie Wood only a few weeks ago.

  40. Page Hopkins anchoring Whitney coverage for msnbc was much better than the competitors. FNC had shrill screaming and Piers looked like he was awakened out of bed. MSNBC needs to get back to doing news and they should use Page. I hope that her FNC past isn’t why they don’t use her more.

  41. What was shrill about Harris Faulkner’s coverage of Whitney’s death? I thought she did a pretty good job.

  42. ^ I didn’t watch much of it but for the parts of her coverage that I did catch her anchoring was high-quality professional.

  43. I assumed I could take refuge on GPS today and I was right. Syria is murdering people to the tune of a hundred a day, people. Fareed, I take back every bad thing I ever said about you. Even that one.

  44. I wrote, earlier, that Harris was screaming (or at least talking very loudly). And she was. But as time went on, she seemed to tone it down a lot (or I got used to her volume). Anyway, she did well.

  45. Harris always talks like that. I’ve learned to knock the volume down a couple notches for Fox Report. I thought everyone did fine last night.

  46. ruh roh: Mistaken identiy. Hopefully none of the newsers did this last night:


  47. Zach Pippin @zachpippin Those girls screaming for Chris Brown are like puppies excited to see Michael Vick

  48. Laura, LOL!

    You certainly have a way with words!

  49. Yes, Page Hopkins is missed…

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