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Pat Buchanan “quits” MSNBC? Quits? Not likely…

Posted in MSNBC on February 16, 2012 by icn2

Pat Buchanan writes…no…”writes” is too tame a word…blasts a bunch of people in The American Conservative as he says that he’s out at MSNBC…

Documented in the 488 pages and 1,500 footnotes of Suicide of a Superpower is my thesis that America is Balkanizing, breaking down along the lines of religion, race, ethnicity, culture, and ideology and that Western peoples are facing demographic death by century’s end. Are such subjects taboo? Are they unfit for national debate?

So it would seem. MSNBC President Phil Griffin told reporters, “I don’t think the ideas that [Buchanan] put forth [in his book] are appropriate for the national dialogue, much less on MSNBC.”

In the 10 years I have been at MSNBC, the network has taken heat for what I have written, and faithfully honored our contract. Yet my four-months’ absence from MSNBC and now my departure represent an undeniable victory for the blacklisters.

The modus operandi of these thought police at Color of Change and ADL is to brand as racists and anti-Semites any writer who dares to venture outside the narrow corral in which they seek to confine debate. All the while prattling about their love of dissent and devotion to the First Amendment, they seek systematically to silence and censor dissent.

Mediaite is spinning this as Buchanan quitting MSNBC but Buchanan never used the term quit. He only used the term “departing” which as everyone knows only describes what has happened not why it happened or who initiated it. I doubt very much Buchanan would quit the network. He would probably want to stick around to fight it out. That’s his style. A more likely scenario is that he was either pushed out or not renewed…thus the “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore” spiel.

Update: Mediaite has revised its original story and removed any references to “quitting”…

Update 2: The AP’s David Bauder has more

The network said on Thursday that “after 10 years, we have decided to part ways with Pat Buchanan. We wish him well.”

Update 3: The Hollywood Reporter’s Marisa Guthrie has still more

Nevertheless, Buchanan is well-liked personally by many colleagues at MSNBC who say that he always graciously accommodated appearance requests despite being on a yearly, rather than a per-appearance, contract. And he had some important allies at MSNBC, notably Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough.

In fact, Buchanan himself credited the show with making him more likable to the wider public.

“He would come in and say, ‘People are hugging me in airports. I could have used you guys when I ran for president,’” recalls a Morning Joe insider. “He went from being this screaming, crazy, right-wing guy to like your grandfather because Joe knew how to use him. He has this unbelievable institutional knowledge of the conservative movement. He has forgotten more than most of these so-called pundits will ever know.”

But having Buchanan on the air became increasingly untenable, says another source. “The elephant in the room is his crazy politics.”