Free for All: 02/17/12

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7 Responses to “Free for All: 02/17/12”

  1. You put too many potatoes into a stew, eventually it’s no longer a stew.

  2. ^ Then on Sunday, Mr Kurtz will spend half the show wringing his hands over the amount of coverage it’s been given.
    Eddy Elfenbein @EddyElfenbein
    The saddest part of the mafia’s stash of $6 trillion in fake Treasury bills is that Bernanke offered to buy them for $10 trillion. $$

  3. Haven’t watched yet, but the idea of “Lin Forward” is actually pretty cute.

  4. Get ready for a “Hazards of Live TV” – Bob Beckel on The 5!

  5. ^^ Was listening to Rush from last week. I don’t know what he was talking about, but I’m pretty sure that he meant to say “twaddle”, and said Mr Beckel’s word instead. He paused in such a way that it was like “Where the hell did that come from?” and wound up saying “twiddle” instead.

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