What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…

Post your nominations for this week’s What’s Hot/What’s Not. I’ll post the finalists on Sunday night…


21 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: Submissions…”

  1. The service is very nice. It’s probably a “Not” that they’re going wall-to-wall with it, but it’s lovely.

  2. I never thought of “Alpharetta” as being difficult to pronounce, but okay. Everyone trips on ‘Kissimmee’, so it’s expected.

  3. I went to a pentecostal, semi-black church a few years ago, and when the pastor died, they had a “homegoing” ceremony that lasted almost five hours!

    I’m glad to know that Whitney was very much a Christian, and that the ceremony is really a tribute to both her and to Jesus Christ.

  4. It could not have been more beautiful. I cannot imagine what it must be like to orchestrate something like that after such a loss. I’m glad that it was shown.

  5. Missy, the normal services are three-to-four hours long. A lotta hangovers get resolved in those buildings..

  6. Hot: Republican primary debate cancelled.
    Hot: Pat Buchanan’s MSNBC career cancelled.
    Hot: Larry King’s post-Larry King Live CNN career cancelled.

    Not: Wall-to-wall Whitney. Nothing against Ms. Houston as she certainly merits the headlines, but the hype over life her belongs on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, etc..

  7. I thought Whitney’s funeral was beautiful, too, although the people who gave the eulogies and the minister’s “performance” seemed to take the focus off Whitney at times.
    I couldn’t help thinking that Whitney had so many, many friends who seem to be so very, very religious yet not one of them could help her get over her substance abuse…

  8. very religious yet not one of them could help her…

    We don’t know that they weren’t able to help her. Most of us will earnestly find God in our misery, not in our happiness.

  9. I just read that Mel Gibson was invited to Whitney’s funeral but he could not attend. Apparently, he tried to get Whitney off drugs and her family never forgot that.

  10. NOT: MSNBC shown to be liars in their “leaning” promos: http://www.politifact.com/texas/article/2012/feb/17/msnbc-host-mostly-wrong-gi-bill-being-called-welfa/

    Next: Republicans did not eat the pie; fat-faced little Al ate it himself and then blamed them.

  11. I watched a good deal of Melissa Harris-Perry’s debut show yesterday and it wasn’t very good. The format was pretty much the same as Chris Hayes-UP but the guests and discussion were not nearly as interesting.

    The first segment featured some Republican apparatchik from NY but he never got past the Republican talking points so MH-P soon became frustrated and the discussion went nowhere.
    She then brought in a couple of liberal allies but the result was the same.

    In the third segment the Republican was gone and more liberal academics were added. This produced a more watchable show but the discussions were dry and technical – not a good thing for Saturday morning viewing.

    The other thing that went against her yesterday was the Whitney Huston funeral. Because her show was the lead in she was compelled to send a large amount of the second half of her show in yet another over the top eulogy of the recently departed singer.

    I like MH-P as a host and I put much of the blame for the shows slow start with her producers and bookers. She needs to get away from the university professors and get back to a more varied guest list.

    I’ll cut her some slack, for now, as this was her first show and it often takes months for shows to gel into watchable TV, but I think she and her producers will need to seriously rethink where they are taking the show.

  12. Two hours of Up w/Chris Hayes and he didn’t have time to mention that Maxine Waters called Repubs “demons.” Not even at the end of the show that’s called something like What We Know Now That We Didn’t Last Week where he recaps all the events of the week.

  13. ^^ 🙂 I doubt you will find any host on MSNBC that will discuss that quote and I doubt you’ll find anyone on FOX that will discuss Eric Bolling’s crack comment. Such is the nature of cable news.

  14. ^^ BTW – I love the fake outrage it’s just so Tea Party.

  15. I think Maxine Waters’ and Eric Bolling’s comments are abject stupidity entirely lacking in newsworthiness.

  16. savefarris Says:

    Hot: Rape (Current Network only)
    Not: Current

  17. ^ Breitbart started this crap, effing yelling his Crazy at people he disagrees with. Screw him.

  18. Keith and Markos are most respectful with those with whom they disagree.

  19. In Keith’s goodbye tweet before he blocked me ke called me an idiot. It does seem nice that he makes time for the little people.

  20. savefarris Says:

    ^^^Fairer to say that Occupy “started this crap” by raping people.

  21. I think “Occupy raped people” is just slightly oversimplified. Your just a raging righty shouter like Breitbart. Coupla dumbass loudmouths in a bar, howling at the moon.

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