CNN Arizona Debate: Your reactions…

Post your reactions to tonight’s debate, and all the coverage thereof, here…


19 Responses to “CNN Arizona Debate: Your reactions…”

  1. The movie trailer open and the candidate intros are stupid.

  2. Cuffy Meh @CuffyMeh
    I know 140 is precious, but I call for a moratorium on shorthanding Rick’s name. #SantoClause

  3. Even better.

    Jonah Goldberg @JonahNRO
    Newt would look good wearing John Candy’s Satan outfit from “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.” #justsaying

  4. Is there anything John King is good at besides swiping a giant iPad?

  5. Ron Paul’s the only sane one on the stage, and he’s nuttier than squirrel poop.

  6. Santorum is great on the stump saying The Crazy he truly believes in. In a debate as the frontrunner working damage control…not so much. He’s toast.

  7. I agree wtih joeremi. Romney and Paul both ganged up on Rick and it made him look nervous tonight. He has done much better in debates before. Tonight he was off.

  8. Sen Santortum suffers the same misinterpretation of his recent campaign successes that Newt Gingrich did a few weeks ago. The surge of support for him wasn’t because voters strongly agree with his views; they moved toward him only because he’s not Romney. If he had stuck to talking about improving the economy, reducing or eliminating the deficit spending, and undoing ObamaCare then he’d be golden right now instead of being all tangled in his underwear talking about social and other extraneous issues that not even those who basically agree with him care about.

    He sounds like a US Senator – lots of cackle, few eggs.

  9. bushleaguer Says:

    Al – well said.

    The GOP electorate has been bouncing around looking for an alternative to Romney who is electable but Romney and his Super PAC has done a great job at hammering away at the newest threat. In the end as long as Romney sticks to the “I’m the guy who stands the best chance at beating Obama in November” then he’ll win the nomination. Santorum didn’t do nearly enough to convince voters that he would be in a better position than Romney come the general election.

    On a side note, as much as I find these debates to be almost monotonous at this point it’s a shame that this will probably have been the last one because the debates operate in this environment as the equalizer for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads in states.

  10. You can’t blame Santorum’s last week on Romney. Little Ricky’s true passion is a moral crusade a majority of women find appalling. He did this all by himself.

  11. ^ Nonsense. He’s not on any moral crusade and, even if he was, the majority of women have no idea who he is. His problem is that the vast majority of then women and men of the GOP want a candidate who is focused on the economy, fiscal integrity, and the overreach of the current government.

  12. My sense is that there are a lot of people on this side who either agree with, or are not offended by Santorum, the latter because they don’t think that his beliefs could be codified in law. They know, however, that his beliefs, rational and otherwise, can be easily demagogued to swing-voters who honestly believe that overturning Roe would immediately criminalize all abortions. Or that a President, like a King, would attempt to force people to do things that violate their conscience. Oh, wait..

  13. ^ Bingo!

  14. Where’s my prize?

  15. Suigarcoat it all you want, ladies, but babbling about prenatal screening and Satan is a one-way ticket back to complaining about these things in your local church. Rick Santorum’s entire career has been marked by religiosity overwhelming more practical policy messages. He can’t help himself.

  16. Which is a less nuanced way of saying what I just said. Ladies.

  17. Nuance is for dames.

  18. Where I grew up, “Dame” is a title of nobility.

  19. Sounds about right.

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