Free for All: 02/22/12

What’s on your mind?


8 Responses to “Free for All: 02/22/12”

  1. What’s on my mind?

    Spud, we all know what’s on your mind, my mind and Joe’s mind in February……. DAYTONA!

  2. FishbowlDC claims Tommy Christopher (if that is his name) is still angling for his own MSNBC show:

  3. Is the Left really desperate enough to refer to an ultrasound as “rape”? Really?

  4. Yesterday morning Steve Doocy, hosting Fox Radio Kilmeade & Friends had FNC reporter Jennifer Griffin on the show talking about the facts she’s learned regarding Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon and Israel’s intelligence on the matter. Ms. Griffin’s report was very good, as always, but it was a part of Doocy’s closing remark that caught my ear for how he labelled himself:

    “You’re a journalist so I can’t ask you to make this observation, but sometimes I’m more inclined to trust the Israeli government’s take on this than our own.”

  5. This needs to be fixed. Tired of carrying half the country on the back of my sad little pension:

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