Free for All: 02/28/12

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  1. I watched the Daytona 500 last night and found it passing strange that the broadcast seemed to go out of it’s way not to show an image of even give a passing mention of the Rick Santorum car, #26, even during the long red flag period where the car sat in 3rd place and was always just out of range of the cameras.

    I wonder if this was a deliberate decision of the producers.or just coincidence? The fact that it was a two hour break and they interviewed almost everyone else in contention makes me think it was done on purpose.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Why is Bill Maher all over MSNBC and CNN giving his political views? Isn’t he JUST a comedian?

  3. “Why is Bill Maher all over MSNBC and CNN giving his political views? Isn’t he JUST a comedian?”

    ^^ Just like Dennis Miller and FOX, except Bill Maher is funny. 😉

  4. “Bill Maher is funny”

    That comment is funnier than Bill Maher.

  5. ^ Did you mean “funny,” or did you mean “racist.” There’s a difference:

    “Bill Maher Disappointed Obama Isn’t A ‘Real Black President’ With A Gun In His Pants”

    “Bill Maher On Internet Piracy: ‘I Call It Caucasian Looting’”

    But he gave to Obama… so all is forgotten. He’s a racist hero!

  6. calling a woman the c word is only funny to a cad

  7. The #26 is a no-hope team with a no-name driver who happened to be in 3rd place 40 laps from the end of a crap-shoot restrictor plate race. They didn’t get any attention because there was nothing to discuss. Their sponsor didn’t get any attention because politicians sponsoring a car for one race is nothing new, and the broadcasts tend to avoid them unless they’re leading.

  8. “broadcasts tend to avoid them unless they’re leading.”

    ^^ Then what’s the point of spending the money on a car sponsorship?

  9. In Santorum’s case, he got a lot of ink for it outside of the race itself, plus the car was on-screen for a while before the race was stopped. He doesn’t actually need more name recognition, so it was more of a “vote for me, I’m a regular guy” stunt for Republican voters who already know the candidates.

  10. Bill Maher is a political comedian promoting his show with hosts who may end up on it at a later date. Chris Matthews has interviewed entertainers dozens of times, and Piers does it every night. Try not to panic.

  11. Wolf Blitzer regularly interviews Bill Maher on CNN and asks him serious questions about domestic and foreign affairs.

    Maher also appears on “This Week” on ABC during the roundtable discussion with George Will, Paul Krugman et al.

    The analogy to Dennis Miller falls apart. And the explanation that he’s just “promoting his show” also falls apart.

    So we return to the question above: Why is a classless vulgarian punk given a serious platform to give his political views when he’s a, and I repeat myself to drive home the point, classless vulgarian punk?

    And as Larry Kelly points out above: Maher smears women by using the “c” word to describe them. There was no outcry from those who see hate speech and bigotry in the ingredients in a box of cornflakes.

  12. I was not aware of him being on with Wolf or This Week. That’s pretty stupid. As for gthe repeated outcries over a bad word he called someone on HBO..he’s a comedian. It’s what they do. Try not to panic.

  13. ^No, he didn’t use the “c” word on his comedy show.

    It was during a speech he gave after he won an award from a gay and lesbian group.

    We all realize that you like to talk about things you know nothing about but there has to be a limit. Isn’t there?

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why not, as you so eloquently put it, stfu?

  14. ^No, he didn’t use the “c” word on his comedy show.

    It was during a speech he gave after he won an award from a g*y and lesb**n group.

    We all realize that you like to talk about things you know nothing about but there has to be a limit. Isn’t there?

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, why not, using words you like to use, stfu?

  15. I don’t think you get the point, a$$hole. He’s a comedian who traffics in naughty words for shock value. I think he’s boring, now f*** off.

  16. ^We all like how you can call everyone else names but when it’s thrown back at you you can’t take it.


    If you want to dish it out, you have to take it too.

    Sauce for the goose, sauce for the hypocritical two-faced person who likes to lecture others on what they can say and talk about.

  17. Let’s note for those following at home: this moron didn’t now anything about Maher appearing with Blitzer, didn’t know about Maher appearing on ABC, didn’t know about Maher calling Palin a “c” word in a public appearance.

    He doesn’t know any of this and when he’s caught red headed he has to call names.

    I’ve revealed him for the fool that he is. I’m done with him and I hope the others here who try to engage with him follow suit.

    He’s a internet crank and you should just let him go.

  18. Oh, another rightwing a$$hole. Just what this blog needed. You guys should try to get out more. In the meantime, you can talk about whatever you want, and I’ll retain my right to ridicule the stupid things you get outraged about. Like comedy.

  19. I knew about Hardball and Piers Morgan, you ignorant douchebag. No one here specified which shows he was on, they just said “all over CNN and MSNBC”. ABC was not mentioned, and I don’t watch This Week because it’s awful. Everybody knows the c word incident; it’s not important where he said it. You’re an idiot.

  20. And he immediately has to turn it to politics.

    As if Maher’s politics has anything to do with it. If Maher was a rightwinger appearing on serious shows and using the same language and but directed at liberals, I’d make the same points.

    And you know what? This internet crank (they’re on the right and the left) would agree with me.

    It’s not a left vs. right question. It’s vulgarians vs. common decency.

    We all know that if a rightwing comedian called Hillary Clinton a “c” word that that would be the end of his career.

    As it should.

  21. “I knew about Hardball and Piers Morgan, you ignorant douchebag.”

    This guy opines on issues he knows nothing about. He doesn’t comprehend other people’s points, he misreads what others say, he makes numerous errors in judgment, analyis and interpretation.

    But everyone else is an “ignorant douchebag.”

    Don’t you love the juvenile language?

    He resorts to it when he’s caught. He has no argument to make, no facts to present, no logic to use. So he has to name call.

    I’m convinced that Dan Abrams has hired him to drive all of us over to Mediaite. He gets 50 cents a post.

  22. You have quite an imagination there about things that might happen in your little alternate universe. Please tell me more about how things would be if it were someone else vs. someone else. It’s endlessly entertaining and informative for blog readers. Oh, don’t forget to tell me The Truth, then insist I know it. Seriously, readers love this stuff.

  23. The Chinese government hires people to post on the internet promoting the Party line. They get 50 cents per post.

    They call them “50 centers.”

    I’m convinced that this guy above is a Dan Abrams “50 center.” Abrams pays him 50 cents per post here. The posts are so ridiculous, so riddled with errors, so juvenile that the goal is to drive us over to Mediaite.

    Please, convince me I’m wrong? It’s the only explanation for this guy.

  24. Let’s have an informal poll on the readers:

    Who thinks that if Bill Maher was a rightwing comedian/commentator (he does both of course) who regularly attacked Hillary Clinton and used the “c” word against her during an awards ceremony (not during a comedy act) that this above person would have dismissed it?

    I can answer: no one believes it.

  25. Dude, you completely lost your mind over a simple conversation we’ve had a dozen times. Here’s a hint: Everybody here knows me; is used to the trolls who get obsessed over what a Bad Bad Man I am; and don’t care. They’ll continue to yak with me long after you’ve exhausted your outrage over my existence. We’ve all been here before, and are quite bored with the whole thing.

  26. ^ Actually, Joe… I’m not sure anyone yaks with you anymore. It just seems that people talk AT you, but not really TO you. Maybe Fritz or one of the other left-of-center folks, but everyone else gives a digital eye roll when you come around.

    Effectively, you’ve managed to make yourself the creepy uncle of this site. The guy who shouts too much, gets too loud at the wrong time, and who we can’t quite figure out how to make go away. Congrats.

    But knowing that your this sites resident @$$h0le, is something you wear proudly. And that’s really the interesting question… why? Why must you continue to annoy everyone with your name calling, insult the general intelligence of people who disagree with you, and attempt to make this site yet another Mediaite-esque attack-fest?

    Maybe erich has a point…

  27. Yes, we all know you’re a jerk.

    This is your comeuppance.

    I’ve read your stuff here for the past 6 months and mostly have been silent. You call people names, you’re arrogant and close minded, you smear people, you use juvenile language.

    This isn’t about politics or the left or right. That’s all you can think about. This is common decency and being a jerk. Even though it’s the internet at some point I say enough. You crossed it with me.

    A big mistake. I just wanted to give your richly deserved butt kicking.

    Now, I can continue to wipe the floor with you or I can stop.

    If you want to clean up your act and apologize for your obnoxious behavior to everyone, I’ll stop. If you won’t stop, I’ll continue to kick your sorry butt.

  28. “Maybe erich has a point…”

    I decided to give him back what he throws out. I’ve sat here off and on for the past 6 months reading his stuff. I’ve been quiet.

    But once he jumped me I decided to give it back to him.

    Just to make a point.

    Let’s see if he gets it.

  29. I apologize for nothing. The blog is all yours, you sorry piece of shyte. I’m sick of it.

  30. ^There you go.

    I made my point. This is who he is. Useless.

    Sorry for the others who had to see this.

    Perhaps – maybe? – he’ll scale it back a bit?

    The triumph of hope over experience.

  31. I wonder why Steve Schmidt has been removed from the list of MSNBC Michigan election hosts tonight? I really like his analysis and hope he at least gets to comment occasionally.

  32. He’ll be back in a hour. Doing the same stuff.

    I apologize again for those who read that. I probably should have held my tongue but when he jumped me I decided to let loose.

    Let’s be honest: it was deserved even if I went over the top a bit (just a bit?).

    In any case, back to the real world.

  33. Look, Eric, I responded to a comment about the shows Maher was on yesterday, and you threw a fit about my not knowing every damn show he’s ever been on. If you hadn’t noticed, I agreed with you about the impropriety of him being on straight news shows, but you insisted on grandstanding about how I “don’t know anything”. And we all know why. I’m a liberal, which makes me The Enemy who must be vanquished. Well congratulations, a$$hole. Enjoy the echo chamber this site has become.

  34. My right-wing A$$hole tent is open and available for refreshments.

    Going over the top is the spice of life.

  35. You don’t seem to get the point. I don’t care about your damned politics. You’re a liberal, fine; make your arguments. I’ll probably agree with a 1/3 to a 1/2. I’m certainly no right winger (I’m voting for Obama unless he completely destructs during the campaign).

    Just stop being so obnoxious with people.

    That’s all.

    Yeah, we know it’s the internet but the Mediaite comments sections typifies what most of us don’t want here. That’s just an absurd website.

    Make your points, fine. Leave the “you’re a douchebag” and other personal attacks out of it.

    There. End of story.

    I’m supposed to be working believe it or not.

  36. “Going over the top is the spice of life.”

    Like Cajun hot sauce, a little is good, too much is bad.

    Unless someone else is eating the gumbo.

    So to speak.

  37. Breaking story: Rick Santorum was in Michigan today and saw some white smoke coming from a house chimney.

    He got all excited because thought he had just won the presidency.

    Hah, take that Bill Maher.

  38. That’s an original and I’ve copyrighted it.

    If you repeat it it’ll cost you $5 each time.

  39. libertyandjustice Says:

    Thank you to erich500

    For years I was a frequent conservative/libertarian contributor and Joe drove me away with his name calling and unjustified charges of racism. Years ago it was possible to have a civil and thoughtful conversation between liberals and conservatives (including the old Notfoxy) on this board. I checked in today just by chance. Hope all is well with some of my old friends, conservative and liberal. All is well here!

  40. Well, I’ve found out if you let 5% of what Joe says just fly by, he has some really good things to say. I came here to be mean to Joe, and became a fan.

  41. That’s a lie. The last time L&J showed up, I said he’d been missed, and we had a nice chat.

  42. libertyandjustice Says:

    Now I’m a liar too, Sorry Joe, I think your memory might be failing. Being called a racist is not a friendly conversation. The larger point is, just stop calling people names and try to be civil. Nobody is perfect (especially me) but you go way over the top! See above for examples.

  43. I was just going to comment as to how I didn’t know who this guy Alex Wagner was, now I find out it’s a she!

    Anyway, that smiling thing that they all do on TV is disturbing. Gloria Allred, Judge Jeanine and a host of others often put forth their brightest smile when being introduced to speak about various tragic stories. What’s wrong with these people?

  44. L & J, nice to see you. We miss you and need you around here. Don’t let anyone get your goat; just come on back.

  45. I do wish we could get a few more left-of-center folks around here. Screamers like Joe and Prog are no fun… they don’t debate, just attack.

    Wonder how we could recruit new blood.

  46. ^^^ Seriously!!! LOL

  47. Maher is brought on those shows because he’ll say outrageous things about Conservatives,Christians and Republicans and the host can act all innocent and surprised he said it.

  48. @ Fritz

    Yeah, seriously. I’d like some new thoughtful analysis from the left around here.

    You don’t agree?

  49. Rick Santorum has no more business being the president than my left shoe.

    The Republican field has got to be the worst in modern history. I’ve been voting since 1988 and I can’t recall it being this bad before.

    The argument has been that all of these Republican governors made the GOP field more attractive, that’s it a well-stocked farm system for future presidents.

    Well, Pawlenty was a bust; Perry was a bust; Mitch Daniels doesn’t want the job and the jury is out on Chris Christie.

    Obama has to be sitting back and just laughing his head off.

  50. ^ I’m still not sold on the idea that the Republicans are out of this race. Right now, it looks like a mess, but much of that is a result of the media circus blowing things out of proportion. In a two man race, things will look different. Obviously the media treatment will be different too, but as this primary cycle has show, there are a lot of folks who aren’t swayed by the folks on the tube.

    That said, Pawlenty shouldn’t have left when he did… Santorum just needs to stop… Newt is rightfully in the background… and Paul does his thing to his audience and that’s it.

    Once again, the strength of the VP candidate will greatly influence this election. Hopefully, they hold off as long as they can on that announcement. The longer they wait, the harder it will be for Obama to dumb the zero that is, Joe Biden.

  51. Blue, you’re a liar. You don’t want anyone “left of center” who challenges your ludicrous ideology in any way. Well enjoy your little echo chamber. You and your little buddy win. And L&J can come back, too. Sorry to spoil all the wingnut fun around here.

  52. ^ Joe, you (once again) don’t know what you’re talking about. If you tried as hard as you could, you wouldn’t be able to correctly identify my “ideology.” All you know is it’s not (allegedly) yours… and to you, that means “enemy.”

    You may be the biggest whiner I’ve ever met on these sites. You complain about everyone, shout and scream, and name call like a 6 year old. And then, when someone smacks you on the wrist for being a @$$, you get all upset, pout, and blame everyone else for your failures.

    Seek help, dude. Like with a doctor. You lost it a long time ago, and it’s getting worse.

  53. Thanks for the medical advice, a$$hole. Go to hell.

  54. ^ ^ I’m all for blaming the media for creating a circus, but all they’ve done so far is meddle around the edges a little bit. It’s been the candidates, themselves, who’ve made the atmosphere like a circus.

    Traditionally, governors have always made for better presidential candidates. Only a decade and a half or so ago a candidate would have had a chance to develop their presidential campaign skills before having to face the glare of the lights and the intense questioning by journalists before a national audience. Cable news and the internet have changed that so now, it seems, only the skilled phonies look good right from the start.

  55. Medical advice would be telling you what was wrong. I’m only saying you should talk to a professional, so THEY can tell you what is wrong.

    I bet it would be really helpful. Maybe you’ll lose some of that rage.

  56. Maybe you’ll stop faking concern, and babbling bullshyte about mental health you know nothing about. Do you know what Asperger’s Syndrome is, bright eyes? Google it, then narrow your search to ‘meltdown’. Then come back here and tell me how much you know about my mental health. And next time, think twice about destroying the character of someone you don’t know, with problems you don’t understand. A$$hole.

  57. @ Joe

    Well, you’re half right… I don’t care. All I know is how disruptive it is and has been on this site.

    If this is the best you can do, then perhaps this isn’t for you.

    But honestly, I don’t think it is. We’ve all seen you act like a human, debate respectfully, and so on. But I think you’ve just gotten lazy… like you think it’s your right to be a jerk, and only your right. But it’s not. If you want to be unpleasent, you have to expect it in return. Otherwise, start your own site and be as nasty as you want to be… then you won’t have to worry about us big bad mean folks, who dare to disagree.

  58. I wasn’t unpleasant at all. I responded to the Bill Maher comments, and Eric went into a tirade. To hell with both of you.

  59. Shut up already. If the point was to tell Joe that you don’t appreciate his… whatever, then by now it should be clear that he got your point. Nothing wrong with letting someone know how you feel but there damn well is something wrong with keeping on harping about it.

  60. Perhaps you’re right Al. It’s easy to get sucked into one of those… uh… chats, but very annoying for everyone else, and accomplishes nothing. Okay… moving on.

    Back to your previous comment, the “circus” has mostly been the candidates, true. But the media has been playing the “he’s done / he’s back” and the “what if…” game. It’s been great television for them all, and keeping the suspense means bigger numbers for them all. They haven’t really been biased per se (at least with no consistency), just media greedy. But I suppose that’s to be expected as well.

  61. ^ It’s what they do and it’s one of the down-sides of 24 hour cable news. The broadcast news does it just to keep up

  62. ^ Possibly… but I would equally suspect that the broadcasts dictate more than we realize. They draw bigger numbers, and hit the big stories of the day. In other words, every story you see on the broadcasts, you’ll see on cable news… but not visa versa.

    Cable news needs to keep news interesting all day. The broadcasts only have an hour-ish to fill. They don’t need the glamour, like the cablers do.

  63. Too bad it’s a local advertisement. Was on both CNN & FNC, a sensuous-sounding woman’s voice says, “I love a hard firm deck.”

    A lumbar company. Apparently hoping to sell some woody.

  64. Just noticed at the date. Happy Take A Flying Leap Day, people.

  65. Happy Take A Flying Leap Day, people.

    Somebody finally figured out the plot..

  66. I’m feeling it.

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