What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/03/12

What’s Hot:

Carol Costello – Costello will begin anchoring full time for CNN starting Monday at 9am ET.

Randi Kaye – Kaye will be taking over the CNN weekend morning slot vacated by TJ Holmes.

Fox and Friends Expands – A rotating group of anchors will share the set for Fox and Friends first at 5am as FNC joins CNN and MSNBC with live programming at that hour.

Andrew Breitbart – Breitbart’s death dominated two of the three cable networks on Thursday.

Tornado Mayhem – Tornado damage in the midwest dominated two of the three cable networks on Friday.

What’s Not:

MSNBC’s Selective Journalism – The peacock cable network devoted scant coverage to Breitbart’s death on Thursday up until Andrea Mitchell Reports did MSNBC’s first real segment on the subject. It didn’t get much better from there. On Friday MSNBC devoted negligable coverage to the tornado mayhem unfolding in the midwest during the critical hours in the mid afternoon while FNC and CNN were going wall to wall on the subject. “The Place for Politics”? Maybe they should consider altering that slogan to “The Place for mostly Politics”.

Andrea Tantaros (provisionally) – The Five decided to touch on the Tornado coverage at the end of Friday’s show. Unfortunately Andrea Tantaros was apparently incapable of showing the proper dignity the situation demanded and instead used the situation to make a political statement. Bob Beckel, to his credit, didn’t rise to the bait and slam her. And good on Eric Bolling, Greg Guttfeld and Dana Perino for not following Tantaros’ tone deaf lead. I say this is “provisional” because it’s not entirely clear that it was Tantaros since the comment came while video was on the screen. It could have been Perino but Perino was the one who talked after Beckel decided not to bite so I don’t think it was Perino.

Us too! Us too! – Yet another protest aimed at another “controversial” person on TV…only this time the person isn’t even a paid contributor like Pat Buchanan, Roland Martin, or Dana Loesch. It’s Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and some folks want him and his infrequent appearances taken off MSNBC’s air.

MSNBC lets Al Sharpton protest and will cover the protest as part of its news programming – Do I really need to say why this is not hot?


11 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/03/12”

  1. It’s “Tantaros,” not “Tantos.”

  2. “up until Andrea Mitchell Reports did MSNBC’s first real segment on the subject.”

    ^^ Andrea Mitchell may not be the smoothest host on cable news but you can make a pretty good argument she is the best at getting ‘A’ list guests and breaking news stories on her show. I’m coming around more to her every day.

    “It’s Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and some folks want him and his infrequent appearances taken off MSNBC’s air.”

    ^^Perkins is not like the other three in that he’s not an employee of MSNBC, just a very occasional guest. My view is let him come on as often as he wants. The more his radical views are aired the more extreme he and his followers look.

  3. It’s “Tantaros,” not “Tantos.”


  4. But then Rush Limbaugh calls her “Andrea Tarantula”.

  5. joeremi Says:

    Everything is an excuse for Tantaros to blurt out a partisan talking point. She’s useless.

  6. No credit to the brilliant producers of The Rachel Maddow Show for their Friday Night Fail?

  7. I guess it was a lukewarm week. Except for, you know, all that stuff.

  8. Knock knock.

  9. For some sick reason, this really amuses me.

    Remi Bernard ‏ @RemiBernard
    I’m being followed by Nuclear Iran. This doesn’t seem good..

  10. Do I amuse you?

  11. “Algorithms”. I never noticed before, but there has to be an “Al Gore” joke in there somewhere. Work on that.

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