Another Imus Controversy?

I received the following email this afternoon regarding this morning’s Imus…

Sometimes they play around with the fighting but today is seemed real and cringe worthy, I happened to tune in, the 8am hour I believe, and Dagen McDowell was ranting at Don that she’s been in the financial business for many years and should not be disrespected. Not sure but I think she might be been referring to be disrespected because she a woman. Don responded that he’s won three Marconi awards and is a very successful talk show host.

I haven’t been able to find a clip of this segment so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this summary. That said, some people did express concern to Dagen on Twitter about it…

@dagenmcdowell U r the best! Don’t let Imus & gang bully u!

@dagenmcdowell I usually find the humor on Imus funny — so, I get it. He was way out of bounds with you this morning. NOT funny.

Dagen’s response to both was polite but restrained. She acknowledged their tweets without either defending or not defending Imus. Make of that what you will. If there was any real fire to this morning’s alleged smoke we’ll find out soon enough because Imus controversies tend to resurface on Imus’ air.


13 Responses to “Another Imus Controversy?”

  1. Imus sent Contessa Brewer packing when she showed a bit of disrespect. He was extremely crude with the girl that now does the weather on Fox when she was at WFAN. At his core, Imus has a nasty edge toward women, save the one he robbed from the cradle.

  2. Remember the “Man Show” on Comedy Central? “Juggies” on a trampoline, “beer fetchers”, and other clearly over-the-top disrespectful situations were its comedic devices that actually pointed the spotlight on just how stupid us guys really are. I think Imus’s schtick is supposed to be sort of a grump version of that with a little “mean” used in place of happy-go-lucky fun stuff.

    Maybe that worked once upon a morning radio show but now the guy’s old. That makes him a nasty old guy. Dagen McDowell could prolly put him down easily with one well-placed punch. Wish she would ’cause I’d watch that.

  3. glounthaune Says:

    This was a thing of almost nothing.

  4. missy5537 Says:

    Larry, the weather girl was Janice Dean, and he was HORRIBLE to her.

  5. He and Rush are of the same cloth. They’ve surrounded themselves with toadies and suck-ups (redundant, but worth repeating), and they’re able to indulge their baser instincts without objection. You’d think Imus might have learned something from The Incident, but he’s about as capable of changing as Rush.

  6. Larry, the weather girl was Janice Dean, and he was HORRIBLE to her.

    I thought she did the “Scum Report”?

  7. She did. Imus decreed her role was to be a tramp.

  8. icemannyr Says:

    Was Degen on Imus In The Morning or her own show today?
    She has been silent on Twitter today.

  9. I get tickled at some of his stuff, but I DO like Dagen. Imus looks terrible and probably wont be around much longer. He is very pale.
    He has been very rude to other women. One time on his msnbc show, he took a gift that Loretta Lynn brought him, and he smashed it right in front of her. She was so embarrassed. It was not funny.
    The coke did a number on his brain.

  10. bigtimeswingfan Says:

    Dagan started the Thursday morning “Imus In The Morning”…Imus said she was in “a snit”, then cut her first report off with a “get to the futures….” kind of remark….

    Later in the broadcast, she was not in any camera shot, and by the later segments of the program, even the podium she regularly worked from was taken down.

    As I remember it, the original discord happened after Imus used one of his typical ploys to stir up trouble by questioning Dagen’s knowledge regarding some new government figures on retail sales, implying – in what he later called a joke – she didn’t know what she was talking about. She evidently took strong exception to this during the top-of-the-hour break, explaining rather passionately on-air she didn’t like having her busines broadcasting skills questioned.

    Shorty before Dagen’s on-air complaint, newsman McShane took an unusual step by defending Dagen’s knowledge, and tried to explain that Dagen incorrectly answered an Imus question because someone gave her the wrong answer in her ear. It was pretty much Imus giving her short shrift ever since.

    Sadly, this is another example of Imus shooting himself in the foot. Dagen was one of the brighter, fresher elements of the show on FBN. I say sadly because I’ve been a huge fan of Imus for years.

    And for Imus to state repeatedly that Dagen has “no sense of humor”? That’s an even bigger lie that Imus’ irrational claim he has an audience of ten million radio listeners.

    But facts are facts…despite Imus’ claim that he reaches 10 million people on radio – a blatant lie – his show only increased affiliates after Citadel put it out there on barter…they couldn’t sell it in regular fashion to more than 40 or so stations.

    The biggest problem is Imus himself. While he gets off a good line now and then, he is so forgetful and so deaf, he misses practically anything anyone else says. How many times has he screwed up Tony Powell or Rob Bartlett by asking what they just said? Is there a more effective way to kill a comedy bit than that? Add to that his constant on-air berating of the quality of the comedian’s scripts before they air, and you’ve got yourself an on-air mess.

    And I, as one dedicated listener, am getting a bit weary of a man lecturing us all on how poorly we feed ourselves, all the while airing an ever-growing litany of illnesses and other ailments.

    Even Imus’ once-great interviewing skills have been weakened by his apparent inability to focus and comprehend even simple conversations. Every once in a while, he still flashes the ability to extract great answers…but that skills appears all too infrequently these days.

    With Fred dead and Charles McCord long gone, maybe it’s time for Imus to hang it up. His FBN numbers range from fair to addressing the cume as “Hello, Sir.”

    Ride into the sunset, Cowboy…you day is passing.

  11. his wife in insufferable.

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