Free for All: 03/14/12

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  1. ^
    “And it is partly to say that liberals, to their continuing detriment, really don’t understand how the media work.”

    nor much else.

  2. savefarris Says:

    This just in: MSNBC feels it’s appropriate to speculate on the sexuality of Republicans.

  3. Relax, that wasn’t a tremor, just Tim Russert turning over in his grave.

  4. To be fair, this is on Lawrence, not an entire network. He tweeted it earlier, then blurted it out on his show. Rachel looked highly uncomfortable . It was stupid.

  5. David Axelrod apparently cancelled his upcoming appearance on REAL TIME. The Democrats have just begun to realize what they have unleashed with this Rush and “war on women” nonsense.

  6. Yesterday (I think) Chris Matthews showed a clip during his half-time, or whatever he calls it, showing Mitt Romney telling Jeff Foxworthy that he will have to show him which end of the rifle to point should they ever go hunting. It was obvious that Mitt was making fun of himself since he is not a hunter. But Chris set me straight: He said something like, In case you don’t remember, Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend on a hunting trip. How does this man still have a show?

  7. HA! Carol, I saw that, too. I have NO IDEA what he was talking about.

  8. missy5537 Says:

    Spud, you frequently post things about Soledad O’Brien, but you seem to have missed this. It is EXTREMELY critical and addresses her so-called impartiality (which is non-existent, in this case):

  9. missy5537 Says:

    Laura, I know you’re no fan of Rush, so I’m doubly grateful for you posting the article re: his advertising, above.

    We Rush fans have nothing to worry about!

  10. joe, thanks, re Chris Matthews. I’m glad it wasn’t just my paranoia!

  11. “joe, thanks, re Chris Matthews. I’m glad it wasn’t just my paranoia!”

    Yep, you’re both right. That’s just Chris being his usual nutty self. Here I was afraid he was going to go the whole hour without a WTF moment. Glad he didn’t disappoint.

  12. Tell me again exactly why Roland Martin was suspended?

  13. savefarris Says:

    ^For making sports tweets that mocked a ‘protected’ minority group

    “Anyone else notice how quiet NY Knicks fans have gotten? LOL”

    He didn’t learn anything!

  14. Happy birthday to pi.

  15. Surely we can all agree, Santorum would find a threesome absolutely terrifying, regardless of the gender of the other two. I’m just sayin’

  16. Pi are round, cornbread are squared.

  17. FYI: I just got off the phone with the Corporate Media Relations person, Caitlin Lowie, for American Express. She tells me that they HAVE NOT made any suspension for two weeks on Rush and that they are doing everything possible to correct this misinformation. I specifically told her about the article you posted, Laura, and the link to the discussion about this on MSNBC/LOD. She said they had not heard that LOD has a discussion about this and that she would do follow-up with MSNBC.

    Whether or not that is true, I believed her. What was curious to me was that the phone # I found for her on the internet was her direct line since she answered the phone “This is Caitlin” versus getting a secretary/first line of defense person.

  18. So, after all the hoopla about the ONE poll showing Obama’s low approval number at 41% (among other numbers), a poll came out today showing his approval at 50%.

    Again… ONE poll doesn’t mean everything.

  19. missy5537 Says:

    That’s right, ProgLib. And as you probably know, today’s poll sampled more libs than did the first.

    Easy to do. If you don’t like the results of something, just mess around with the equation until it comes out in your favor. As usual, more democraps were polled that were republicans, and of course that info. is buried, never to see the light of day:

  20. savefarris Says:

    ^^paminwi: you mean to tell me that MediaMatters fudged the facts? HOW CAN I TRUST ANYONE EVER AGAIN?!?

    ^proglib: of course, you have to ignore that
    A) the 41% poll was of registered voters, the 50% poll of adults
    B) the poll @ 50% had a sample field composed 51% … of Democratics. In 2008 (the best Democratic turnout in 50 years) Democrats pulled … about 36%. This year, with Republicans energized and Libs disheartened, Democrats are going to increase their turnout by almost 50%?!?

    All this poll tells us is that:
    *Obama is getting ZERO support from Republicans and Independents.
    *Obama can’t even count of uniform support within his own party.

    And to you, this is his “good” poll. Yikes!!!

  21. Ha ha, Prog Lib is still butt-hurt about the CBS poll.

  22. My knowledge of radio structure is vague, but from my understanding, the two-week suspension off all national advertising is a decision of the syndicator to take heat off participating advertisers. Am Ex would have had no say in the matter.

  23. savefarris Says:

    Here’s the problem joe: if, as you say, AmEx had no say in the matter, then why are MediaMatters/ABC/MSNBC/CNN crowing about the “dropped” advertisers?

    Either they dropped the ads or they didn’t. And if they didn’t, then the whole cabal of reporters lied.

  24. The “cabal” blew it, and it was Ed Schultz and a radio-industry website guy who explained it to MSNBC’s viewers. Ed – a radio guy – knows his stuff, and clearly realized his colleagues were talking out their arses.

  25. like the poll, they want to hear what they want to hear. Truth, they cant stand… help me here people.

  26. CHris Matthews calls Mormons and Chatholics “cultists”. Does he think that’s what MSNBC viewers want to hear?

  27. ^ That is an incorrect assessment of Matthews’ comments.

    “They have three, or two RCs — Roman Catholics running and a Mormon so the three cultists running. I have to pick one of the three cultists as they see them.”

    The reference is to how many evangelicals see Mormonism and Catholicism. Trent Lott introduced the theme earlier in the day on Hardball in a discussion about religious conservative Southern voters. Chris isn’t actualling making the judgment. RealClearPolitics should know better, since the evidence is right there in their own damn article!

  28. I canNOT comment without a typo today. ‘actually’

  29. Seriously, does anyone really believe Matthews would say something like that as a personal belief? HE’S CATHOLIC. I swear..

  30. I though maybe he went nuts. Thanks for the explanation.

  31. If you’re a website tracking Chris Matthews on Election Night, you know damn well he carries a talking point throughout the day, and shortens it up as it’s repeated over several hours. If you don’t know that, you’re on the wrong beat. Real Clear seems to have no idea what was going on here, but published anyway. Sweet.

  32. Today Encyclopedia Britanica announced, after 244 yeas, they will no longer offer a printed version. The encyclopedia I had as a boy was purchased from the A&P supermarket a volume at a time in 1936. We only had A-J. School project research came with a risk.

  33. Correction — I think they were called “grocery stores” in 1936.

  34. lonestar77 Says:

    My parents had a set of encyclopedia’s when I was a kid that were very outdated due to the fact that my brothers and sisters were 15 to 20 yrs older than me. I found this out while trying to research something that hadn’t happened at the time our encyclopedia’s were printed. Kids nowdays have it so easy.

  35. My last memory before learning that my father died was hiding an encyclopedia behind my bed. It was late-ish on a Thursday, and I had a report due the next day. Mom’s heading in the door, and I guess I figured it wasn’t cool.. though not at all uncommon.

  36. That makes me sad.

  37. lonestar77 Says:

    A couple weeks ago someone posted a video from MediaMatters regarding O’Reilly/Gas Prices/Politicians. O’Reilly showed the full clip on his show today and unsurprisingly, the truth is pretty much the exact opposite of what MM threw together.

  38. ^ Yes, and an entire network is built around that. Ain’t it great?

  39. Meanwhile, Hannity and Palin agree that a video of student Obama was hidden before the election. Apparently it was hidden on PBS Frontline, and the website. That makes sense, since there isn’t a chance in hell either of those two has ever watched that channel.

  40. Right, for all the people in general who watch Frontline. I really don’t care about the tape, but saying that it was ‘in plain sight’ on PBS is ridiculous.

  41. missy5537 Says:

    What a juxtaposition!

    O’Reilly ended his program with this Jason Mattera, who at first just asked for a picture w/Chris Rock, but then went on to talk about Rock’s statements on the Tea Party. Rock did not respond kindly. Mattera, of course, was deemed a pinhead.

    Then Hannity opens his shown with the same story, but with the exact opposite spin.

    The timing was just awesome!

  42. lonestar77 Says:

    I don’t care about this particular tape any more than I do anything else regarding his history & associations. He’s been associated with radical anti-American, anti-White people his whole life. It’s who he is. But, I understand that there isn’t anything that could surface, no matter how bad or radical, that could get the MSM to blink an eye. They simply don’t care.

    And, I don’t know what his true feelings are on anything. Either he’s always been a radical or he’s always been an opportunistic politican. I suppose it could be both. I know I would hire someone with the kind of references Obama’s resume would be littered with.

  43. lonestar77 Says:

    *wouldn’t hire*

  44. O’Reilly isn’t a fan of ambush journalism having been subjected to it.

  45. You can’t say something publicly available was “hidden”. It appears neither Breitbart, Hannity or Palin made any effort to verify its “secrecy”, and Hannity is promoting the concept long after the PBS tape has become common knowledge.

  46. savefarris Says:

    Except PBS, Frontline, and the website didn’t show the WHOLE video. They left out the hug and the “open your hearts and minds” bit.

    Didn’t liberals used to be against edited videotapes?

  47. “Nothing more uncomfortable for Santorum than being in a three-way.”

    I realise that there’s an unfairness regarding who can be mocked in such a way and that using a comparable remark about Barack Obama would be labelled as racist. Still, I can’t find a way to make this upset me because…. well, it’s funny.

  48. Really, Farris? The hug and the “open minds” is the problem? ‘Cause certainly the whole rest of the introduction to the “black radical” would’ve been just FINNNE.. It’s a stupid story, now followed by a stupid conspiracy. Situation normal.

  49. – Obama –

    “Oh My God, they’re talking about a BLACK Man having SEX!! Could ANYTHING be more inherently RACIST than that?”

  50. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ Peanut Butter and possibly lamp shades…if they are used in a negative tone about Obama.

  51. Rock actually grabbed the camera from Mattera’s camerawoman and threw it across the room. Because someone very nicely asked him a question?

  52. I thought the “3-way” comment was beneath the standards of Election Night coverage. When he tweeted it I was annoyed, but who cares? When he opened the show with it, I was appalled. It’s playground humor; Lawrence looked like an idiot; and Rachel looked disgusted.

  53. lonestar77 Says:

    “standards” bahaha. 🙂

    I didn’t think Rachel looked annoyed.

  54. ^ I guess I’m not so easily appalled.

    Did enjoy seeing my old friend Sanjay on the Fox & Friends couch this morning.

  55. I think a sex joke about Presidential candidates on Election Night coverage is pretty appalling, and Rachel thinks so, too. I’ve seen her nervous-laugh recovery from something she finds offensive, and that’s exactly how she does it.

  56. But it’s not just a sex joke – it’s every bit political humour, too, and with the requisite “seed of truth” supplied by Sen. Santorum’s own words.

  57. I’m sorry, I’m not interested in any “3-way” imagery about three men on Election Night, followed by an awkward discussion between two men and a lesbian woman about their respective attractiveness. It was stupid and weird.

  58. While the hint was there, the joke never conjured any such imagery in my mind. You probably felt really bad when Dorothy’s house fell on that Wicked Witch of Whichever-way and her legs shrivelled up when those slippers were picked off her dead body.

  59. Go to bed, Al..

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