Off the Al Sharpton Focus Reservation…

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell apparently didn’t get the memo that Al Sharpton is the MSNBC target de jour for conservatives looking to get a liberal scalp after the attacks on Rush Limbaugh. Nope, our man Brent is all fixated on Ed Schultz and sent out two letters, one to MSNBC President Phil Griffin telling him to resign for hiring Schultz and the other to Comcast telling them to fire Schultz. Well at least he has his bases covered…not that it will get him anywhere.

All fooling around aside, take a look at Ed’s “greatest hits” that Bozell notes. It’s not a pretty record and I don’t want to minimize that aspect of Bozell’s crusade because I too have teed off on it in the past.


8 Responses to “Off the Al Sharpton Focus Reservation…”

  1. A lot of “Atta-boy”s can be earned by properly criticising the false, stupid, and mean things that are said by a television host. But, unless that host crosses into the “absolutely evil” category, a swift and certain “Aw-shit” should be awarded to the person calling for a firing. Perhaps Brent Bozell never learned that one “Aw-Shit” cancels out every “Atta-boy” he’s earned. He’ an idiot.

  2. lonestar77 Says:

    I like Bozell and Schultz is a crank but he shouldn’t demand his resignation. Of course, this is a result of the Limbaugh stuff but he should mockingly demand his firing.

  3. Bozo the clown strikes again… he should come driving up in a little clown car every time he makes these petty little demands. What a joke.

  4. lonestar77 Says:

    Every time he makes these demands? He doesn’t usually make these demands, at least not to my knowledge. Did you see how the MediaMatters video you posted was a cut and paste job that completely misrepresented O’Reilly? You should prolly stop posting propaganda.

  5. You’re right, LS, this isn’t something Bozell usually does. I’m not certain he never has, but certainly almost never. He shouldn’t have this time, either.

  6. icemannyr Says:

    This is the problem I have with FNC, instead of saying the comments by Rush were wrong and moving on to the next story we have to get the liberals have done it to segments where their news and opinion shows keep mentioning that Bill Maher has made comments worse then Rush and now you have Hannity and Bozzell going through the list of liberals who have made comments they don’t like.

  7. Funny. The defense of Rush is that he has a right to free speech and people shouldn’t silence him. But the right always tried to silence Olbermann, even when he was the dissenting voice in the national dialogue, and they’re trying to silence Ed now.

  8. That’s not true. Certainly there were many challenges to all the stupid crap Olbermann said but there was no call from the “right” for him to be fired, and there isn’t for Ed Shultz, either.

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