The Hazards of Live TV: #25,147

Alphabet soup?


4 Responses to “The Hazards of Live TV: #25,147”

  1. Simple oversight or comment on today’s education system? Tough one.

  2. Took a minute to spot the mistake, but that’s lovely.

  3. icemannyr Says:

    As noted on that other news blog, another oops today with MSNBC misspelling Clooney’s last name as “Glooney”

  4. On the other hand, what I learned from LBJ is progressives prefer form over substance.

    Little remembrance of LBJ who got Medicare, the civil rights act, the war on poverty, and the voting rights act to name but a few liberal accomplishments.made into law.

    They prefer to lionize the martyred JFK who got us into Vietnam, was a hero for a PT rescue that would have never happened had he not stupidly got the boat sunk, and showed such weakness that he invited a Russian adventure which nearly destroyed civilization with a nuclear holocaust.

    But JFK didn’t look like a hound-dog and was witty and glamorous.

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