Free for All: 03/20/12

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51 Responses to “Free for All: 03/20/12”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ Never gets old.

  2. lonestar77 Says:

    I realize my comment may sound snarky but it definitely wasn’t meant to be.

  3. Spud,

    I wanted to get your take on Sharpton’s role in protesting the actions of the Sanford police regarding the Trayvon Martin case.

    Per your past criticisms of Sharpton, and his role as an activist, do you think standing up for a young boy being unjustly murdered is a conflict of interest?

  4. The White House has finally admitted that it asked the media to scrub reports of 13-year-old Malia Obama’s spring break vacation with her friends to Mexico. And an adoring media obliged.

  5. ProgLib, have you stopped beating your wife? If so, I say good for you.

  6. Might be safety issues for the Obama girl. Our factory in Juarez had its armerd payroll truck robbed right inside the plant. We took the hint and got out of there.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Chuck Todd: “Right now it does seem like you are at a net deficit overall on the perception of the bill, even if individually some things poll test very well.”

    I’m getting a little sick and tired of the “individual bits poll well” talking point. Candy and unicorns poll great too, but stick me with a bill for $2 trillion dollars and my overall approval is going to decrease, no?

  8. imnotblue Says:

    What are you talking about farris?

    Don’t know you know the bill only means that prior conditions won’t preclude you, and you can stay on your parent’s insurance until your in your 20s?

    All those other pages… don’t worry about that stuff. Nothing else is in there. They just mistakenly used a 22pt. font. Everything’s real big.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  9. “Might be safety issues for the Obama girl. Our factory in Juarez had its armerd payroll truck robbed right inside the plant. We took the hint and got out of there.” – larrykelly

    I understand that. But Mailia and her friends had dozens of Secret Service people to protect them. I just wonder at the speed with which the MSM does whatever this WH asks. And I wonder if the media would have accorded the same privacy to the daughter of a Repub pres.

  10. answer your question by asking a question. What would the media be doing if the Palin kids had a mommy that was Vice President.

  11. On MJ this morning, Mika was reading from an editorial by David Brooks about the soldier who recently went on a killing spree against Afghans. It was about a good man capable of doing monstrous things. All the while Mika was speaking, the control room showed video of Paul Ryan. Mika didn’t realize this and Joe and panelists laughed it up. Joe said to the camera, You must have thought that editorial was about the Ryan budget. The control room said it was an innocent mistake because Ryan was scheduled to appear later in the show. Maybe it was a Freudian slip on the part of the control room.

  12. “answer your question by asking a question. What would the media be doing if the Palin kids had a mommy that was Vice President.” – larrykelly

    I don’t even want to think about the hell the Palin kids would be subjected to. David Letterman, host to Mrs. Obama last night, would have said something like, Vice President Palin’s daughter got knocked up during her spring break in Mexico.

  13. Yep, in some quarters, there is a war on women. The right ones, of course.

  14. Larry: I don’t know if that’s your attempt at being humorous or sarcastic, but you fail on both fronts, anyway.

    By the way, as much as its none of your business, I actually plan on keeping my bachelor card for a while, and I would never hit a female either.

    Ironically enough, you pretty much resemble a crazy psycho, so I wouldn’t be talking if I were you. That’s not my attempt at a cheap shot, just my observation of your flattering avatar, assuming it’s a picture of you.

  15. Are we gonna go all Church Lady every time someone makes a stupid joke, now? Rhetorical, of course.

  16. I don’t have a problem with the media not saying exactly where the Obama daughter is/was on her “vacation” to Mexico. (What 13 yo goes to Mexico for spring break?) What I do have a problem with is a 13 year old girl going to Mexico with her friends and needing 25 Secret service agents along with her along plus Mexican police. Who the he** is paying for all those additional SS people? She may have 1-2-3? with her while she is here in the US but are the Obama’s paying for the additional 20+ along with the transportation costs, meals, lodging, etc for all those additional people?

    Really? These people have NO SHAME!

  17. Oh it’s just money. Put liberals in charge and it’s one big party.

  18. Psychos. Don’t ever let ’em call you crazy.

  19. Because a sane psycho would be like…

    (EVERBODY wait for it)

    a progressive liberal.

  20. Meanwhile Robert De Niro is getting a bum deal on his joke. Newt is wrong for making a big deal out of it, and Obama’s people are wrong for wimping out.

  21. The Secret Service won’t comment on operational matters, of course, but there’s no reason to believe that there are “dozens” of agents protecting those kids. Regardless, their job becomes far more challenging when their protectee’s itinerary can be easily gleaned from a news report. Off limits.

  22. ^ Oh intelligent answer to the “President’s kid” question. Quite a bit better than “what if it was Palin’s child”.

  23. ^ oh there he is.

  24. Best part about the cable networks showing Mitt’s victory speech lambasting Obama is they can hardly avoid doing so. Music to my ears.

  25. I’m all in favour of blasting the Obama administration at every opportunity but not over something like this – and there’s more than enough legitimate areas of critical importance to go after him about. I also remember when reporters started covering Jenna and Barbara Bush during 43’s first term and we now know that it took only one friendly phone call from Ari Fleischer to get that stopped cold.

  26. Mother Jones had some ughly kids.

  27. South Carolina seems so long ago…

    “Let’s just be real for a minute. I’m going to be the Republican presidential nominee.” – Newt Gingrich.

    Someone should have that quote engraved. Maybe at Tiffany’s

  28. — engraved —

    He should tattoo it somewhere that it will never be seen, except by those specifically assigned.

  29. The Obama administration criticizes DeNiro but not Maher?

  30. — DeNiro —

    They can’t apologize for Maher because they can’t do so without giving the money back. Plus it’s been going on for awhile, and they can’t be seen as weak by suddenly criticizing him. DeNiro is kind of easy pickings, at this point. Exceedingly dumb, but easy.

  31. And apologizing for Maher allows equivalence with Rush, and liberals can’t possibly allow for that, especially since no one expects Maher to change any time soon. DeNiro is a one-off, and not a person who is in any way perceived as an ongoing problem for the Left.

  32. -somewhere that will never be seen-

    Good idea. I vote for it on his forehead.

  33. Al: “but there’s no reason to believe that there are “dozens” of agents protecting those kids.”

    There were too many reports that said there were 25 agents plus different levels of Mexican police types to say what you said. Yes, the stories were scrubbed as Jay Carney admitted but too many sources said the same thing and had multiple pictures for that story to NOT be true.

    I agree that to say where the daughter was should not have been shared but at some pint we can all comment on the fact that a 13 year old girl going on a school trip that needs that much protection is ridiculous. She is 13 for gosh sake and as I asked before who is paying for all that additional protection? When she is here in the US she may have 1-2-3 Secret Service people but if there are that many more staff being assigned to her do I have to pay so she can have a good time on a school trip? or are her parents paying for her?

    Many of us have lived good lives without doing these kinds of trips at age 13! I make no apologies for being pissed off about this!

  34. Secret Service never (NEVER!) comments about security, so somebody else did. No matter what the truth is, would you honestly expect someone to leak a low number of agents?

    I can understand being irked by the expense, but that’s how it works. The president pays for his daughter’s trip and we pay for all of her security. Not her problem that her dad is POTUS.

  35. Assuming the Obama’s didn’t kick in money for that trip is silly. You have no evidence to support what you’re “pissed off” about.

  36. joe: do you know how to READ? I’ll quote myself “and as I ASKED before who is paying for all that additional protection?” Do you know what the work “ask” means?

    And Al, “we pay for all of her security.”. You also seem to have problem reading. Twice I have said I don’t mind that we have to pay for her security under her normal living situation and I’ll add even if she travels with her parents. BUT, when she make special trips like this and it involves this much extra security I have a problem. Jay Carney had a chance to comment on the trip and the protection and if her family is paying is for the additional protection and he did not.

    So, I can question this situation all I want and you can bi**h at me all you want about my questioning the situation. It is not going to make my question go away! You may think it is a stupid question but I really don’t care. Just because the media at the White House doesn’t like to ask these questions are we all just supposed to shut up and go with the “flow”?

  37. Most of my kids were out of country at least once for spring break between the ages of 13 & 18, usually with some school-related outing or family friends. If I had a job that required my kids be given security protection then my employer would have to pay for whatever added security that might be necessary for an out-of-country trip.

  38. What a pampered bunch. I went to the Wisconson Dells with my BOYSCOUT troup when I was 13. Sold Mrs. Bower’s Peanut Crunch door to door after school to pay for it.

  39. Pam, I didn’t tell you to shut up. I said your outrage is silly.

  40. I went to the Lakewood Mall when I was 13. The next town over.

  41. I don’t think Pam’s outrage is silly, either. Just misplaced.

    I visited America for a month when I was 13. Liked it so much came back for good, except for a detour to Ontario.

  42. I stand by my opinion AND I WLL NOT BE SILENCED. Yeah.

  43. The Joint Congressional Committee On Taxation estimates that the “Buffett Rule”, if implemented, would only generate $3billion in revenue – roughly 1/3 of 1 percent of the president’s ’09 stimulus. This assumes, of course, that no one who fall into that category moves their money into overseas markets. I’m sure George Soros would keep all of his monies here and, as for Buffett, he’s giving his money away now, anywho.

  44. Except his business interests that owe back taxes.

  45. I always thought Dr. Al’s family sent him over at 13 to avoid The Blitz.

  46. I’m with Pam. Obama has never shown a sign of being frugal with our tax money when it comes to his own activities. Outrage is fine.

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