The Ed Schultz Speaking Fee Controversy…

NewsBusters’ Jack Coleman has a nice roundup on the Ed Schultz speaking fee controversy and whether the matter is really settled or not (hint: Schutlz says it is, Coleman says it isn’t). Here’s what Coleman says is the unresolved issue…

Here’s what Schultz said Friday on “The Ed Show” —

The policy at MSNBC is any speech must get prior approval and any honorarium must be donated to charity of the speaker’s choice. I chose last year that all the money go to the American Cancer Society for the great work that they do and I have friends in that organization as well. And I will continue to do so.

To bolster his claim, Schultz showed an excerpt from a Feb. 29 letter to him from the American Cancer Society, stating “it is with pleasure to personally share our tremendous gratitude for your recent donation of $100,000.”

This, however, represents half the $199,900 Schultz received from unions in 2011 — $190,000 from the Communications Workers of America and $9,900 from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Is Schultz suggesting that the $99,900 apparently not donated to charity was paid to him for ads on his radio website? Consider me skeptical, especially seeing how as of today the IBEW doesn’t have an ad on Schultz’s radio site, though CWA does.

I have no idea. The fact that Coleman apparently couldn’t get a clear concise answer, definitively answering the question, out of MSNBC PR is troubling however…


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