What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/26/12

What’s Hot:

Trayvon Martin – Dominated everything this week.

Speaking Fees – Between Ed Schultz and Fareed Zakaria, speaking fees and what talent does with them, were front and center this week…

MSNBC says Martin Bashir’s show isn’t a “news show” – Welllll…we already understood that as a given. Still, the fact that the network came out (finally) and said it makes it noteworthy.

What’s Not:

Dick Morris – Morris participated in a GOP Fundraiser auction where a tour of FNC was offered…until the story broke and FNC put a stop to it and gave Morris a slap on the wrist very stern talking to which I’m sure put the fear of God into him. Uh-huh…

Al Sharpton covering…Al Sharpton – MSNBC letting Al Sharpton get involved with the Trayvon Martin case while covering it for the network is leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths…


12 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 03/26/12”

  1. – Dick Morris’ slap –

    ..which you would have never known from his appearance on O’Reilly the next day.

  2. ^ And then Morris was on Greta the next. He’s still not listed s one of their “on air personalities”, btw. I keep forgetting to listen to his introductions to hear whether he’s ever called a “Fox News contributor.”

  3. ^ bzz bzz bzz..DICK MORRIS!..click.

  4. Sharpton did some very powerful shows with Trayvon’s parents. I’m not normally a fan of his, but he handled this beautifully. He’s a Civil Rights activist, as everyone knows. I don’t see the conflict.

  5. Not sure how much accurate information can be gleaned from Wiki entries and such, but Karl Rove and Tucker Carlson are both indicated to be commentators “for The Fox News Channel” while Morris’s just says that he “appears regularly”.

    Maybe he didn’t get slapped because he doesn’t work for them.

  6. Eh, Dick is one of the boys. It’s all good.

  7. imnotblue Says:


    I think to be considered a “civil rights activist,” he’d have to actually work for the civil rights of ALL people, not just Blacks. And let’s be honest, he’s never (and never will) worked for anyone else’s civil rights.

    So he’s a Black activist… which is a fine thing to be, but let’s not overstate the case.

  8. The fact he is an activist IS the problem. Only those that back his activisim don’t see the problem. They are thrilled he has a big megaphone.

  9. Is someone SERIOUSLY debating what “Civil Rights activist” means in 2012? Grow up.

  10. imnotblue Says:

    @ Joe

    The fact is, he’s only an “activist” for one group of people… and Civil Rights apply to ALL people.

    If that’s too nuanced for you, well, that’s not my problem.

  11. Your “nuance” is ridiculous. EVERYBODY knows what a Civil Rights activist does.

  12. imnotblue Says:

    ^ Which is why EVERYBODY knows that Sharpton isn’t one. He is a Black-Liberal activist.

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