Free for All: 03/27/12

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61 Responses to “Free for All: 03/27/12”

  1. Rick calls BS for what it is and finds himself eating the S.

  2. ^ I wish the media would just move on from RS but he continues to give them soundbites they just can not resist playing and in some ways they are important for voters to hear. We are next here in WI for our primary and normally we are way beyond any kind of deciding factor in the race for president.

    As far as open mikes – you gotta love them and I hope all people hear what this President has just said and take it to where ever they need to personally take it. I know where I am taking it and will share it like I always do with what one radio host calls “my circle of influence”


  3. You know, I would love to believe that the vast majority of people who oppose Obamacare do so because they think that the mandate is “unconstitutional” and the law is bad. My cynicism tells me that their main issue is having to pay for it. Enough people were all well and fine when Obama sold it as being supported with higher taxes on the “rich”.

  4. Obama is praying the Supreme’s declare the Individual mandate unconstitutional but leave the rest alone. He doesn’t want people in his own party mad when they get a bill in 2014.

    If it were not for unplanned recordings, we wouln’t know what a shady character Obama really is. Be afraid of TERM 2. Be very afraid.

  5. Today Tamara Hall said there are reports coming out that Trayvon Martin was on suspension from school for possessing an empty bag of marijuana. She then asked, somewhat rhetorically, how can authorities know it was marijuana if the bag was empty? Can she be this dim? I assume there must have been traces of something in the bag. There are also reports that the suspension is because Trayvon assaulted a bus driver. Apparently, this account comes from Trayvon’s brother. So I don’t know what the real reason for the suspension was and I assume we never will know. Zimmerman’s lawyer released his work ID photo, which is much different from his mug shot photo, but the media still keeps showing younger pictures of Trayvon. And MSNBC still will not refer to Zimmerman as Hispanic.

  6. savefarris Says:

    If I go to Panchos for dinner tonight, does that make me a white hispanic?

  7. @HowardKurtz: Orl Sentinel’s police acct says Trayvon decked Zimmerman, smashed his face into sidewalk. Could dramatically change story if true

    Showing a youth picture of kid in football uniform implies a sweet innocence which may not exist. Our “Mr.Football” Ohio H.S. player got busted for armed robbery.

  8. The outrage of impulse fueled by the hate-speech of a young Blueberry “reverend” destroyed the lives of some innocent police officers in the shamefully sensationalized Tawana Brawley case.

  9. I have to say that CNN is doing a fine job of reporting Obama’s unfortunate moment of candor, vis a vis missile defense. Can’t speak for anyone else, but they’re hitting it pretty hard.

  10. If you come after me with a gun because I had the gall to walk in my neighborhood, you better believe I’m gonna punch you before you get that thing out of the holster. This is ridiculous.

  11. erich500 Says:

    ^Maybe, but I’m certainly not following the person and confronting him if he turns to leave (and I’ll wager that Martin didn’t know about the gun; I believe it was getting dark and I doubt that he saw it).

    Which is what Zimmerman claims, i.e., Martin followed him as he went back to his SUV.

    Rashomon anyone?

  12. people in Ohio can carry holstered guns if visible even without a permit. Punch somebody in the mouth for doing so? And once again there is mouth shooting off without even the knowledge the Martin kid knew Zimmerman had a gun before he allegedly cold cocked him. Bottom line, there are state and federal investigations going on. Wait. Justice will be done.

  13. Don’t give me that crap. There is a concerted effort on the right to turn this kid into an Angry Black Man. Screw that. Zimmerman hunted Trayvon Martin down for the sin of walking home while black. Dispatch told him to stand down. He didn’t.

  14. Mob rule. You don’t know what your talking about. You’re just angry.

  15. “once I get by my LAST election, I’m unleashed. I can do whatever I want”

  16. erich500 Says:

    “I defy you to tell the difference between a nude prostitute and a nude classy woman,”

    One of them gives your credit card back?

    Palate cleanser.

  17. Since I usually criticize Chris Matthews, I have to praise him for his interview today with a black friend of Zimmerman’s – Joe Oliver. Chris didn’t give Mr. Oliver a pass; he asked tough questions. But it was a fair and balanced interview. Mr. Oliver said he was upset that Zimmerman is always being described as white when he is Hispanic and multicultural.

  18. Mathews is like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead: when good he is VERY GOOD and when bad, horrid. I’m sure he feels pressure to lean in the channel’s direction, but he still is a decent, smart guy.

  19. About the Supreme Court’s decision on OBAMA-CARE, my opinion is that unless they can reach a unanimous decission, the court should let the law stand as is and leave it to the Legislative and Executive branches to make any changes. I’m not a fan of judicial activisim if other options exist. This is too mportant to be decided at the whim of Justice Kennedy.

  20. ^ Unanimous? That seldom ever happens.

  21. lonestar77 Says:

    You’re incredibly irrational regarding the shooting. You don’t know what happened but you know what you want the story to be.

    Zimmerman called 911. The 911 dispatcher doesn’t have the authority to tell him to either do or not to do something. You keep saying she told him to “stand down”. Who cares. It’s meaningless. She wasn’t there. Not to long ago a woman in OK called 911 to report a man that broke into her house. She was guarding her baby and asked the dispatcher if she could shoot the intruder. The dispatcher said she couldn’t tell her if it was ok to shoot the man that was breaking into her house…because that’s not her job. You seem to think that 911 operators are law enforcement personnel.

  22. Happens more than you would think. Just last week:

    I doubt that would happen with the Health Care Mandate, so I hope it is left standing.

  23. If the Supremes uphold the mandate then, potentially, the federal government can make us do pretty much anything and the experiment of America, with its unique dual separation of powers, will be no more. If your state comes up with a law so stupid that you just can’t live with it there are things that its citizens can do to change it or, as a last resort, you can move to state without that law. But if the federal government has such a requirement there’s no place to go.

  24. Oh please, LS. Trayvon Martin is dead because a racist wannabe cop chased him down. He was a serial 911 caller; EVERY call was on black people. You do the math.

  25. Would be nice to see a reliable time-line that includes Zimmerman’s full 911 call. I don’t know how much time elapsed from the, “We don’t need you to do that” to the confrontation.

  26. savefarris Says:

    If the Supremes uphold the mandate then

    … get ready for the individual mandate to buy a Volt.


    While Larry sounds reasonable, you do know that your plan more or less gives the Kagans and Ginsbergs of the world veto power over every Court action.

    I’m not a fan of judicial activisim if other options exist.

    Since there’s literally no precedent for upholding ObamaCare (never before has the Commerce Clause been used to regulate inaction), I don’t see the problem with striking down a law with a heretofore nonexistent precedent.

  27. Larry isn’t wrong. It would be much better all-around if the law was fully repealed by legislative action, but that’s only true if it happens before the court rules on it.

  28. lonestar77 Says:

    “Trayvon Martin is dead because a racist wannabe cop chased him down.”

    Maybe he was a wannabe cop, who knows. But, there’s little evidence to suggest he was “racist”. Actually, there’s much more evidence to suggest he wasn’t. But, people like you are pre-programmed to see everything in terms of race. It’s either indoctrination or playing politics. Either way, it’s stupid.

  29. 49 911 calls. All on blacks. Math.

  30. -individual mandate to buy a Volt-

    I wish people would stop using that idiotic joke because it grossly minimises the level of control government can have over our individual lives. It’s not necessarily about Obama or any of the current players.

  31. “49 911 calls. All on blacks. Math.” – joeremi

    Maybe most of the people breaking into homes are young black males. I don’t know. Doesn’t make Zimmerman a racist.

  32. If you’re trolling your neighborhood with a gun, calling 911 on black people for doing shifty things like walking home from the store, you’re a racist. EVERYTHING about how Zimmerman caught up to Marting springs from THOSE FACTS.

  33. lonestar77 Says:

    He apparently mentored young black kids, which obviously makes him a racist. But, it was prolly all a ruse to fool the black people who know him who have defended him. Oh, and to fool Joe. But, Joe can’t be fooled. He knows everything. Now the guy has a bounty on his head while enlightened, not racist at all, people like this: are after him.

  34. lonestar77 Says:

    Everybody with lighter skin than Obama is a racist according to Joe.

  35. Keep it up, LS. You all do it: the right is congenitally incapable of addressing racism in ANY way. It’s against your religion, or something. I’ll never understand it.

  36. -49 911 calls. All on blacks.-

    That is not even close to true. Most of the calls were about mundane issues such as alarms going off, trash, etc. Chronologically, there’s a long stretch with no mention of race.

    Here’s this:
    10. June 24, 2007 – 12:48 a.m.
    Type: TEL
    Subject: Suspicious activity
    Report: “By the pool”, two Hispanic males and one white male with “slim jim”

  37. lonestar77 Says:

    Actually, you’re incapapble of discussing anything regarding somebody with darker than average skin in terms of anything other than race. There is nothing to suggest that this guy is racist yet you and the corrupt a-holes in the media have been forwarding that narrative from the beginning. You don’t care about finding out what actually happened. You don’t care to hear about the details. You just want to call somebody a racist. You like to pit groups of people against one another. It’s ignorant. And dangerous.

  38. lonestar77 Says:

    I can only imagine what Joe was saying during the Duke Lacrosse fiasco. You know, when all those rich probably conservative white kids raped that black girl. When they were tried and convicted in the media. Except it was all untrue. Liberals want things to fit a pre determined narrative. Facts are inconsequential.

  39. He chased that kid for no reason other than he was black. Racism. Deal with it.

  40. Now you’re just barking.

  41. lonestar77 Says:

    That’s neat that you know things like that. You have absolutely zero evidence to support it but, per usual, that doesn’t matter to you. You want it to be so it is. People like you are dangerous. You continually sew the seeds of racial hate. Deal with it.

  42. The other day someone asked, “What is a White-Hispanic?”, and I believe in criticism of Reuters or AP for using the description. It is accurate. From the 2010 US Census, included in the demographics of Sanford, FL:

    “White or Caucasian (Including White Hispanic): 57.3%”
    “Non-Hispanic White or, Caucasian: 45.0%”
    “Black or African American: 30.5%”
    “Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 20.2%”

  43. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ Still doesn’t really answer what a “White Hispanic” is. Why isn’t there a “White Black” category? How did they decide that “White-Hispanic” falls into the White category? These categories are stupid anyway. There should be white, black, hispanic, asian, mixed, and other. I have a buddy with the last name Hernandez who’s mom is white. He calls himself a coconut. I’m sure that’s offensive to Joe but whatever.

  44. F***ing c**n = racism.

  45. ^ The name “Hispanic” is a distinction, not a race. It is derived from a city in Spain (now Seville) that was called “Hispalis”. The Romans renamed the area Hispania, and “Hispanic” was later used to identify those peoples of the New World (New Spain) with ties to Spain. Spain, of course, is European with many white Spaniards, and to this day there are many white Hispanics.

    FWIW, “Latino” is derived from “Latin” – a people of early Italy (Latium) whose capital was Rome and they spoke Latin. It is from these Latins who spread out into Portugal, Spain, and elsewhere that we have Hispanics. Today, “Latino” is used for anyone from Latin America. All are Latino but not all are Hispanic.

  46. Some people hear “coon” and some hear “goon”. To me it sounds like “move”. Only thing I’m sure of is nobody can know for sure from that running/muffled noise.

  47. So… it appears LOD is all pi**ed off because Martin’s bailed on him tonight. I really do believe some people think that when you get booked on MSNBC it is like being on NBC. When they find out there is absolutely not the same journalistic standards they know when they need to run. I’m sure there will be much outrage at this at MSNBC but the people pi**ed off will not really have wanted to listen to this attorney with an open mind anyway (kind of like joe).

    So watch tomorrow – my guess is LOD will be on Morning Joe telling everyone what a bad guy this attorney is. So now in addition to criticizing Martin now the media can go after his attorney, too!

  48. No, I don’t have an open mind about self-appointed vigilantes hunting down black kids, and neither should you. This confrontation happened because Zimmerman chose it. That’s a FACT reported by the man himself to the dispatcher. He chased Trayvon. FACT. He was warned to stand down, that the police were on the way. FACT. He kept moving anyway. FACT.

    He’s going to have to explain to a jury how he injected himself into a fight for NO reason, then had to “defend” himself with a gun. Good luck with that..

  49. pam, who bailed on LOD? The Martin family?

  50. Zimmerman’s lawyer.

  51. Would you have more of an open mind if he chased down kids of different skin colours? While there may very well be a racial motivation for the killing, that should not be anyone’s primary cause for demanding justice. “Man kills innocent [Indian, Arab, Asian, white, etc.] kid is every bit as disgusting and deserving of our scrutiny.

    The extreme level of hatred generated by this mob-mentality seems… almost fake to me, as if the true goal is for some socio-political outcome rather than for true justice, however that turns out. Such hyperbole is only serving to generate more anger and more distrust. Not only is that wrong, it is evil.

  52. No, my initial anger stemmed from the vigilantism before I knew about “c**n” and all the rest. But I’m not going to pretend race isn’t involved like the rightwing apologists are now doing, while at the same time trying to turn Trayvon Martin into a violent thug who had it coming.

    As I’ve previously said, I don’t think race would play any role in a trial, and I wouldn’t want it to. We need a jury to decide why Trayvon died, and if it was criminal. Period.

  53. Apologists? Are you so certain that we conservatives are more concerned with protecting our… half-white, gun-toting buddy who couldn’t possibly have done something so atrocious and we don’t give a damn about dead Trayvon Martin anyway? That’s what calling people “rightwing apologists” means. If that’s what you really think, go screw yourself.

  54. How many people have come here acting like I’m the problem because I think Zimmerman profiled that kid because of his skin color? I have a problem with conservatives who take every opportunity to deny racism at every turn. They never admit to it, and I’m SICK of it.

  55. Good Lord, who bronzed Dick Morris for Hannity tonight? That’s just not even right.

  56. lonestar77 Says:

    That’s what happens, Joe, when your first inclination in every story is to first think about race. You have a problem.

  57. missy: sorry about the error re: who’s lawyer bailed – my mistake

    There were 8 burglaries within 15 months, most committed by young black males (both NBC & ABC stories). So, Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch and sees a black kid he had not seen in the neighborhood before. It sounds like Trayvon was staying in this neighborhood (not his regular place of abode) with his father. So, Zimmerman took close notice of this kid and started following him. I will not comment on the exact sequence of events from here forward but we know Trayvon ended up dead. The one thing I want to know which I am sure will come out since Zimmerman said he was attacked by Trayvon (broken nose, back of the head injury) did Zimmerman go see a doctor/emergency room that night? If he did there will be medical records and with that a doctor being able to verify what was said THAT NIGHT about Zimmerman’s injuries. Do you usually get a broken nose from following a kid? If the broken nose is true do you do that to yourself to “fix” your story or does that mean they were close enough to each other to have the contact that would allow that to happen? Do we know was Trayvon shot in the back (bad news for Zimmerman) or was he shot from 10 feet, 5 feet or even closer than that? I’m speculating here that a medical examiner would be able to state the best conclusion of that?

    There is so much more to learn about this death than we can even begin to know so until it does come out I will not say anything other than this was a tragedy but I will not convict the man before his trial. Ask questions – yes; convict the man before his trail – no.

    joe; you should be ashamed of yourself that you are so willing to go with the first story that was told and not be able to understand there is so much more for all to learn before passing judgement. I hope to God you are never on a jury for a case that makes the news because you obviously are willing to convict someone before they have a trial.

  58. Thank God you don’t get arrested in this country just because an angry mob screams that you should be. If Zimmerman is arrested it will be from the investigation of professionals in our justice system.

    God BLESS the USA.

    Deal with it.

  59. savefarris Says:

    From yesterday:

    MSNBC or any cable net would kill to get [Zimmerman] and they would bend over backwards to be ‘fare and balanced’

    Leave it to Lawrence to prove us all wrong. Congrats, Mr. Creepy Liar!

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