Free for All: 03/27/12

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55 Responses to “Free for All: 03/27/12”

  1. savefarris Says:

    Anyone else find it odd that Larry is so outraged about Zimmerman’s lawyer “ran away”, yet stood in solidarity with the Wisconsin Democrats?

  2. “In order to make peace, you have to talk with your opponents.” That’s what one of the illustrious Senators from Wisconsin said FROM ILLINOIS when she ran out of the state. Guess what? She’s now running for Governor!

  3. maybe racism at play was younger Black on older Hispanic?

  4. I watched a later edition of LOD last night. I think someone on this board mentioned a while back that LOD looks like he has someone buried in his backyard. After last night I know what that commenter meant. He was SO angry and it was JUST below the surface. I thought he was going to explode at one point. Maybe he should thank Al Sharpton for Zimmerman’s lawyer cancelling. Maybe he thought he couldn’t get a fair shake at MSNBC (although Zimmerman’s friend was treated very fairly yesterday by Chris Matthews). Also, Larry made it sound like a police official was also scheduled to be on the show and he also bailed.

  5. savefarris Says:

    if you listen closely, you can hear every single heart breaking at MSNBC:

  6. I suddenly like Toobin. He admits that his predictions on the mandate were wrong. May as well own it, or people will beat you to death with it.

  7. So.. Spike Lee tweeted the wrong address for Zimmerman. Now a woman named Elaine is getting harassed all day long. Way to go Spike, baby!! If something happens to her who will be to blame? I’m sure not Spike Lee!

  8. That’s what a mob-mentality gets you. This thing got out-of-hand days ago, and it might be time for the rest of us to “stand down”.

  9. Laura, I don’t think anyone here except joe has to stand down. I think everyone else (point to where I might be wrong if necessary) has taken a fairly cautious stand on this issue – more to the effect of let’s get the complete story, people need to stop the racial and political garbage, let’s let the special prosecutor do her job and let’s not convict the guy before his trial.

  10. I was speaking generally, and feel as though I’ve been as emotional about this as anyone. I saw a dead little boy and lost it. That’s not to say that it was justified or deserved or that Trayvon’s life should be open to postmortem scrutiny. Just trying to step on my tiny little brakes.

  11. Yeah, I’ll “stand down” and watch the backslapping echo chamber agree with itself all day. Yawn.

  12. lonestar77 Says:

    Tommy Christopher over at Mediaite is going bonkers…moreso than usual. I fear he’s gonna burst something.

  13. If “stand down” means everyone should refrain from the prejudicial rhetoric then that might go a long way toward making sure no one else gets hurt as a fall-out from this. It should not, however, mean letting the Florida authorities off the hook. The initial public outcry over a perceived injustice – whether ultimately confirmed or not – was a good thing. It’s the government’s job to conduct a thorough investigation and it’s our job to make sure they do it.

  14. The joy of not watching cable news is not being in the middle of the coverage about the young man killed in Florida. At this point, are we really going to get a real answer out of this story, or are we just going to get more people running to each side and it ending in there being no real answer.

    *sigh* At least we have healthcare coverage to watch, oh wait…

  15. I don’t think justice will be done. The Sanford Police Dept. botched this from the moment they arrived on scene. I think all we’ll ever know for sure is that Zimmerman took it upon himself to pursue an innocent kid walking home from the store, a scuffle ensued, and Martin got shot.

    The end result will be a dead teenager slandered by lowlife scum like The Daily Caller who felt that turning him into a Scary Black Thug justified his murder, and Zimmerman free to live his life. Awesome.

  16. Of Sandra Fluke – “She’s not interested in ideas and the motivations behind them,” said Landsburg. “But I guess that’s fitting, because those kinds of people end up in politics anyway.”

  17. Justice will be done. Still too much speculation with only sketchy knowledge. I have no idea what will actually happen. Others have much invested in their initial stance. Not me.

  18. Sandra Fluke seems so long ago. Thank God.

  19. -overruled immediately-

    Investigator wanted to make an arrest. Prosecutor said there wasn’t sufficient evidence. That’s exactly how the criminal justice system is designed to work and it happens probably dozens of times every day. In other words, “If you want me to get an arrest warrant signed then you need to go do your job and find me evidence to support a charge.” That “presumption of innocence” thing can really be a pain.

  20. Very inconvenient to the rush to judgement liberal avengers.

  21. That’s amusing coming from the guy posting links to defame a dead kid.

  22. savefarris Says:

    Joe’s cries of slander, defamation and calls not to dredge up Treyvon’s past would have been more persuasive if he hadn’t spent the last week calling Mr. Zimmerman a flat-out racist and dredging up *HIS* past.

  23. Zimmerman is the shooter, and he’s still alive. Reporting how many times Trayvon was suspended from school, or how gold his teeth were, has NOTHING to do with that confrontation. Zimmerman’s past history of stalking his neighborhood, together with his history of violence, most certainly DOES. Not to mention the 911 tapes that show him provoking that fight with a racist epithet. But you keep watching Fox News and ignoring the actual FACTS of this case. Maybe they’ll show some more tweets from a dead boy..

  24. starbroker Says:

    Look at the biased hack and ICN fave CONTESSA BREWER up to her usual Media Matter ways:

    I still don’t know why they didn’t give her Olbermann’s time slot before. She’s as crazy as he is….

  25. It is nice to know the Octokids can now get healthcare if they live with mom 26 years.

  26. Looks like Contesa is getting desperate for a job.

  27. 911 tapes that show him provoking that fight with a racist epithet.

    Bad sentence. He voiced the epithet on the phone, then caught up to Martin.

  28. How ’bout that Supreme Court?

  29. No need for the grand jury. No need for the special Prosecuter. Inspector Clouseau of the Okland Nationhood Watch has all the facts and has rendered a decision.

  30. This is WAY too serious for your idiotic comments. The 911 tapes contain irrefutable facts, and the right rejecting them so they could turn on Trayvon Martin this week is despicable. That kid was hunted down by an idiot with a gun and an attitude problem, and now his name is being slandered by a typically reactionary right wing ready to blame the Scary Black Guy. Oh wait, Zimmerman was just overzealous, right? Maybe Martin shouldn’t have worn the wrong jacket. Disgusting.

  31. Just read an article in the April issue of Elle magazine about Alex Wagner. Don’t know why she rates an article. It’s a real Valentine to her and to MSNBC. Whenever she is quoted she uses the f-word. Even to describe Santorum’s sweater vest. It’s as if she can’t form a sentence without using the f-word.

  32. By simply reading transcripts of the “irrefutable” 911 tapes one can quickly glean that there aren’t enough pertinent facts there worth “refuting”… although I’m not sure why anyone would want to try doing that. Mother Jones did a good and honest job of transcribing and the supposed racial slur is properly recorded as “[unintelligible]”. Unfortunately, the call ended and the police haven’t released enough details or time-line of what happened from then until the struggle to reach any conclusions.

    Also interesting is that Zimmerman’s calls weren’t all to the “911” line as some had reported. They also have a non-emergency number as most PDs do. Haven’t heard this on cable news, but Mother Jones (I think it was) made the point that it isn’t unusual for neighbourhood watch people to frequently call police – that’s what they do, after all. It’s also just as irrelevant as is whatever little bit of trouble Martin had gotten into.

  33. Zimmerman was told not to follow. He reported Martin running away, yet somehow ended up shooting him. None of this is refutable. Zimmerman singled an innocent kid out as “trouble”, then ignored a warning to let the police handle it. Now Trayvon is dead. The only parts we don’t know are what happened between Zimmerman and Martin getting off their phones, and when the witnesses saw Zimmerman sitiing on Martin.

    Every version of this story starts with “kid walking home from store”, and “wannabe cop messing with him for no reason, against dispatch wishes”. This happened because Zimmerman felt “these a$$holes always get away it”, and he decided to take the law into his own hands.

    There’s no Stand Down when you’re the aggressor. Zimmerman provoked a fistfight with a gun, and the gun ended it. Arrest him.

  34. The authorities will arrest Zimmerman in due course if the investigations and prosecution deem it, Thankfully man ranting in blog will play no part.

  35. I’m reporting facts gleaned from witnesses and 911 calls while the right slanders a dead kid and bitches because the police initially called Zimmerman white.

  36. I just remember an idiot screaming “racist”.

  37. That’s some selective memory you’ve got there. I said plenty more than George Zimmerman profiled that kid because of his race, then called him a “f***ing c**n”. But that’s how it started. It didn’t have to happen if that lunatic had stayed in his truck and let the police handle his “concerns”.

  38. Your theory of the how and why may be correct and at least one cop seems to agree. They need more than that to make an arrest. We don’t even know from what’s been released that Zimmerman acted aggressively – there’s only the “hunch” of a detective and following the kid is not a crime. It’s clear that Zimmerman did not set out to shoot Martin, so it can’t be “open & shut”. It will all boil down to which of the two first initiated a physical threat against the other. If threatened, Martin would be in the right to punch and knock down Zimmerman, but not necessarily to the point of bashing his head on the cement. There is an eyewitness to this assertion but it isn’t clear to me that the eyewitness entirely backs this up. So, again, we don’t know.

    Early news reports referred to that as a “gated” community. Don’t know about Florida, but in Michigan and Virginia these are private properties with non-public roads and side walks, all have “no trespassing” posted all over the place, and their residents seem very proactive about identifying who doesn’t belong there. I have friends who live in one and hate going there. Bunch of uppity snobs.

  39. Fortunately we have a Justice System that’s at work.

  40. I hope they can get to the bottom of what actually did happen and either arrest Zimmerman or clear him as the facts warrant. Whatever is the truth works for me.

  41. Back to cable news… Geraldo apologised for his “hoodie” comments. I do understand that he meant well but that was just plain dumb.

  42. lonestar77 Says:

    Joe and the media have used this story to try and advance some notion about scary white people attacking innocent black kids. The only problem is that it doesn’t happen. The most dangerous person a black kid can come across is a young black male. Those facts are inconvienent so Joe, the left and the race hustlers are trying to start a race war. It fits so well with their pre-determined narrative. And, it’s ignorant and beyond dangerous.

  43. Aiding the ongoing investigation will be six witnesses to the Martin-Zimmerman incident. Any named “Joe”?

    A reminder that presumption of innocence is for the judge and jury. Armchair detectives have no such restraint, but a bill allowing them to issue arrest warrants has yet to make it out of committee.

  44. Today’s poll question:

    Should a hate-crime manslaughter conviction carry the death penalty?

    Should Geraldo be described as White?

  45. We have witnesses to various moments in the confrontation. Whoop-de-do..nobody debates there was a fight. The question is why did that lunatic catch up to Martin in the first place.

  46. “lunatic” is prejudicial. I request it be stricken from the record.

    and why is Joe on the prowl so early?

  47. Joe has to get up early to get the autistic guys off to day program, and as a civilian watching TV and typing on a blog, I’m quite in my rights to call the shooter who disobeyed dispatch and chased that boy a lunatic all day and night. This isn’t’s my opinion.

  48. If it pleases the court of opionion, I withdraw that objection. It is a blog-given right to call people names.

  49. Congresman Bobby Rush showboating on House Floor wearing a hoodie. Don Lemon drools at the prospect of interviewing him. This guy is a proven racist. He may also be a lunatic.

    MSNBC’s Roperts trys to browbeat black friend of white-Latino racist lunatic. Doesn’t quite succeed. Brave fellow to go against the crusader grain.

  50. I’m bewildered by Joe Oliver’s continued presence on my TV screen. He doesn’t seem to know Zimmerman very well, or know anything more about the case than any of us. The last I saw him, he was anchoring local news here. Maybe Oliver just misses being on TV..

  51. Meanwhile Magic Johnson’s group of investors buys the Dodgers for Two Billion Dollars rescuing it from a skunk. Way to go Magic!

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