Press Releases: 03/28/12

CNN (1)

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Hosts a Special Town Hall “Beyond Trayvon: Race and Justice in America”

Airs Friday, March 30th at 8p and 10p on CNN

CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien will moderate a Town Hall discussion on the event that has gripped the nation: the shooting of Trayvon Martin. In this one hour special we’ll hear from family members and friends, law enforcement officials, citizen watch organizers, civil right leaders, legal experts and concerned parents. The conversation will take place before an audience that will participate in the questioning. CNN will be live-blogging the show on the CNN In America blog. The live blog will also include comments from CNN commentators and reporters while they watch from Twitter, Facebook and more. Viewers can leave their comments as well.

Beyond Trayvon: Race & Justice In America airs on Friday, March 30th at 8p and 10p ET on CNN.

This special is a part of CNN’s In Depth coverage of Trayvon Martin and the various issues that have driven a national conversation. CNN Worldwide Executive Vice President and Managing Editor Mark Whitaker outlines CNN’s focused reporting for the next week and a half in a new Op-Ed: In Depth: CNN peels back the layers of the Trayvon Martin story.

In addition to the special Town Hall, reporting highlights include:

In a special series titled Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture Anderson Cooper 360 will explore the topics of children and race beginning Monday at 8pm and 10pm ET. With the help of a CNN commissioned scientific pilot study, anchors Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’Brien will help viewers understand how race influences a child’s world. will collect iReports in an Open Story providing perspective into how the Trayvon Martin case and the intersection of race, justice, family, law enforcement, media and the law affect people across the country.

One Response to “Press Releases: 03/28/12”

  1. Oh good, another “conversation on race” that likely be a lecture. How about waiting for the investigations to finish before feeding us more subjective blabber. Bonus points: CNN authority on all things race will lead the journey: Soledad.

    I’ll watch Washington Week on PBS.

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