Free for All: 03/30/12

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  1. Trayvon Martin, Shirley Sherrod, Gary Condit, Tot-mom, Anthony Weiner, the guy that killed his wife x 2, ballon boy, Lindsay Lohan, sharks, nappy heads, Charlie Sheen, Mitt Romneys 30 years ago dog, Donald Trump, beer summit, dead big-breasted reality “star”…

    It’s the end of the world as we know it, but I feel fine. Distraction helps.

  2. I know it’s been discussed before, but I was wondering why MJ repeats the first part of its show 3/4 of the way in. Does it run out of things to talk about?

  3. But, Laura, why did Joe mention the cherry-picking of some on the far right but did not mention the cherry-picking of the media? Why doesn’t the media show pictures of Trayvon at 17 years old instead of showing pictures of him at 12 years old? Why didn’t Joe mention the fact that an elderly couple can’t even live in their home because Spike Lee and Roseann Barr tweeted what they thought was Zimmerman’s address? Why didn’t Joe mention the twitter feed @killzimmerman? Why didn’t Joe mention the bounty put on Zimmerman’s head by the New Black Panther party? Why didn’t Joe mention the fact that the MSM has already made up its mind about this case a la the Duke Lacrosse case? And when Joe looked to Willie Geist for affirmation, Willie said that some people wanted to put some balance into the story that the media hadn’t and these same people obviously went too far.

  4. Joe was pandering.

  5. Sharpten threatens to unleash hell on Florida if Zimmerman not immediately arrested. Pie is no longer funny.

  6. It’s not fair that Trayvon’s twitter account has been made public. But when the media turns a murder victim into an icon, this was bound to happen. The vast majority of murder victims don’t even get a mention in the news. And Joe forgot to mention MSNBC’s memory loss when it comes to innocent until proven guilty in this case.

  7. Yes, Scarborough failed to mention, in that one clip, every element of this story, and every media sin since the beginning of time. That totally negates the fact that Daily Caller, and other right-wing sites, are going out of their way to defame a dead kid, in a way that kinda makes conservatives look racist. Gotcha. I know, Lonestar, they’re gonna call us that anyway. Whatever.

  8. I’m sure Joe will never mention every element of this story.
    Yes, in theory it’s wrong for Trayvon’s tweets to have been made public, but it’s also wrong for everyone to assume Zimmerman is a racist cop-wannable. Trayvon’s name is now known by everyone in this country, probably in many other countries. When the media turns a single murder victim into a martyr, every part of his life, including his tweets, will be delved into by those who think the media’s response has not been balanced or even objective.

  9. It’s not a “theory”, and it goes beyond tweets. The Daily Caller tried to turn this boy into a “thug” who “had it coming”. It’s disgusting.

  10. The Daily Caller used to be ‘mainstream’ conservative. The nutbar sites don’t really matter, but Tucker Carlson sacrificed a fair amount of personal credibility for that hit-job. I hope he’s happy with himself. He made a choice to air that crap. Nobody forced him to. I haven’t seen it on TV, so even they have better standards.

  11. Yes, you’ve asked before, and I answered. Naturally, you didn’t hear the answer because I’m a Bad Liberal who doesn’t bear listening to.

    I think MJ reracks the top of the show at the 2- hour mark to re-establish the discussion topics for people who come in later. You’re welcome.

  12. “Yes, you’ve asked before, and I answered. Naturally, you didn’t hear the answer because I’m a Bad Liberal who doesn’t bear listening to.” – joeremi

    Oh, please. I forgot your answer because it was so long ago and my memory is not what it used to be. Thank you for your answer, joe.

  13. What was revealed was Zimmerman did not shoot a twelve year old boy whose only life reference was Skittles and Ice Tea. That perception was being pushed by the media with chosen photographs and last purchase details which left no room for doubt that Zimmerman should be arrested immediately. The fact that Martin was cultivating a far different image that might have led Zimmerman to feel threatened is material to letting the authorities complete their investigation before tossing Zimmerman in jail should all evidence merit that.

  14. Oh bull. They rated out a dead boy’s school records to ‘prove’ Zimmerman had a right to feel threatened by a black teen walking through his neighborhood. The 911 tapes clearly show a man freaking out over a person committing the crime of WALKING. How many lockers Martin scrawled on had NOTHING to do with it. Tucker slandered a dead boy because the President dared to identify with him.

  15. Here is a chance to play detective and help my local police force.

    March 22 – A Wadsworth resident reported that there was a red BMX bicycle on the sidewalk of State Street between Dalton and Seville roads. An officer checked with nearby residents, but none knew who owned the bicycle. The bicycle was logged into police property since an owner could not be located.

    March 22 – Police responded to a home in the 200 block of North Pardee Street in reference to a stolen BMX bicycle. A report was taken and an investigation is pending.

  16. All bicycles come with a force field which renders them incapable of detection once stolen. Believe it.

  17. missy5537 Says:

    Larry, where’s Columbo when we need him?

  18. I think the women’s jewelry, including diamond earrings and wedding bands, along with a screwdriver, that were found in Trayvon’s backpack by school authorities, may be germane to Zimmerman’s defense if he is arrested. Maybe it’s not fair, but that’s how trials work.

  19. The MSNBC crawl has been running a line about wind farms for hours now (I first saw it on Now with Alex Wagner) where Great Lakes is spelled as Greak Lakes. You would think someone would notice and correct the error.

  20. Whether we like it or not, Zimmerman still has the presumption of innocence, and he’s entitled to a defense. Part of that defense is to highlight how Martin may have played a role in the tragic shooting, if that’s the case.

    Does anyone else remember how eager the media were to try, convict, and lynch Richard Jewell in 1996?

  21. Ridiculous. The contents of Trayvon’s school backpack are never going to translate to Zimmerman having the right to stalk the kid against dispatch orders. Anyone can call the cops if they think someone is “suspicious”. Catching up to the target before they do is completely out of line. You guys are making up excuses to justify Tucker turning a dead kid into a Bad Person.

  22. “Whether we like it or not, Zimmerman still has the presumption of innocence, and he’s entitled to a defense.” – boogiewoogee

    Apparently not in the media who had Zimmerman tried and convicted weeks ago.
    Re Richard Jewell: Ditto the Duke lacrosse players.

  23. Yeah, “the media” isn’t allowed to report facts like the 911 tapes showing Zimmerman playing cop to his own set of rules. Got it.

  24. Just be thankful the Wadswoth Police isn’t investigating the shooting.

  25. Just kidding Officers Muldoon and Toody if you’re reading this. P,S. I have moved ot Oakland, CA.

  26. Joe, if you are ever accused of a heinous crime, I hope that you are given the same public benefit of the doubt that you are giving Zimmerman – regardless of your guilt or innocence.

  27. If I’m heard calling 911 on someone for walking in my neighborhood, and it turns out I caught up to him and shot him before the police got there, I fully expect to be castigated for being so effing stupid. All I’ve ever called for is an arrest and trial. If he can’t be proven guily of at least manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt, cest la vie.

  28. lonestar77 Says:

    The media pushed a false narrative that Zimmerman was out to get a black guy. I saw, on Hannity last night, the clip from the Today Show where they edited the 9/11 call to make it look like Zimmerman was actively out to get a black guy. It was beyond dishonest. Last I checked, NBC isn’t some website.

  29. Brian Stelter‏ @brianstelter Olbermann will be replaced by “Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer,” according to Current TV.

  30. ^ Effective TONIGHT. The Current press release ain’t pretty..

  31. Poor Olby. Where will he go next?

  32. mlong5000 Says:

    KO ko’d again. LOL!!!!

  33. missy5537 Says:

    Didn’t I get yelled at a few weeks ago for discussing stuff that was not cable news related?

    Anyway, damn Olby lucks out again. He gets out of work once again, walking away with millions!

  34. Olbermann was getting so unbearable after he left MSNBC. As a liberal, I was tolerating him best I could. He doesn’t fit the mold at Current whatsoever, though. They have a lot of classy people like Cenk Uygur, Jennifer Granholm, and now Eliot Spitzer there, and they all seem to have their heads on straight. Keith looks as unhinged as can be, and always seems like he’s in a disheveled state.

  35. bushleaguer Says:

    Missy –

    According the the New York Times piece on the story, Olbermann (according to CurrentTV) failed to live up to his contractual obligations so he may just get paid up to the point when he was fired.

    On a side note – there are a countless number of people in the media who would sell their souls to be given the opportunities that Olbermann has had. The guy has some serious issues.

  36. bushleaguer Says:

    ProgLib – no doubt. Every now and then Rachel Maddow will state how lucky she is to be able to anchor her own show. What makes Olbermann self-destruct is beyond me, but one day he will probably look back on all of this and wish he would have less of a prima donna.

  37. Well, for sure Spitzer will add class. Prog_Lib, I hear he kept his socks on.

  38. Who will be Edward R. Murrow now?

  39. imnotblue Says:

    That’s a new definition on “classy” I’ve never seen used before.

    I wonder, in respect to those folks, what does it mean?

  40. Was just a week ago FishbowlDC had an interview with Joel Hyatt claiming the Olbermann issues were overblown and all was right as rain. You want to believe anything coming out of his or Gore’s mouth?

  41. Well, you watch Fox News, INB… so I expect you to have a look of confusion on your face whenever you see people who actually have a classy demeanor.

    You certainly can’t think of anything unclassy any three of those individuals have done or said (aside from Spitzer’s personal issues) to attack them on, so you resort to cheap sarcasm.

  42. Personal issues were legal issues. The guy who championed prosecution of johns was one himself.

  43. My sarcasm is the caviar of sarcasm.

  44. imnotblue Says:

    The fiery segment ended with Cenk telling Pratt “Now I know that I can stalk your ass, and if you dare fight back, I can put a bullet right in your chest, and go ‘Oh, he fought back, ha ha, he had Skittles in his pocket, he fought back, that guy with the tie, that white honkie, I shot him dead!’”

    You’re right. What a classy fellow.

  45. jerziegrl Says:


    You got a shout out on ‘The Brad and Brit” show today. They mentioned a tweet about the lottery. ICN got a mention on Raleigh/Durham/Winston Salem radio.

  46. “A late abortion.”

    Now THERE’S an idiot..

  47. imnotblue Says:

    If you read the full quote, it’s not offensive (as offensive, depending)… just a very inartful way to say what she wanted to say.

  48. If I’m heard calling 911 on someone for walking in my neighborhood, and it turns out I caught up to him and shot him before the police got there, I fully expect to be castigated for being so effing stupid. All I’ve ever called for is an arrest and trial. If he can’t be proven guily of at least manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt, cest la vie.

    And if the guy attacks or threatens you while you’re awaiting the police, you are to do nothing but cower.

    I don’t know whether Martin did or did not do anything menacing to Zimmerman, but you don’t know either, Joe.

  49. Spitzer is a foul-mouthed jerk. When he first became governor, he liked to brag about being an “effing steamroller.” When news broke about his hookers scandal, not one person stood up for him or tried to blunt the attacks on his character. Not one single person. That tells you more about the man and his character than anything else.

  50. The guy who championed prosecution of johns was one himself.

    We’re still wondering why the madam who provided him with hookers served time (Rikers), while Spitzer was never arrested.

    Not only did he champion prosecution, he actively went after johns while he was AG.

  51. I guess prostitution is a crime just to punish the women.

  52. black males between 16 and 36, though only 2 to 3 percent of the population, are responsible for a third of all our crimes.

  53. Congressman and dead beat dad Joe Walsh commenting on his 2012 Democratic opponent war vet Tammy Duckworth; who lost both legs and part of her arm in Iraq.:

    “What else has she done? Female wounded veteran…..ehhhh.
    She is nothing more than a handpicked Washington bureaucrat.”

    Sometimes you just have to shake your head in amazement.

  54. That’s crap, BW. I know that Zimmerman confronted a kid for no good reason, after being warned not to. If he had let the police handle it like he was supposed to, Trayvon Martin would be alive today.

  55. Kelly, get that stupid rag off your head!

  56. I kinda like the geriatric gangsta look.

  57. ‘”What else has she done? Female wounded veteran…..ehhhh.
    She is nothing more than a handpicked Washington bureaucrat.”’ – fritz

    Oh, no…shameful.

  58. Had Judge Jeanine on the telly and she listed a bunch of “facts” about the Martin/Zimmerman case. She had at least one wrong which I thought surprising since she’s a judge.
    One was the oft-repeated thing about neighbourhood watch people aren’t supposed to carry a gun. While that is true, it presumes that Zimmerman was on a neighbourhood watch patrol when this incident occurred. I don’t believe we know that to be the case. The other thing is regarding the number of times he’s called the police over the years. I haven’t seen any reports one way or the other on cable news or anywhere else telling us how many of those calls were a consequence of the neighbourhood watch group. Neither of these have any bearing whatsoever on his guilt or innocence but they aren’t “facts” that we know to be true at this point.

  59. Al: Surprisingly I haven’t heard anyone other than Zimmerman and his defenders come forward to explain his role in the communities neighbourhood watch program or even if that community had such a program – other than Zimmerman’s patrols. If there was no legitimate neighbourhood watch program then his carrying a gun is not relevant but his patrols lose their varnish of legitimacy and he becomes much more of an armed self appointed cop wannabe

    If you assume Zimmerman was a legitimate neighbourhood watch patroller for six years then the 46 calls in that period would be normal and bringing them up would be a red herring. If he was not a legitimate neighbourhood watch patroller then the calls can be looked at in a different light.

  60. -If you assume Zimmerman …-
    Maybe that’s my point. We shouldn’t be assuming these facts nor should we have to. Good reporting entails ferreting out these details and what’s the good in having 24 hour cable news services if they don’t perform this basic function?

  61. carolmr Says:

    Judge Jeanine was particularly hard on Zimmerman, which is her right. Her show is an opinion show. But she did have two medial experts on her panel who disputed a couple of her minor medical claims. She’s not a doctor. But she’s a former prosecutor, so I’m not surprised that she is – or seemed to me – very much in favor of an arrest ASAP. This morning Howard Kurtz showed clips from MSNBC and Fox claiming that MSNBC is anti-Zimmerman and Fox is pro-Zimmerman. The only Fox clip he showed was from Hannity, who has been fairly balanced on this subject (at least for him). If I had to say, I’d say he was more pro-Zimmerman than anti-Zimmerman. But the rest of Fox? Pirro, Geraldo, Greta, and even O’Reilly think something very nefarious (to use Billo’s word) is going on in Florida and seem to think Zimmerman should have at least been arrested and let the facts come out at trial. I think Kurtz was totally unfair in his characterization of Fox on this.

  62. Rick Santorum looks as though he could nod-off on Fox News Sunday. Man needs to accept reality.

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