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What’s Hot/What’s Not: 04/01/12

Posted in What's Hot/What's Not on April 1, 2012 by icn2

What’s Hot:

CNN’s Early Morning Q1 Numbers – Lowest in more than 10 years. That’s a headline that’s going to hang around the network’s neck until something changes.

Sharpton Covering Sharpton – Lots of articles came out this week talking about MSNBC letting Al Sharpton run wild on the Trayvon Martin case. MSNBC correctly notes that it didn’t hire Sharpton to turtle on the air. The open question is where are the boundaries for Sharpton and MSNBC?

Deja Vu, all Over Again – Another day, another announcement that Keith Olbermann has flamed out with another network.

What’s Not:

Thomas Roberts – Roberts’ behavior with the non-appearance by Maggie Gallagher was reprehensible, especially since her no show was MSNBC’s fault. The shot of the empty chair didn’t help either.

MSNBC’s response to Thomas Roberts’ actions – What response you say? Exactly. Despite ICN, TVNewser, and Mediaite all noting Thursday’s on air Charlie Foxtrot, MSNBC remained quiet. But we did a get an answer of sorts when on Friday Gallagher did appear and Roberts led off with a “When was the last time you beat your wife?” type question.

Trayvon Martin Coverage – Too much opining, not enough fact…