Free for All: 04/03/12

What’s on your mind? Mine’s on sleep since I woke up at 3:30…


66 Responses to “Free for All: 04/03/12”

  1. Obama’s decision to threaten the “unelected” Supreme Court to dare not overrule a law passed by a “strong majority” (100% Democrats) shows he is a punk. Should give back his degree.

  2. savefarris Says:

    I’ll take “waking up at 3” over “going to bed at 2”.

    And if Obama wants to talk “unelected”:
    Roland Burris
    Paul Kirk
    Ted Kaufman
    Michael Bennett
    Kristen Gillibrand

    None of which had been elected to the Senate at the time they cast the deciding votes for Obamacare. And that’s not even taking into account that Burris’s appointment ended up getting Blagovich indicted.

  3. Why can’t the cable networks actually experiment and go towards what appears to be a little more news driven content like CBS? Today is the second day I’ve watched CBS This Morning and I actually appreciate this format, none of the overly bubbly personalities, none of the too humanizing anchors, and none of the vastly overdone graphics.

  4. Hmm.. going to set the DVR to CBS and give it a try.

  5. Chris Lindhartsen, I completely agree. I have been recommending the new CBS News to anyone who will listen. My only complaint is that CBS This Morning starts at 7am – if it came on at 6am I would never watch cable news in the morning. I am also really impressed with their simple, serious news format. I only watch the first hour so I can’t comment on how Gayle King is doing but the first hour with Charlie and Erica is really good. Why CNN ever let Erica go is beyond me – she is a real class act. Charlie brings gravitas and that old school journalism appeal. I always thought this would be what CNN would do, but alas, they have chosen not to. Kudos to CBS. I have even started to DVR 60 Minutes!!

  6. The funny thing about CBS This Morning is that I get the vague feeling of Morning Glory watching it, though they seem to work well as a team, and I really hope they don’t fall down into the infotainment trap.

  7. vague feeling of Morning Glory

    …Sounds like something Viagra could help.

  8. I heard ICN was this/close to shutting down because the commenter known as Terance had vacated the building due to the spam filter blocking one of his crafty posts.

    Rest assured, I have returned under a different ‘handle’ and will be here to entertain from time to time!

  9. great, was looking for an excuse to slit my wrists.

  10. “Obama’s decision to threaten the “unelected” Supreme Court to dare not overrule a law passed by a “strong majority” (100% Democrats)…” – larrykelly

    Hard to believe President Obama was a constitutional law professor.

  11. ^^^^^ Chris, I loved that movie!! I can see a little of Harrson Ford’s character in Charlie Rose, for sure. Who is the wunderkind that is Rachel McAdam’s character? Chris Licht?!

  12. missy5537 Says:


    Good work on the unelected list! 0bama thinks he’s so brilliant coming up with stuff like that, not realizing that we can counter anything he’s got!

    According to Rush, someone leaked to the POTUS that the vote was not going his way. So of course he’s on the attack.

    Let’s hope Justice Kennedy goes by the Constitution when he makes his decision. We already know the other dems will not.

  13. joeremi Says:

    Unless the constitution rules out demanding a license and insurance to drive a car, you’re outta luck. hospitals are required to treat you whether you can pay or not, therefore, you can be required to be insured for medical care.

  14. missy5537 Says:

    Dear Justice Joe,

    Aren’t you the legal scholar! Let’s fly you to D.C. to help out the other nine!

  15. Al, however, is our only expert on quantum physics.

  16. ^^ Ha! Gladly! I’ll pitch in to send Justice Joe to straighten them out. 😉

  17. The nice part about being old is I forgot why I don’t like Fritz.

  18. and I have no intention of being mean to Joe today because he likes my hat.

  19. One small quibble with your point, Joe. This constitutional “transgression” only applies at the federal level. Apparently, it is a mortal sin for the federal govt to issue an individual mandate, but the state governments are well within their rights to enact an individual mandate (as is the case with auto insurance) with no constitutional conflicts whatsoever. So, feds do it and it is a crime against humanity, but your loving, do-gooder state government can tell you what to do whenever it wants. Make sense?

  20. missy5537 Says:

    Larry, I guess your hat’s OK, but at first I thought picture #2 was that of a ferret.

    Elle, I guess that’s the concept of a republic, or federalism, or something like that.

  21. Yes, that’s federalism alright. I know I would much rather have my state govt force feed me broccoli instead of the federal govt. It makes all the difference.

  22. savefarris Says:

    Dear joe,

    “we have to ignore the Constitution because Congress f**#ed up” is not a valid excuse. Please try again.

    The other problem with your car insurance mandate analogy is that it’s not required if you don’t want to exercise that right. Those that do not wish to purchase a car are not required to carry car insurance.

    Just like you don’t have to buy a hunting license if you don’t hunt and you don’t have to use the post office if you don’t want to send mail.

  23. savefarris Says:

    Pretty sure this ride is getting renamed:

  24. paminwi Says:

    hey joe: the 10th amendment says: The Tenth Amendment (Amendment X) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, was ratified on December 15, 1791.[1] The Tenth Amendment states the Constitution’s principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the States by the Constitution are reserved to the States or the people.

    That’s why each state can chose what type of coverage people need to have for auto insurnace. My state changed their requirements for auto insurance to something that other states did not require when we had a Democrat governor. Premiums across our state went up for most people 10-15% when that got passed.

    Besides didn’t you say the other day you spend much time each day watching cable news? That example was all over the place as to why auto insurance is different than Obamacare. Oh yeah – that was spoken on Fox News and they only tell lies – so I guess that must not be true. Here is a short & sweet article about the very issue. There are articles that are longer and more legal but this one gets to the point.

  25. erich500 Says:

    Yes, that’s federalism alright. I know I would much rather have my state govt force feed me broccoli instead of the federal govt.

    But you can easily leave a state if you don’t like what it requires of you. That’s something millions of Americans do because they don’t like the economy of the state or the living conditions or the schools or the laws or a dozen and one other reasons. And knowing that citizens can leave is itself a restraint on state mischief. Much harder to flee from a country.

    A state that abuses its powers – forcing people to eat broccoli – is going to wind up with perhaps very healthy residents but very few of them.

    I don’t know whether the federal mandate is constitutional or not – it’s a close call based on my layman readings – but that healthcare legislation passed three years ago is one of the worst pieces of legislation we’ve had in a long, long time. It’s garbage and disgraceful.

  26. This is enough to make the Palin haters grind their teeth:

    (glad I got rid of the ferret pic)

  27. By the way, Olbermann is on Letterman tonight, not last night as I erroneously stated. I really don’t know which of the two is the most obnoxious.

  28. MSNBC had good coverage of the storms, right up until 5pm when they went directly in to “All politics all the time”. CNN, HLN are wall-to-wall and FOX has frequent updates. MSNBC has had one update since 5pm.

  29. erich500 Says:

    It’s been more than 48 hours since NBC started its investigation into who mangled the transcript of Zimmermann’s phone call.

    Frankly, I think it’s time to call in Dick Cheney.

    But with that new heart he’d probably go easy on them.

    This is a tough one.

  30. missy5537 Says:

    As Bernie Goldberg said last night, the investigation should have taken ten minutes. Only a couple of questions need to be answered: who did it, did someone put him up to it? That’s it, problem solved.

    No, they are doing damage control. And/or hoping the public will forget so they can just drop it.

  31. joeremi Says:

    Those that do not wish to purchase a car are not required to carry car insurance.

    I guess people without medical insurance are choosing to be turned away from the ER then, eh?

  32. erich500 Says:

    Flying cars are just around the corner:

    It took me two months to teach my wife how to parallel park our SUV. Imagine how long it’s going to take me with one of these?

  33. guess people without medical insurance are choosing to be turned away from the ER then, eh?

    Get your point but that’s a poor comparison. I’m not aware of any state in which it is lawful for an ER to turn away a patient in need of medical care and most wouldn’t do that even if it were legal. Strictly speaking, the issue now before SCOTUS is not about healthcare, it is about healthcare insurance.

    -Flying car-

    I’m waiting for a flying backpack unit.

  34. joeremi Says:

    It’s an apt comparison. Farris is stating that the government only mandates auto insurance for people who use cars. Hospitalization is by definition something everyone will potentially use, therefore it is reasonable to require everyone to be insured for it.

  35. Auto insurance requirements are made by the states. Fine for states to mandate health insurance purchases too if that’s what their legislatures want. But neither should be mandated by the Federal Government. Rightfully, that is, and will be ruled, unconstitutional. And this skunk of a President is now, and will continue to be, taken to task for trying to tamper with the checks and balances the Supreme Court has represented since 1803. He comes close to deserving to be impeached.

  36. lonestar77 Says:

    Current Politico Poll:

    Is it smart of President Obama to warn the Supreme Court not to overturn the health care law?

    Yes – It shifts blame to the high court if the law goes down. 50%

    No – It risks aggravating the justices as they make their ruling.

    Who writes this nonsense? Olbermann find a new job already?

  37. Olbermann: “If you pay 10 million dollars for a chandelier, you should have a home to put it in”.

    Yep, that’s what he said.

  38. carolmr Says:

    “I’m sure Sharpton, Tweety, Rachel, Roland Martin and Schultz will be all over THIS tonighjt!” – missy

    I watched O’Reilly and Hardball (guest-hosted by Smerconish) and neither mentioned this story. But both shows did segments on the Trayvon Martin case. It’s strange that there would be no mention of this white man’s beating. Maybe the attack had nothing to do with Trayvon’s killing?

  39. lonestar77 Says:

    Olbermann’s career:

    ESPN, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Fox Sports, MSNBC, Current

    Not exactly a trajectory in terms of prestige but he definitely cashed in some lotto tickets along the way. Anyway, with the trajectory heading towards oblivion, I can’t imagine what could be next. Though, to be honest, I really don’t care as long as it’s not anything associated with any programming I regularly watch.

  40. joeremi Says:

    Did the black kids claim self-defense, then the cops sent them home? If not, then the stories aren’t comparable.

  41. @IMAO_: Making Debbie Wasserman Schulz chairwoman of the DNC was the idea of Democratic strategist Rarl Kove.

  42. Alex Weprin ‏ @alexweprin
    Holy. Crap. RT @RealNichelle: Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office – Live Long & Prosper!

  43. carolmr Says:

    “Did the black kids claim self-defense, then the cops sent them home? If not, then the stories aren’t comparable.” – joeremi

    Who said the stories were compatible? They’re not. But they MAY be related if the two kids beat a white guy into a coma as revenge for what happened to Trayvon. This is what MAY have happened when you have people like the Rev. Charlatan making threats and when Spike Lee tweets Zimmerman’s home address. Everyone is so frenzied that people do irrational things.

  44. savefarris Says:

    Hospitalization is by definition something everyone will potentially use

    will use != will potentially use

    Everyone will potentially use the internet. Does that mean that the federal government can require everyone to purchase a broadband subscription?

  45. joeremi Says:

    Two blacks guys pummeling a white guy isn’t related to the Martin story unless someone has evidence to the contrary. Reporting it as “may be related” would be a blatant attempt to stir up violence.

  46. But I’m probably a racist for saying that.

  47. lonestar77 Says:

    Obama knows nobody outside FNC and random blogs will call him on it.

  48. The commerce clause is used as a technicality to get around the most fundamental tenets of America’s founding – a limited federal government and multiple layers of checks and balances. It is incredibly stupid to allow anything to usurp these protections, no matter the cause du jour, as we have no idea what the make-up of our future governments will be. Potentially, every child cold get lost or be kidnapped. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have GPS tracker embedded at birth? The tag can be used for commerce, too – think of the billions that will be saved by not having to print currency.

    There’s nothing preventing those who would like to see European-style universal healthcare from working to get that enacted state-by-state. It’s a complicated undertaking and having up to fifty separate experiments going on to determine what works best and what doesn’t would be a nice advantage.

  49. Just wonderin’, if all 50 states pass an individual mandate, savefarris, will you move to Canada?

    If we are left in a weird neverland where some states have mandates and others don’t, what happens if you need medical attention in another state that requires insurance and you don’t have it? Personally, I think if we insist on NOT having an individual mandate, we need to remove any laws that require ERs to treat people under any circumstance. So, if your sorry bum insists on going without health insurance so you can stick it to the federal govt, and you end up injured and need medical attention, we should have the right to kick your sorry, freeloading bum out of our hospitals for not being able to pay for services rendered even if that means you die on the curb. At least that is a consistent policy. Until conservatives can offer an alternate health care plan that deals with the problem I outlined above, your complaint about the individual mandate is just whining.

    As to whether or not it is constitutional, I have no idea, other than to say it seems like it could be argued either way so it is just a matter of opinion. The justices are evenly split on the issue so clearly there is intellectual standing on each side.

  50. I should clarify my statement about the constitutionality of the individual mandate… it seems if you support the policy, you think its constitutional, and if you don’t like the policy, you think its not. I think the individual mandate is good policy and there is a compelling argument that it is constitutional. Unfortunately, it really isn’t about whether or not it is constitutional, but whether your worldview allows you to accept federally mandated health insurance.

  51. ^^ Al, I see your point about experimentation in different states but I think we are now at the point we should have a broader policy on health care because the costs are getting out of control. There is a lot of headaches with states having radically different health care policies – it is in America’s interest to have free flowing commerce and trade between states and health care currently inhibits interstate trade. Do you know how much bureaucracy is involved in large corporations managing health care for employees across multiple states? Are we ever going to address the costs associated with emergency care being offered unconditionally for everyone through highly inefficient ERs? I am open to other ideas for health care policies but I fail to see a way around an individual mandate unless you go the single-payer route.

  52. carolmr Says:

    joe, you’re right. I read more on this story and only some right-wing blogs are saying the attack was in revenge for Trayvon’s killing because it happened in Sanford, Florida. The only facts that are known to police are: two black teens dragged a white 50-year-old man from his truck and beat him into a coma with a hammer. He was not robbed. No reason for the attack was given. The two teens have been arrested.

  53. That’s a terrible story, Carol.

  54. But I’m probably a racist for saying that.

  55. Elle, the costs of healthcare being out of control is due to a variety of reasons. Top among these reasons, I believe, are federal monies going into it and employer-paid health insurance. Not blaming unions here, but states with high union representation are also the ones with the highest medical costs. With the influx of monies from fedderal programmes and the “Cadillac” insurance policies, can charge a little more. The costs associated with these services also rise, however, and pretty soon that extra money is no longer “extra”.

    Older dogs often require a surgical procedure on their leg that is essentially the same as a knee/ligament procedure done on humans. The operation uses the same equipment, same drugs (albeit smaller quantity), and the same number and type of surgical staff. Seriously, when the surgical tool kit is opened it is the exact same product part number as is used on human surgeries. On your dog this will cost you between $4K and $5.5K but for you it’ll be just shy of $50,000 or more depending upon your state. What’s the difference? Most humans are covered by health insurance and most dogs aren’t. Humans, therefore, are “easier” money. But don’t think this all goes to profit because those supplies, equipment, and personnel cost a whole lot more.

    Twenty years ago even most people near the lower income earners could afford to pay out-of-pocket for most dental care. Sure, some things might take a couple years to pay off but they could do it. That’s not so true any more. What’s changed since then? Far more people have dental insurance coverage. As has been proven multiple times in Europe and Canada, this cost problem is exacerbated with national health care plans. Costs go up, services go down.

    It can work and bring costs down, however, with smaller populations and competition… such as interstate competition. We’ve not had a true free-market approach to healthcare in our lifetimes. Maybe it should be tried.

  56. I really need to stop typing on here while I’m doing homework. Dagnabbit.

  57. savefarris Says:

    Until conservatives can offer an alternate health care plan that deals with the problem I outlined above.

    1. Return the health insurance market to individual-based, not employer-based. That all but negates the pre-existing conditions dilemma.

    2. Drop the provisions that say “every plan must cover xxx”. Don’t make men buy mammogram coverage and don’t force tetotallers buy drug rehab coverage.

    Done. Next!

  58. Like auto insurance, health insurance can’t be cheap it those not making extensive use of it are not forced to buy it (or their employer). The question is where does the “forcing” come from. Under our constitution, certainly not the federal governmrnt.

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