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Can You Say “Internal IT Security Witchunt”?

Posted in FNC on April 10, 2012 by icn2

Gawker has really done it this time. They’ve managed to (allegedly) get someone (allegedly) on the inside at FNC to pen a column on the network. Our intrepid reporter, or anonymous gutless turncoat depending on your point of view, bashes The Fox Nation and posts a never before seen video of FNC outtake footage from a Romney/Hannity interview.

Whatever entertainment value this story has, and as media writers we are plenty entertained by this, there’s the not at all funny for FNC sub plot that someone has access to archive footage and apparently isn’t afraid to use it nor do they appear all that concerned about getting caught. Which they very well could. I would not be at all surprised to find out FNC is right now running a log check on who were the last people to access that video.

Elsewhere in the video you will see the two men discussing the possibility that this very footage may one day be leaked, as they warn one another against primping too carefully. “You don’t want to have John Edwards moment,” Hannity says. “Did you see that?” Romney replies: “Oh, yeah I saw that. It’s one thing to do it for a second. It’s another thing to do it for an hour.” (And it’s quite another for Newt Gingrich’s wife to groom him like a circus walrus.)

Later, Hannity’s producers ask him to change his necktie mid-interview. Here’s a little TV trick for you: The show was splitting the Q-and-A over two nights, and they wanted to make the second night look like a fresh, new encounter rather than a rehash from last night. So they made sure to change Hannity’s tie lest eagle-eyed viewers spot the repeat. Romney, to his credit, refuses to play along. Offered a pink tie, he says, “I’m not going all Donald Trump today.” That day, Trump had announced his endorsement of Romney. In the portion of the interview that was broadcast, Romney said he was grateful for Trump’s support, and that “he is a man who’se created a lot of jobs, and he shares my concern about China.”

“So why not just leave Fox News?” you might ask. Good question! I’ve asked myself that same thing many times. And I am leaving. Sooner rather than later, I’m guessing. But I can’t just leave quietly, can I? Where’s the fun in that? So I’m John McClane-ing this shit. I’m inside the building, crawling through the air vents, gathering intel, and passing it along to Carl Winslow.


Lisa Murphy Out at Bloomberg

Posted in Bloomberg on April 10, 2012 by icn2

I had been wondering about this. TVNewser’s Merril Knox writes about Lisa Murphy and Bloomberg TV going their separate ways…

Bloomberg TV and “Street Smart” anchor Lisa Murphy parted ways last week, TVNewser has learned.

“Given some of the recent changes in Lisa’s personal life and the recent changes here at Bloomberg, we mutually decided this would be an appropriate time to part ways,” a Bloomberg spokesperson said. “We wish Lisa all the best.”

FBN Beat CNBC One Hour All Week Last Week…

Posted in CNBC, FBN on April 10, 2012 by icn2

Granted it was just one hour and granted it was for the first time and especially granted that it wasn’t business day where CNBC seems to be singularly focused (or rather projects outwardly to the world that business day is what matters most). Still, TVNewser’s Chris Ariens piece on Lou Dobbs beating head to head the CNBC 7pm timeslot in both P2+ and A25-54 is worth some banner headlines for sure…