CNNI Drops the Ball?

News on News’ Kevin Coy takes aim at CNNI for its coverage or today’s Indonesial Earthquakes and Tsunami warning…

Today’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami warnings across the Indonesian sub-continent only went to cement the view that CNN International hasn’t the force it once had in global news reporting.

In contrast, CNBC EMEA’s Worldwide Exchange which is aired in the Asia-pacific region, remained on air after its end-time of 12:00 CET (06:00 ET), continuing for 30 minutes with the latest developments and analysis until handing over to US Squawk Box which immediately took up the baton and continued with coverage from CNBC Asia’s studio’s in Singapore.

Back on CNN International, coverage was anchored from London and was very thin in terms of information and depth from the region, and seemed to be presented in a very news-magazine style.


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