TJ Holmes Back to CNN?

Carpe Diem blogs about TJ Holmes leaving BET TV after a very short stay…(via J$)

It’s American Morning at CNN again? This morning, former CNN anchor T. J. Holmes indicated that he is leaving BET after a very brief “stint” there and going back to his home at the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” network. He Tweeted, “On a flight w/my old CNN boss. We’re negotiating my return.” Later, he wrote, “I expect to announce to you all this week some news about my future.”

5 Responses to “TJ Holmes Back to CNN?”

  1. My job as a private detective lasted longer than TJ’s gig at BET.

  2. He should at least have to give back the CNN parting gifts.

  3. With any luck he will have lost some of that phoney cheerfullness. At least Lemon can get ticked off now and then.

  4. Maybe he wasn’t happy not being on the air alot like at CNN

  5. […] Loutelious Ann Holmes Jr. aka T.J. Holmes, being called by his middle name is the least of his worries.  There are no Larry Kings on BET.  […]

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