Fisking Roger Ailes…

The Atlantic Wire’s John Hudson examines Roger Ailes’ claim yesterday that FNC had never taken a story down because it was wrong and finds it wanting…

Last night, Fox News president Roger Ailes told an audience at the University of North Carolina’s Journalism School that in “15 years we have never taken a story down because it was wrong,” according to an account by New York’s Gabriel Sherman. That’s quite the fib.

While some might quibble over the definition of “wrong” or “taken down,” Fox News, like its competitors, has certainly removed false or embarrassing stories from its website and retracted reports it aired on TV, as some on Twitter have pointed out. Behold:

In 2002, then Fox News anchor Brit Hume reported that PETA’s Ohio branch decided to dress the state’s deer population in orange vests to protect them from hunters, which in turn prompted some hunters to offer a reward to those who “bag vested deer and bring home the vests,” a development that had state officials “worried that the whole vest competition could get someone shot.” As the American Journalism Review reported, the story was untrue. “Hume apologized the next day and retracted the story, but not before the Wall Street Journal and ESPN posted the juicy-sounding tidbit on their Web sites.” That’s a clear cut case.


13 Responses to “Fisking Roger Ailes…”

  1. Aaron Lowe Says:

    Just a ludicrous claim made by Roger Ailes in the first place. His arrogance in this instance is astounding.

  2. I’ll bet they never have any chyron problems, either.

  3. Ok, you got him there! Anything else within the last 10 years? I am sure there will be some, but the first one found was in 2002?

    Spud, you’re not crazy about Fox. Don’t you have a little file just waiting to be opened that you can quote some of these “wrong” stories?

    Or..maybe we should send an email to that Muto character and see if he has something. Did he get a job offer from Gawker yet?

  4. Oh for chyron out loud…

  5. With Media Matters watching every second of FNC, this is it? Ain’t like they used forged documents in a story designed to influence a Presidential Election.

  6. I see. You want to change the discussion from “Did FNC ever take down a story because it was wrong” to “Well, there’s wrong and then there’s WRONG”…

    Ok, you got him there! Anything else within the last 10 years? I am sure there will be some, but the first one found was in 2002?

    I really don’t care. I knew it was probably incorrect just because the odds would suggest it was. But I wasn’t going to go looking around to see if it was. But if someone else did, I wasn’t going to ignore it either. It was an idiotic claim for Ailes to make regardless of whether he believed it to be true. He should have known the moment he said it people were going to look into it to see if it was actually the case.

  7. It’s amusing that everyone thinks they ‘know where Spud’s coming from’. He’s the closest thing to Brian Lamb on the blog.

  8. Lamb with sharp teeth.

  9. jackyboy Says:

    If you think you know where Spud is coming from, you’re trying too hard.

  10. The absence of a Dr. Dollar defence says a lot.

    If FNC were perfect then it would be too perfect. I like seeing them called-out when it’s deserved. If you want less filling then switch to Spud Light.

  11. or Elmer Spud.

  12. © 2012 Elmer Spud; All Wights Weseved.

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