Free for All: 04/16/12

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48 Responses to “Free for All: 04/16/12”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    The author of this mediaite piece has become more and more unhinged. I don’t find him any more rational or thoughtful than Keith Olbermann. He’s the definition of a wingnut.

  2. Nothing starts a war better than reporting bogus attacks. Often it’s done for a purpose: that’s how we entered the war with Mexico and stole California and other prime real estate. The lofty goal here is self promotion.

  3. missy5537 Says:

    Yup – this Travon thing is so out of control. If this were the only killing of a black in an entire year, it would be a big deal. But when 99.9999% of the problem is the hugely ignored black on black crime, it’s just insane to concentrate so much effort on this one incident.

    I hope Zimmerman’s trial plays out and that the evidence leads to a just decision, but it is insane to ignore the larger problem here. After Zim’s trial is over, we’ll STILL have a ton of black on black crime. So all the demagoguery will do will be to show whites (or hispanics) that they cannot shoot a black, ever, for self defense or otherwise.

  4. As I said from the beginning, external forces drive this story:

    Racism still the main thing keeping the black man down. Only liberals can protect them.

    Anti-gun lobby hasn’t a much to attach themselves to lately. This works to prohibit concealed carry and stand ground laws.

    Mother’s milk of Rev. Sharpton’s livelihood.

    Anything to keep the faithful who were becoming disenchanted with Obama distracted.

    Skittles. No Skittles, no story.

    Self-hating white people.

    Germans, who doesn’t still hate them?

  5. missy5537 Says:

    Good synopsis, Larry. I think you’ve got all of their talking points covered.

  6. That was an excellent article, and Sheppard is crazy.

  7. You forgot one, larry. “White Hispanic.” It is now part of the media’s lexicon. I guess President Obama should be referred to as a white African-American.

  8. Shep is looking healthier these days. Blood transfusions from Rumanian orphans seems to be working.

  9. lonestar77 Says:

    “That was an excellent article”
    Yep, just like his previous one when he stated that Romeny really thinks women who stay home are “lazy b!tches”.

    Dude is nuttier than squirrel poop. He makes the DailyKos people seem sane. I think he suffers from the same undiagnosed mental problems as Olbermann. He’s over-the-top, crazy, thin skinned and hateful. Who knows, they could be the same person.

  10. Lighten up, kids!

  11. worth 10,000 words

  12. Where da party at?!

  13. lonestar77 Says:

    “That was an excellent article, and Sheppard is crazy.”

    I don’t think he’s crazy but his over use of the adjective “delicious” drives me crazy. Also, his overuse of the verb “bravo”. Who talks like that?

  14. Thurston Howell III

  15. What if the Secret Service had really been making arrangements for someone else? Out of the question? Three initials J F & K. Eleven Secret Service agents? Millitary personnel? Diplomats? Would all fall on their sword for one or two bad apples? What do we really know about Obama? Prior to years after his passing, what did we really know about JFK?

  16. Yes, it’s out of the question in modern ‘nothing is private’ America. They were in a part of Colombia where prostitution is legal, and they went for it.

  17. So.. if they were in Nevada where it is legal it’s a ok, too? What bullsh**! These are people who are supposed to be working and making sure no one has ANY WAY to get to our president – either physically, through bugs, through planted explosives, etc and we are supposed to be ok with “They were in a part of Colombia where prostitution is legal, and they went for it.”

    They are a disgrace and they should be fired.

    Actually spent part of my day talking with a neighbor who used to be on a Secret Service presidential detail that was a pre-trip crew like these folks were and he was disgusted with what he is hearing. Also, another neighbor was guy who carried “the football” during part of Clinton’s years and he said he had NEVER heard of anything like this happening during his time with Clinton like this either.

    So, from my perspective and the folks in my neighborhood this may seem funny but it truly is not.

  18. As Obama explained it, just like he and his immediate staff, all others supporting his travels are seen as representatives of the United States and as such, should present themselves accordingly. Meaning: he is pissed.

  19. I’ve been reading the stories about the Secret Service scandal for the past half hour and they’re all about the same – quite sketchy on details.

    Most classy hotels, when prepping for a very special guest, would do everything they could to keep such things low-key and under wraps including paying the prostitute themselves. The big story is that this over-shadowed the president’s visit and his business there. Maybe someone fell for a set-up.

  20. Convertible!

  21. Weren’t much of the private discussions about illegal drug trafficing? I don’t know, but seems to me creating a scandal involving the USA might be helpful for somebody.

  22. starbroker Says:

    Congratulations to Fox Business Network! Right on schedule– “break even”

  23. Classic Beckel on tonight’s Hannity & Hannity. Saw it on Twitter and I’d post a link but J$ has it up.

  24. Beckel’s not ready for prime-time. He needs to watch some George Carlin.

  25. If I try really hard I can pretend Beckel offends me.

  26. Of course, Beckel works for FNC so if he gets himself fired his television career is toast. Or so I’ve read.

  27. Pam, you completely misread my comment. I was reacting to the “acquiring hookers for the prez” theory. Oh, right, you don’t actually read what I write, you just quote it as an excuse to holler about something. My mistake.

  28. It looked like you changed horses in the middle of the stream.

  29. I thought it looked more like the horse lifted his tail.

  30. it seems part of the Millitary caught up in hooker-gate-ole was an elite rapid defense team, trained to defend the President in case of attack. As a taxpayer who pays Income Tax (the 50% not leeches), I say let them off with a slap on the wrist. Highly trained boys will be boys and I don’t want to pay to train some new one’s.

  31. savefarris Says:

    Number of Ford Focus’s sold in Feburary/March combined: Zero.
    And that’s with the Volt off the market. And gas prices where they are. And the increased tax credits.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    2Q GDP is scheduled to be released on July 27th. By July 28th, the DNC’s mission in life will be to get Hillary at the top of the ticket.

  32. – Ford Motor Co. sold about 12 Focus Electrics in December and January to fleet customers — and none in February and March, said Erich Merkle, a Ford spokesman. The Dearborn automaker plans a slow ramp-up as it begins production this spring for retail sales; the New York area and California are the first markets. –

    You might want to read the article first. The Electric Focus isn’t on sale to the public yet.

  33. Why do I have to keep reminding people of this? You can’t encourage people to kill politicians they don’t like. Are we clear now?

  34. Is it best to make a movie of what it would be like if they did get killed as was done while Bush was still president rather than make idol threats, even joking ones? That way you can still stay within the law, but still give haters a joy ride.

  35. Geez, Larry, did you mistake me for someone who just showed up in town? You’re implying something you have no way of knowing – that I was cool with the Bush assassination flick – while deflecting from dumba$$ exhorting an NRA crowd to kill their enemies. Nope.

  36. Didn’t mean to imply you (Joe) were cool with it, but a lot of liberals were. Art, you know.

  37. To me “shut up and sing” is bipartisan.

  38. Anyone can criticize politicians. Going to a gun convention and encouraging people to be violent towards them is quite another thing.

  39. Putting on my old man cap, I can remember hearing hate for JKF after his first two years in office. Similar to Obama, he had the major TV media in his corner and a pretty good segment of the population didn’t have much of an outlet for displeasure with Camelot other than some newspapers of the day. JFK came to Dallas to mend fences. I was shocked that schoolchildren there actually appauded when told of his assassination. Biggest suprise was the killer turned out to be an insipid little communist and not a right-winger. That certainly was a driver of the conspiracy theories. For me though, I never had any use for assassination comments, even joking, after 1963.

  40. I think the only acceptable jokes involving shooting a president or a candidate has to include “Dick Cheney” in there somewhere.

  41. Today is TAX DAY. I paid a lot of federal and state taxes for 2011. A lot for me anyway. Now I look to the end of this year. “Bush tax cuts” expire. Keep in mind, 60% of their total go to low and middle income folks. Also the payroll tax breaks on Social Security withholding end. Alternative Minimum Tax relief expires. Medicare Doc Fix expires. Top that off with some taxes for Obama Care arriving in 2013, and God help us and the 2012 lame duck congress because nothing happens until after the election.

  42. Some pay their fair share and someone else’s:

  43. lonestar77 Says:

    My effective tax rate increased 4% this year. I lined up this year’s and last year’s returns side by side and only found a fraction of the difference. I have no idea why I paid more in taxes this year than last.

  44. If income was about the same and only an increase in your effective rate, that means you didn’t have as many deductions this year. Maybe your property taxes dropped because real estate values are down or stuff like that. Such a high federal income tax burden means that when people realise a tax savings eleswhere it usually goes into the federal coffers instead of your own and further dampening the overall economic climate in the process.

  45. I know it’s not cable but has anyone on here paid enough attention to Chelsea Clinton’s work on NBC to have a feel of how she’s doing? I’ve read crap about her work on and off for a while and now even HuffPo has a similar story. I watched her once early on and, while I didn’t think it was fantastic, it certainly wasn’t bad, either. Just curious.

  46. I read the HuffPo piece also, and it struck as prompted by resentful coworkers who had just sharpened their backstabbing knives. Bet they were all smiles to Chelsea’s face. At my cabin, I get the local news from Steubenville’s TV station, so while Chelsea is better than most of their talent, she maybe should have started small and worked to earn her stripes.

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