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Monetizing Breaking News…

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Business Week’s Alex Sherman writes about CNN and its all news strategy…

Over the past 15 years, CNN’s average prime-time TV audience among 25- to 54-year-olds has slipped 6.2 percent, to 226,000, according to Horizon Media. Fox News is averaging 425,000 in the same demographic, 88 percent higher than CNN. Still, advertisers know there will be certain days when viewership on CNN will spike. On the day of the Japanese tsunami, for instance, ratings jumped 337 percent, according to Nielsen (NLSN). The problem for cable networks is that they can’t quickly monetize surprising news events that bring in huge audiences. Networks sell up to 70 percent of their total advertizing time nearly a year in advance, according to Brett Harriss, an analyst at Gabelli & Co. (GBL) The remaining ad inventory is held back and sold at more expensive rates, often up to 15 percent higher, to companies that want to take advantage of unexpected news.

Yet even these ads must be created and inserted into available slots before they can hit the airwaves, says Lyle Schwartz, a managing director at media-buying firm GroupM, a division of WPP, the largest U.S. advertising company. By the time they’re ready to go, the breaking news may already be over.

Another negative: Tragedy and advertising make for uncomfortable bedfellows. Airlines, for example, have provisions that prevent news programs from running their ads during coverage of plane crashes. Breaking news of hostage situations is also frequently uninterrupted, which means CNN’s highest ratings can occur at times when no ads are run at all, Schwartz says. “The consumer would not like being interrupted with advertising when there’s something important or urgent going on,” he says. “It’s sometimes inappropriate to have commercials.”


Damn That’s Fast…

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SB Nation’s Jeff Gluck writes about how fast Thomas Roberts apparently thinks NASCAR cars go…

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France was a guest on MSNBC on Thursday to talk about the sport’s green initiatives in advance of Earth Day.

France was asked several questions about NASCAR’s environmental push by anchor Thomas Roberts, who apparently thinks race cars are actually fighter jets.

“The obvious draw for NASCAR is the speed,” Roberts said to France. “Cars going up to about 500 mph, right?”


Update: Roberts put out a tweet saying he meant distance not speed…

Gawker vs. FNC: Round 2

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Gawker’s John Cook writes about a bunch of Anti-Obama emails Roger Ailes and/or his minions allegedly forwarded to O’Reilly Factor staff. No idea how Gawker got these but even though you don’t see the words “Joe Muto” anywhere here, everyone is going to think it’s him. Including FNC. Whether he was involved with this or not, if Muto thought his legal hassles were over, he’s wrong.

We recently obtained the following emails, all of which were sent by Ailes (or his assistants, on his behalf) to staffers at The O’Reilly Factor in 2008 and 2010. They offer a peek inside the Fox News sausage-making machinery, and demonstrate that not only does Ailes buy into some of the more conspiratorial, paranoid programming on his network—he instigates it.

Free for All: 03/19/12

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What’s on your mind?

The end of HLN’s “Local Edition”…

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TVNewser’s Alex Weprin writes about HLN ending its 5 minute “Local Edition” breaks…

It is the end of an era at HLN, as the network has told its cable partners that it is pulling “Local Edition,” the five-minute segments at the bottom of every half-hour dedicated to local news and programming.

In a statement to TVNewser, the network laid out why it was choosing to stop carriage of the segments:

“Over the past several years, HLN has evolved its programming to focus more on long form shows, changing the programming format where Local Edition currently airs. After assessing viewer feedback, foregoing Local Edition furthers our programming evolution and benefits the viewer experience.”

Liz Claman’s 1,000th FBN Episode…

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My San Antonio’s Chris Quinn writes about Liz Claman hosting her 1,000th FBN episode today…

For the last five years Liz Claman has anchored “Countdown to the Closing Bell” on the FOX Business Network, pounding out stories and explaining some of the business world’s more intriguing events.

Thursday the business journalist will celebrate her 1,000th episode of “Countdown” on the floor of New York Stock Exchange, which is right where she was born to be.

“I’m glad we’re doing it at the floor of the New York Stock Exchange,” Claman said. “I’m happiest when I’m out there elbow deep in the trades and story lines that are happening.”