Gawker vs. FNC: Round 2

Gawker’s John Cook writes about a bunch of Anti-Obama emails Roger Ailes and/or his minions allegedly forwarded to O’Reilly Factor staff. No idea how Gawker got these but even though you don’t see the words “Joe Muto” anywhere here, everyone is going to think it’s him. Including FNC. Whether he was involved with this or not, if Muto thought his legal hassles were over, he’s wrong.

We recently obtained the following emails, all of which were sent by Ailes (or his assistants, on his behalf) to staffers at The O’Reilly Factor in 2008 and 2010. They offer a peek inside the Fox News sausage-making machinery, and demonstrate that not only does Ailes buy into some of the more conspiratorial, paranoid programming on his network—he instigates it.


13 Responses to “Gawker vs. FNC: Round 2”

  1. “They offer a peek inside the Fox News sausage-making machinery,”

    I have just figured out why I like Fox News… I like sausage – preferably bratwurst. Though, when I go to a Milwaukee Brewer game after watching the racing sausages I will have one of their great hot dogs.

    “As far as I can tell, Porter’s account never made it onto the air at Fox News, which is a rare testament to the operation’s ability to separate truth from paranoid right-wing fantasy.”

    I am also thinking now maybe because I eat those sausages I am prone to right-wing fantasies (or maybe it’s just indigestion). But, really, what are paranoid right-wing fantasies? Can someone please explain?

  2. Right-wing conspiracy theories = Anything the left doesn’t like.

  3. Or lies. See: ACORN, NBPP.

  4. ACORN defunding: Senate vote: 83-7 on 9/14/09; House vote: 345-75 on 9/18/09. Please note this was BEFORE the November 2010 takeover of the House of Representatives. So….. both Houses were controlled by Democrats and they therefore could have stopped ANY vote on these bills. How can you call that a paranoid right-wing fantasy?

  5. starbroker Says:

    You can add Reena Ninan to the list of Fox News Employees who have gone on to other national jobs. She’s doing a great job for ABC now.

  6. Those pansies bowed to the rightwing crazies like they always do. ACORN was a lie. The guy shown being “caught” by O’Keefe took all his information directly to his bosses to report the little parasite. Hopefully the poor guy Ailes slandered found another job.

  7. Hey joeremi: did you take your meds today?

  8. Joe got caught with his pansies down.

  9. When did Brian Sullivan leave FNC/FBN and go to CNBC/MSNBC? I really like him. Where have I been (don’t answer that)?

  10. Joe Remi is Joe Muto??? Could be!

  11. I’m Batman.

  12. More like the Joker!


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