Free for All: 04/25/12

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  1. lonestar77 Says:

    Saw an Andrea Mitchell campaign, err, lean forward ad this morning where she advocates against voter id laws. I’m not sure what voter id laws have to do with Andrea Mitchell or her program so it appears as if she’s basically cutting campaign commercials for the DNC.

  2. I was surprised that several people, who I am predisposed to consider their take on things for their even handed approach to right/left disputes, saw a glimmer to a definite light in Muto’s charge of blackballing of former FOXES by other cable news outlets.

    Gee, I wonder why Jeff Kepnes wasn’t blackballed by both MSNBC and CNN:

    Jeff Kepnes Upped to EP of Special Events for CNN

    “CNN’s Jeff Kepnes has just gotten a promotion, to Executive Producer of Special Events for the network….
    He’d worked for Fox News and, before that, at MSNBC where he was senior producer of “Equal Time with Paul Begala and Oliver North.
    Kepnes is married to Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman.”

  3. Oh, I forgot my manners.

    The article is via J$.

  4. Both Andrea and hubby are so photogenic, I can’t figure out why they wouln’t want photo IDs.

    Speaking of hubby, he is the person singly most responsible for destroying our economy. The 99% should demand a trial and firing squad.

  5. “credit default swap derivatives are self-regulating”

  6. Margaret Brennan left Bloomberg.

  7. savefarris Says:

    Left over from yesterday: Obama pulls a Doocy

  8. savefarris: don’t you know there is nothing to see here?

  9. So.. is Politico being racist?

    If they are not, can I call the president chocolate?

    Interesting discussion on another law blog I read. Some of you might like it.

  10. POTUS might be more of a fudge ripple.

    (he would think that was funny)

  11. Reuters story: Interesting paragraph: “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I’m black, OK?” the woman said, declining to be identified because she anticipated backlash due to her race. She leaned in to look a reporter directly in the eyes. “There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood,” she said. “That’s why George was suspicious of Trayvon Martin.”

    Complete story:

  12. but Juan Williams and I would not have been afraid to get on a plane with him.

  13. Yeah, that explains why he “looks like he’s on drugs, I don’t know what this kid’s deal is” while he walked home with an iced tea and a cell phone. Ridiculous. That moron should’ve kept his shyte together and waited for the cops to deal with hs delirious “suspicions”.

  14. ^^
    First article in weeks and weeks with the vast majority being completely new to me. There were a few things that I had first learned at the bail bond hearing.

    So many questions raised to prove Zimmerman’s guilt by media have quite benign, even admirable explanations in that detailed piece from direct sources. Too bad there weren’t any reporters out there who wanted to at least consider that there might be something out there to question the accepted version of things.

    Thanks, Paminwi.

  15. lonestar77 Says:

    Wow, quite an article. A little different from what was being presented in the media for weeks on end. I guess there’s are a handful of actual journalists out there. But, the work it took to produce that piece is much harder than “Zimmerman racist. Zimmerman hate black people. Zimmerman stalked that boy.”

    Anyway, he’s not going to see any jail time. And, there will be rioting.

  16. -waited for the cops to deal with hs delirious…-

    Hopefully the prosecutor has some detailed evidence that we’ve never heard about because, otherwise, there’s nothing to show that Zimmerman didn’t wait for the cops to deal with it.

  17. Considering that Zimmerman was found kneeling over a dead body by the police, I would say “waiting” did not happen.

  18. ^ Your comment ignores the primary question of which of the two, Martin or Zimmerman, first confronted the other. In open court the lead investigator testified that they do not have any evidence to answer that one way or the other. Without that answer, all benefit of doubt goes to the defendant. Given the timeline between when Zimmerman’s 911 call ended and another reporting shots fired, it is entirely plausible that Zimmerman was walking directly back to his parked car and was intercepted by Martin. Whether we believe this version or not is irrelevant.

  19. The version that has Zimmerman out of his car and within walking distance of Martin is the one that bothers me.

  20. Are there any versions in which he’s back in his car? He was out of the car while talking to the dispatcher and had to pass either near or directly over the spot where the confrontation occured in order to return to his car. I’m not aware of any dispute about this.

  21. That is the crux of the total irresponsibility displayed by the media in reporting speculation based on cherry picked edited evidence as FACT for weeks.

    Now that the actual transcripts of the 911 calls without the editing and hearing things that weren’t there a large percentage of people refuse to believe the truth and prefer their lies to the truth. When I first heard the story I was convinced that Z continued to follow despite being told not to. I heard it in a news report and it was presented as FACT.

    The first comment I posted on the net showed that erroneous belief of mine. I don’t quite remember when my first doubts arose but I think it was about the time they suddenly portrayed him as a “white” Hispanic. Alarm bells went off warning me that the underlying current was being diverted to prevent Hispanic backlash by making the victim black and the bad guy Hispanic.

    The details were hammered and shaped to fit the predetermined narrative to go with the bare bone facts that were ignored by the media.

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