More on the Zimmerman NBC Edit… has a story up regarding new information in the NBC Zimmerman 911 call edit…

insiders have told us WTVJ reporter Jeff Burnside was fired last Friday for allegedly editing the Trayvon Martin 911 tape, the same tape NBC aired on ‘Today’ in early April. Allegedly, his firing wasn’t announced internally and so far there is no information whether NBC made a conclusion if the edit was misleading on purpose or if it was an oversight.


5 Responses to “More on the Zimmerman NBC Edit…”

  1. Inquiring minds want to know more!

  2. missy5537 Says:

    Larry, just tune into the Today Show tomorrow and you’ll hear all about it – they’ll go into detail as to how the tape was edited, who was involved, the impact of this very misleading edit on the Zimmerman case, etc. And of course they’ll offer a heartfelt apology.

    Or not.

  3. Oh, it’s okay Missy. Zimmerman has a bulletproof vest afterall.

  4. ^ Another content-free comment. You should run for the Republican nomination.

  5. the content was implied. Who can help?

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