The Long Arm of….FNC?

Poynter’s Julie Moos has a nice roundup of what happened to Joe Muto this morning…

In a series of tweets, the Gawker blogger who worked at Fox News until he was outed as a mole announces this morning that News Corp.’s legal threats were not just talk.

The really fascinating story here is not going to be Muto’s legal mess but how FNC leaned on the DA and got them to bite so quickly. BTW, which DA is this?


12 Responses to “The Long Arm of….FNC?”

  1. lonestar77 Says:

    The guy is just an idiot. Ailes is correct about the culture and how this guy is an example of it. We get it, Fox is evil and out to destroy the world. But, what exactly did Muto accomplish by buying into that nonsense?

    Conservatives don’t watch MSNBC or CNN because they’re liberal networks. But, we don’t set out to destroy them or get their hosts taken off the air. We just point out the bias and mock the nonsense that comes out of there. Liberals, though, are filled with rage and break into a cold sweat whenever “Fox News” is mentioned.

  2. ^ and THAT is a significant difference.

  3. Pehaps Gawker should pay for a mole lawyer.

  4. harry1420 Says:

    I pity the folks that think there’s no bias at fox. come on. yall call the others liberal just because they don’t stretch over and bark up the republican’s tree all day and all night. NEWS can’t be biased! Opinion/talk/talk radio on tv can be. thats what fox is. that’s what gets me. fox claims to “fair and balanced”…and a news channel when in fact it is not. Really ashamed how its viewers have been brainwashed!

  5. If you’re going to steal proprietary info from your employer and ruin your chances of ever again being hired, don’t do it for Gawker. They won’t protect you and they don’t care about, beyond whatever page hits you can get for them.

  6. Harry, you think MSNBC & CNN are unbiased, straight news channels?

  7. I think Harry is nuts.

  8. lonestar77 Says:

    Not sure what Harry’s comments have to do with the topic. But, FNC is evil! Fox lies! Faux!

  9. It is Cy Vance, the Manhattan DA. Widely regarded as a fair guy. Still, I am surprised they launched an investigation, and so quickly.

  10. DAs like slam dunks

  11. Harry is just simply wrong. All news reporting is biased to some degree and it is the job of news reporting organisations to limit that bias as much as is practical.

  12. Cy Vance has had a series of embarrassing losses since becoming DA not long ago. He could use a high profile, easy win.

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