CNN (hearts) Jake Tapper…

Fishbowl DC reported this morning that CNN was making goo goo eyes at Jake Tapper. This provoked ABC and Tapper into issuing separate non-denial denials to The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone…

Tapper and senior vice president and spokesman for ABC News Jeffrey Schneider, both released statements to The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone. Tapper said, “Being the White House correspondent for ABC News is a dream job, one I’m focused on 100 percent. I couldn’t be happier where I am right now.”

Schneider echoed Tapper’s sentiment. “Hardly surprised to read about all kinds of poachers being interested in Jake Tapper. That’s what happens when you are at the top of your profession. We’re thrilled Jake works for ABC News and expect him to have a leadership role for a long time to come,” he said.

If ABC is serious about keeping Tapper it’s going to have to boot George Stephanopoulos out of the This Week chair after the election and put Tapper in it. Otherwise it puts the odds of Tapper jumping elsewhere at better than 50-50, especially after ABC passed him over not once but twice for the position.

14 Responses to “CNN (hearts) Jake Tapper…”

  1. CNN could use someone of Tapper’s experience and gravitas. This would be a big get for CNN and they need it. Spud is right, ABC is gonna have to offer him This Week or Tapper is going to walk and no one would blame him. CNN would probably offer a daily news show – possibly primetime. That’s a big carrot.

  2. I don’t see ABC dumping George Stephanopoulos from ‘This Week’ even if Tapper threatens to leave. Tapper is good but so is Stephanopoulos.

    If CNN did get Tapper I see him replacing Candy Crowley on Sunday rather than Blitzer, King or Burnett in the evening.

    In the end though this just looks like a leak by the Tapper camp to put pressure on ABC for a better contract with more money and air time.

  3. Could be a leak from the Tapper camp but I doubt it. It probably came from someone inside CNN.

  4. ^ ha, that should light a fire under a few on the on-air talents at CNN.

  5. lonestar77 Says:

    No idea why Tapper keeps getting passed over for This Week. He’s pretty respected by both sides. Ideology seems to be the only logical explanation. But, it’s prolly just a big fat coincidence that all network morning shows are always hosted by left leaning people.

  6. Fritz, I sure hope he doesn’t replace Crowley. Blitzer’s ratings still do well and he adds to the CNN brand so there is no way Tapper would push him out. I don’t think King is gonna have his own show much longer so that would probably be the most likely person to replace. Tapper would be a better lead-in for Cooper than Burnett, I think. Given her ratings struggle, she may slide back earlier in the day and focus on business reporting. A daily show on CNN would be a bigger profile than just a CNN Sunday show.

  7. Tapper is leftist in his personal beliefs. He got his start at for Pete sakes. But he is one of the few professionals who really manages to not let his leanings affect his job performance. He has a fierce pride in his professionalism, family, and sense of fair play.

  8. FishbowDC retweeted me a couple times on the Tapper poaching and Gregory Croft, Political Desk Assignment Editor for ABC News, started following me, which stuck me as funny.

  9. ^^ Why Larry, with an endorsement like that, I would say Tapper is overqualified for what passes as CNN primetime material nowadays.

  10. You can tell I’m a fan, Elle? 🙂

  11. Josh KaibCast Says:

    I’m pretty sure George Steph’s return to “This Week” is temporary and just a way to restore the show’s political cred after the Amanpour fiasco.

    Tapper is clearly in line for the job and has done a good job filling in recently.

    Steph is based in NYC and is even doing the show from there, so it’s clearly a temporary thing, especially as GMA continues to nip at Today’s heals.

  12. ^^ That’s a really good point Josh. GS has an awful lot on his plate at the moment (GMA host, This Week host, Diane Sawyer sub + other his non ABC commitments) and This Week is probably the lowest priority of his many ABC jobs.

  13. paminwi Says:

    I like Jake Tapper when he subs on This Week. GS is a bore and so predictable. I thought GS really wanted the political show versus GMA but did GMA to do his penance when he came to ABC. I thought that when GS came onto GMA Chris Cuomo had been the one that was going to take that spot instead they funneled him off to whatever their news magazine show is and became the main legal analyst. At the time that happened I think Cuomo was pissed that he got shoved aside for GS.

    I think Jake will see what happens with the election and when Romney wins ABC will make a change because they know Jake had more cred with Republicans than GS does. Though, does GS really enjoy doing cooking segments, etc. on GMA? I think not and for that reason alone there will be changes at ABC in the fall.

  14. “I think Jake will see what happens with the election and when Romney wins ABC will make a change because they know Jake had more cred with Republicans than GS does.”

    ^^Maybe; or maybe Obama wins and the world ends as we know it.

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