Free for All: 05/15/12

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25 Responses to “Free for All: 05/15/12”

  1. I get the feeling that if we’d nominated someone even halfway decent, he’d win in a Johnsonesque landslide.

  2. erich500 Says:

    ^If there was ever a year that a third party candidate could make noise, this is it. Noise as in winning.

    Obama is really clueless on economics. He thinks the purpose of the economy is to provide the wealth for the state to redistribute in the name of “fairness”. Government first, private sector second.

    No, Mr. President, without a growing economy that creates wealth the government can’t do squat. The government’s main job with the economy is to help the private sector not the other way around. To create the best conditions for Americans to thrive (yes, that includes roads and schools and police et cetera).

    Romney meanwhile has no core principles. There’s no “there there.”

    Six-plus months of this?

  3. The thing (one of them) with Romney is that he overcompensates. He can’t just oppose same sex marriage, he has to say that he supports a Constitutional Amendment. Please. That’s about as likely as a Human Life Amendment, which I’m sure he supports as well.

  4. erich500 Says:

    ^Good point. He may have needed to do that during the primaries but not anymore.

    Move to the center now. You don’t need to throw out the red meat at this point.

    Like Obama’s cynical views on the issue, it’s clear to me that he doesn’t believe in a Constitutional Amendment. It’s a cynical ploy to attract the hard right (like Bush did).

  5. I think that Obama’s move cuts against him, over all, but Romney needs to be subtle about it. Discussing Constitutional Amendments ain’t subtle. It’s overreaching and reactionary. The numbers may not favor SSM the way liberals like to think, but the numbers are certainly trending that way. He has to have a lighter touch, and I’m not sure if he’s capable.

  6. Chris, “Talking mule”
    Alex, in the form of a question, please.
    Chris, “who was the talking mule?”
    Alex, “full name”
    Chris, “Talking mule”
    Alex, “question”
    Chris, “who was the talking mule?, damnit”
    Alex, “Sorry, correct question is, ‘Who was Francis the talking mule?'”

    Chris, “Star spangled banner for $100”
    Alex, “oh, sh*t”.

  7. Why did Chris Matthews ever agree to go on Jeopardy? He made a fool of himself.

  8. Why is CNN having Ashley Banfield on ? My god she is a blonde version of Contessa Brewer. What a dolt.

  9. carolmr Says:

    Chris Matthews losing so badly on Jeopardy was karma. Matthews used to say he’d love to see Sarah Palin on Jeopardy, presumably because she’d make a fool of herself. Who’s the fool now?

  10. I guess Matthews wasn’t getting a tingle in his brain (no nerves or synapses firing) because it was going up his leg.

  11. “The rapists for $100, Alex”

    “The category is THERAPISTS, Chris”

  12. erich500 Says:

    While getting in an elevator after a speech he had just given, former President George Bush said he endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

    Dick Cheney, riding along with the former prez, told Bush to push three red buttons on the elevator. Bush complied. This sent the elevator on a free fall through the shaft where it eventually landed in a crash destroying the entire first floor of the building.

    Bush was unhurt.

    Yep, another “Mission Accomplished” for old Dubya.

  13. -Jeopardy-

    … and Alex says they made the questions easier.

    In fairness to Mr. Matthews (and anyone else who made a fool of him or herself on that programme), it just has to be far more difficult playing there under the glaring lights than it is at home. Or maybe he’s just a fool.

  14. Apparently The Five is throwing money at graphics seeing as they have some way over done thing for “One more thing” now.

    Beyond that, I really want to know who keeps leaving their cell phone on during the show. Yet again, the other day, regular buzz-buzz-buzz over the mics.

  15. ” Anal Bum Cover for $200, Alex”
    ” Uh, did you mean An Album Cover, Chris?”

  16. Alex, “Name a Museum even Larry knows”
    Dana, ” Sorry”

  17. carolmr Says:

    Both Chris Matthews and Dana Perino poked fun at themselves today on their respective shows for doing poorly on Jeopardy.

  18. Dana played like I would. Get a bunch right. Miss a bunch. Wind up with nothing unless you get the FINAL JEOPARDY question right.

  19. lonestar77 Says:

    The jeopardy stuff is pretty meaningless and I don’t really care who does well and who does poorly…except for Matthews. For someone who constantly labels conservatives as stupid, he should clean house on jeopardy. Of all the things I dislike about the left, the smug “we’re smarter than you” attitude probably tops the list. If you were secure enough in your own intellect, you wouldn’t feel the need to constantly yell about how dumb everybody else is.

  20. Chris Matthews on the Ridiculist. This should be good.

  21. mlong5000 Says:

    Sarah Palin is laughing at the superior intellect of Chrissy Mathews.

  22. lonestar77 Says:

    In Matthews’ defense, the questions were culturally biased.

  23. Obama would be great on Jeopardy.
    And if not, he could blame Bush.

  24. icemannyr Says:

    The taped Ed Klein interview about his Obama Book on Hannity gets a second day as the interview continues tonight.
    Does anyone besides Hannity care about Klein’s interview Rev. Jeremiah Wright?
    We went through this before the last election.
    Not to mention people on both the left and right are very skeptical about Ed Klein’s sources.
    I wonder if even conservatives get tired of Hannity doing the same segments every day?

  25. icemannyr Says:

    I can’t believe I actually agree with Eric Bolling.
    On a Hannity Show segment tonight with Eric & Kimberly Guilfoyle as guests Eric said Jeremiah Wright should not be an issue during the campaign and they should stay with real issues like the economy.
    Of course Kimberly Guilfoyle, why she does has have a job at FNC?, and Hannity disagree.

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