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Survey Says…

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a story about an NBC News:VIPs survey. I had thought that maybe the plug had been pulled because it had been so long. Recently, however, I heard that the surveys had started up again. Not all of them are relevant for the purposes of this blog. But when they are relevant they can be very illuminating. It was an NBC News:VIPs survey that foreshadowed the debut of Wake Up with Al (Roker) on The Weather Channel. Another forshadowed MSNBC’s turn back to POV analysis programming which began in earnest in 2011.

With that backstory in mind, ICN got tipped off to a new survey concerning a show that most people wouldn’t think of being on NBC’s priority list; the syndicated Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo which also airs weekends on CNBC as does The Chris Matthews Show (which inexplicably to me still hasn’t been moved to its rightful place on MSNBC)

Three screen grabs from this survey were forwarded to ICN and all of them tell a tale, though what exactly the tale entails is open to interpretation. So let’s get on with the interpreting!

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Press Releases: 05/17/12

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HLN (1), CNN (1)

HLN Rebuilds: Joplin’s Road Back Begins Airing Monday May 21; with Live Coverage through Tuesday May 22nd

One year ago, a massive EF-5 tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, killing more than 160 people and changing the city forever. In the weeks after the tornado hit, HLN visited Joplin and – amid untold devastation – found people determined to stay and rebuild their lives in the city they call home. Now, a year later, HLN returns to Joplin to tell the next chapter in this story of perseverance, courage and resolve.

Hosts Robin Meade and Clark Howard will lead HLN’s one-year anniversary coverage on air and online beginning Monday, May 21 through Tuesday May 22, the anniversary of the deadly tornado. This multi-platform coverage centers around the construction of a new home for a mother and her three special-needs children, who lost everything in the tornado. Clark Howard is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to give this deserving family a chance for a new life.
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