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Andrea Mitchell Interview…

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In what is sure to be talked about relentlessly in the Red blogosphere, Andrea Mitchell is interviewed by Christina Bellantoni…

The culture wars have gotten intimate. For months, female voters of both parties have been stirred up by political battles over such issues as funding for birth control and a proposal to make transvaginal ultrasound a prerequisite for abortion—and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell has been asking the provocative questions. First, she interviewed Nancy Brinker, founder and CEO of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, after the group decided to defund Planned Parenthood (a position Komen later reversed). Next, Mitchell was moments from interviewing Sandra Fluke when the Georgetown law student—who had been labeled a slut by Rush Limbaugh for wanting health plans to pay for contraception—received a call of encouragement from President Obama. And Republican megadonor Foster Friess was on air with Mitchell when he remarked that birth control was no big deal because in his day a Bayer aspirin between the knees did the trick. Christina Bellantoni asks Mitchell what she makes of it all.

Q: What is happening in America?

A: We seem to be relitigating the question of contraception, which has not been an open issue since the 1960s. It has been a consciousness-raising experience for a generation of young women who always took these rights for granted. I have never had so many women approach me—it just seems to have galvanized them.

And then there’s this…

Q: Have you ever seen anything like this?

A: It takes me back to the Clarence Thomas hearings. Some of the most liberal senators behaved miserably because they did not stand up for fair treatment of Anita Hill. I remember when the hearings ended and I was wrapping it up from the Senate. Tom Brokaw said, “What have we learned?” and I said something like, “I think we learned that the United States Senate is the last plantation.” I can’t believe I said that on network television!

New International Surveys Highlight CNNI…

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CNNI is touting the results of two new surveys from the Pan-Asia Pacific Cross-Media survey and Europe’s Media Marketing Survey…

Related: CNNI President Tony Maddox talks to Broadcasting & Cable’s George Winslow about this…


New research shows CNN also the leading news provider in Europe

CNN reaches more viewers globally than any other international news channel, with findings from both the latest Pan-Asia Pacific Cross-Media survey (PAX) and Europe’s Media and Marketing Survey (EMS) reinforcing the network’s undisputed leadership position.

The latest PAX findings for the period Q1 to Q4 2011 show that CNN continues to be the clear leader in the Asia Pacific region among international news and business channels across all metrics:
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Press Releases: 05/21/12

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CNN (2)

CNN lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer will sit down with Afghan President Hamid Karzai for an exclusive interview on Monday, May 21. Pres. Karzai is in the United States to attend the NATO Summit; he will sit down with Blitzer to discuss U.S.-Afghan relations, his meeting with President Obama and more. Blitzer will anchor The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer live from Chicago–tune in to CNN today from 4 to 6 p.m. ET.


CNN Chronicles Journey of Afghan Woman with Iconic Face

Multimedia feature reunites users with Taliban victim on her quest for reclamation

Nearly two years after Time captured her image for one of the magazine’s most memorable covers, CNN Digital will reunite users with Aesha, the woman whose story of abuse and disfigurement became an international symbol of oppression and crimes against women in war-torn Afghanistan. Through a powerful multimedia presentation, will present Aesha’s quest for surgery, stability and a sense of belonging after her tragic rise to fame.
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Free for All: 05/21/12

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