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What’s Hot/What’s Not: 05/27/12

Posted in What's Hot/What's Not on May 27, 2012 by icn2

What’s Hot:

The Robin Meade Show Minus Robin Meade – HLN announced a new two hour evening news show called Evening Express. The name obviously is not so subtle linkage to Morning Express, Robin Meade’s show. Just one thing, Morning Express has Robin Meade. Evening Express won’t.

Cable News Peakage – Reuters’ Jack Shafer called looked at cable news historical ratings pattern and basically the top for it. Shafer makes some very interesting points but doesn’t allow for the possibility that a format shift in cable news could change things. His omission may prove accurate but since we just don’t know, I’m hedging…

Comcast Looking to Gain Full Control of – It’s not clear whether Comcast will succeed in NBC Universal buying Microsoft out of its stake in but if it’s successful expect wholesale changes.

What’s Not:

Roger Ailes – Ailes came out swinging at the New York Times and then walked it back…

Alex Pareene – Pareene scribbled a nasty opus on Luke Russert. Whatever valid points Pareene made will be lost in all the venom…