Open Mouth, Insert Foot…

The Huffington Post’s Jack Mirkinson writes about the self-inflicted wound Chris Hayes gave himself by touching a third rail. Mirkinson also has Hayes’ apology which people are going to wonder whether was ordered from on high…

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes sparked controversy and debate on Sunday when he said that he felt “uncomfortable” calling soldiers killed in action “heroes” because the term can be used to justify potentially unjust wars. He later apologized for the statement.

35 Responses to “Open Mouth, Insert Foot…”

  1. erich500 Says:

    His apology seems quite sincere but I still don’t think he understands what caused the reaction. Or some of it.

    Honoring a fallen soldier is not the same as honoring war. Either a specific conflict or war in general. He seems to be “uncomfortable” that one may lead to the other.

    In any case, he’s apologized and I’ll certainly accept it.

  2. mlong5000 Says:

    He had no problem calling John Kerry a War Hero…so he’s a liar and a hypocrite.


    Anyone still keeping track? Truth is all came from their people expressing their true beleives and apologizing after the backlash. Over and Over. Are we so stupid as to not understand that they are who they are?

  4. #OWS are Hayes heroes.

    Obama appologized today for the way Vietnam vets were treated upon returning home. Unsaid, but understood was the villains were from the Left. Not liberals or Democrats, but the Left. A special breed of cat. Chris Hayes’s breed of cat.

  5. missy5537 Says:

    Well that’s nice that the Bamster apologized. The Vietnam vets were treated horribly.

  6. imnotblue Says:

    ^ Meh. The real story isn’t that he (Pres. Obama) apologized. It’s that for once, it was actually warrented.

  7. Isn’t MSNBC a haven for the far left? So this really shouldn’t surprise.

  8. They are, and it’s not.

  9. I think Obama has been 4-square with the Millitary. I know he is not all that popular with veterans, but he has his fans among active duty soldiers. As I’ve said before, I find it hard to fault his foreign policy. If Obama does get reelected, that will be my one sollice.

  10. erich500 Says:

    Man, the guy apologizes and you folks just run wild with it.

    Obama, Vietnam, Kerry, Bigfoot, the faked moon landing…….


  11. Bigfoot faked the moon landing?

  12. Even though his sentiments about war sound about the same as Chris Hayes’s, I doubt Dr. Ron Paul would say such a dumb thing.

    ^ I think Kerry faked the moonwalk.

  13. ^ He was better at the Hustle.

  14. ^ … or the Monster Mash.

  15. They should cast him in a remake of The Munsters.

  16. They should cast him in the title role in a remake of Mr. Ed.

  17. Cast him at both ends.

  18. A pacifist is concerned that “heroes” implies all wars are good. The very beginning of that thought is slightly justifiable; getting to the end of it before opening your stupid mouth brings you to “of course no one thinks that”. He opened his stupid mouth, and I believe he genuinely regrets it.

  19. as did Ed Schultz
    as did David Schuster
    as did Mark Halperin
    as did…

  20. Hume once said something, like, comparing the number of people lost in Iraq to the number who might have been killed in some other situation. He caught all kinds of hell and I don’t know if he ever ‘apologized’. I sorta got what he was trying to say, but there really was no good way to say it. I put this in that category.

  21. I’ve made a lot of mistake in my life, and apologized a lot of times. Unless it’s one of those BS “if anyone was offended” things, I have no reason to question an apology. A straight up, no qualifications apology is exactly what it looks like until proven otherwise.

  22. Is that what you said about Rush’s apology to the s-woman?

  23. lonestar77 Says:

    It’s something you say to your your circle of like minded liberals over a round of cosmos when everyone is dueling to say the smartest thing evah. It’s not something you express to the world. Yeah, we all probably could have guessed his feelings without him actually expressing them…so don’t.

  24. It’s a good philosophical discussion to have, but TV isn’t well-suited for “philosophical”. Not outside PBS, anyway.

  25. It’s not a good philosophical discussion to have on the day set-aside to honour our fallen war heroes.

  26. Which do you suppose Hayes is sorrier for, being stupid or being an ahole?

  27. I think he is genuinely sorry and knows what he said was inappropriate, but I also believe that he doesn’t fully understand why what he said was wrong. There’s probably quite a few people who don’t really get it.

  28. poslovno savjetovanje…

    […]Open Mouth, Insert Foot… « Inside Cable News[…]…

  29. The twerp initially strongly defended his remarks on twitter with those TWEETS deleted since his sincere, I’m about to get my a$$ fired if I don’t, appology. MSNBC would not have let his actions stand. Like Ed Schultz on at least two occasions, contrition or termination were the options.

    This ughly thing will be what he is known for the rest of his career.

  30. Rush apologized for two specific words. He never apologized for accusing Fluke of wanting free birth control for “all that sex she’s having”, which is what the words meant. Sandra Fluke did not testify about her sex life. Rush lied, slandered, and never apologized. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  31. You just hate him.

  32. Uh, yeah, he’s a monster, but my facts are accurate.

  33. Sandra Fluke was put out there to help create a false controversy for the Obama campaign to capitalise on and Limbaugh’s snipes were little more than an irritating distraction. In the end, Flukes testimony was seen by average women across the country to be crap and the whole thing backfired. Limbaugh apologised for the two words but not for the ruckus he caused, and it probably would have been a smarter tactical move for liberals had they simply ignored him. But they can’t help it.

  34. He didn’t apologize for describing her as a tramp having group sex. He didn’t apologize for telling her parents they shouldn’t be proud of their daughter in law school. You guys can play your hazy memory game all you want: I remember what he did, and what he “apologized” for. Rush a pig. Don’t listen to him.

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    […]Open Mouth, Insert Foot… « Inside Cable News[…]…

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