Inside MundoFOX

TVNewser’s Alex Weprin writes about News Corp.’s new Spanish Language channel, MundoFOX, and talks with its VP of News…

News will be a significant part of the new channel, according to Jorge Mettey, the senior VP of news at MundoFox.

“We have a lot of expectations; we strongly believe that we have a different approach and the right people, the vision and the ability to communicate at a different level,” Mettey tells TVNewser.

The basics: the network will launch with a single news show, an evening news program anchored by Rolando Nichols of KWHY Los Angeles, a MundoFox affiliate. There will be two live half-hours produced every weekday, one for the east coast and a second, customized version for the west coast.

So far, MundoFox has secured affiliates in 40 markets, including L.A., Miami, Dallas, San Francisco and Chicago, and is expected to have deals in New York and Houston shortly, rounding out the top 10 markets. In total, the network will reach around 70% of Hispanic households at launch.

I saw a MundoFOX spot on Fox Soccer Channel yesterday. What was odd is that I got the feeling this was a cable channel because it was telling viewers to call their provider to get the channel. But apparently it’s not a cable channel so I’m not clear why the spot went out with that appeal.


2 Responses to “Inside MundoFOX”

  1. If it’s only in a small portion of the country, maybe satellite providers could carry the NY or LA station?

  2. You can thank retransmission consent fees. Now when co’s launch a new broadcast network, they want MSOs to pay them like they do for cable channels.

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