Tamron Hall Interview…

Ebony Magazine’s Kristin Braswell interviews Tamron Hall…

EBONY: How have you seen the news industry change over time, particularly in regard to diversity?

TH: If it’s a company that’s moving in the right direction, you will walk into their corporation and see more Black people, more women, more Latinos and diversity in general. News cannot be an isolated island to examine diversity. What I would counter that idea with is to look at the diversity in life, and hopefully we’re seeing everywhere that there is more gender equality and representation of different backgrounds.

EBONY: What do you think are some of the most important topics in our country today that can help move the national dialogue forward?

TH: The economy. This is what we know this will move the election. This is the question that people will ponder when they go to vote in November. We have millions of people without work, people that are at an age when they may never be able to reenter the work force other than with part time or jobs that don’t fit their skill set. Immigration and our dependency on oil are also important topics, but the economy will continue to be at the forefront.


One Response to “Tamron Hall Interview…”

  1. Ever notice that hiring a fat old cross-eyed bald bearded Irishman is no one’s idea of diversity and you can’t find one one cable news anywhere. Nor in Ebony for that matter.

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