Team Play?

Very interesting…NBC’s Today show this morning had a “Today’s Professionals” segment where one of the subjects was Chris Hayes’ “Heroes” gaffe. NewsBusters’ Kyle Drennan writes about it here

During a panel on Tuesday’s NBC Today, liberal pundits Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Nancy Snyderman condemned left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes for suggesting fallen U.S. troops are not heroes. Deutsch was the strongest in denouncing Hayes: “I hope that he doesn’t get more viewers as a result of this…this guy is like a – if you’ve seen him…he looks like a weenie.” [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

Jones was clearly appalled by the offensive comments: “…the person that he [Hayes] was talking to was the officer whose job it was to call the families of fallen soldiers. Could you be more inappropriate on Memorial Day?” Snyderman voiced her disgust as well: “To criticize the young men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to protect us and then cheapen it…”

Co-host Matt Lauer actually attempted to defend Hayes: “I’m not sure he was criticizing those young men and women. He was just saying that the word is overused.” The panelists would have none of it. Snyderman declared: “But he’s wrong….Because you know what? The four of us aren’t fighting those wars. So these people are heroes to me.” Jones added: “When it’s a dead soldier, it’s not overused.”

After Lauer quoted Hayes’s apology for the remarks, Snyderman responded: “Where was that eloquence on the front hand?” Jones reiterated: “You don’t say this on Memorial Day.”

The news here isn’t that the panelists ripped Hayes. At this point it would be expected almost. The news is that NBC allowed this segment on the air in the first place. Snydermann is an NBC News employee. Deutsch is an NBC brass favorite. And they just threw one of their own under the bus. Today staffers had to have known, or at the very least guessed, that the segment would go in this direction. Was this a subtle signal from NBC trying to distance itself from Hayes?

One could make that argument. If NBC didn’t want this issue addressed the word would have come down from the execs to Today EP Jim Bell and the word would have been “hands off”. If we add the fact that Hayes himself basically did a complete 180 going from putting out two different tweets (via J$); neither of which could be remotely considered apologetic, to suddenly issuing a full on contrition filled apology roughly 24 hours later, and you seriously wonder if you’re witnessing the invisible hand of NBC News at work.

Such a scenario would probably have gone down like this: NBC forced Hayes to do a full on mea culpa. Then to further distance NBC from Hayes, Today puts on a segment regarding Hayes where people say just how wrong he was. This approaches tinfoil hat territory but I don’t think we can dismiss the possibility out of hand. It’s just too coincidental.


17 Responses to “Team Play?”

  1. donnieboston Says:

    Maybe it’s also a subtle signal from NBC News trying to distance itself from the POV madness on MSNBC as a whole. Wishful thinking, I know.

  2. How naive can you get. NBC “allowed” this because THEY WANTED IT! Thowing Hayes under this bus to head off a public relations nightmare. What a shock.

  3. Stick with Ailes calling the NYT a name. That’s big time offensive.

  4. lonestar77 Says:

    It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m very surprised that they even addressed it. Which begs the question, why? And, why have they never (to my knowledge) addressed any thing else that has come from MSNBC. It’s not like there’s been a shortage of controversial statements both B.O. (before Olby) and A.O. (after Olby).

  5. missy5537 Says:

    This is a shocker – seriously!

  6. Olbermann RT’d my tweet linking this story. I guess that means he buys my theory to some extent.

  7. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ I think he retweeted it because I mentioned his name.

    “Hey look, somebody mentioned me!”. 🙂

    Anyway, I still don’t get it. Why this controversy and why now?

  8. I think he retweeted it because I mentioned his name.

    HA! You wish…

    I think it’s because it fits his “NBC News puts corporate PC-dom over ideological purity” meme which was what drove him away from MSNBC, and later contributed to Cenk Uygur’s departure.

  9. @UpWithChris Hayes is a monument of quality programming. I look forward to deeply thought-provoking and educational discussion that is rare in weekend cable news. I enjoy the diversity, the way he effortlessly partakes in the difficult task of moderating what is always a panel of numerous guests at once. These guests often vary in opinion yet they merge in good, quality conversation every weekend for two hours that always seem to go by too fast leaving us with the desire for more.

    Instead of short conversations that, due to time constraints, never get that depth, there is ample time to bring out the fine points or focus fully on a subject and he does. It is a refreshing contrast to the usual line up of talking-heads engaged in the kind of too-short discussion sculpted to meet the video clip demands of on line news sites.

    Compared to the weekend news shows of the other MSM networks, I am always certain to see more minority guests, abundant female perspectives.. you know more diversity! Between @UpWithChris and @MHPshow, I finally can look forward to an uplifting weekend news experience.

    If they want to push him out, it would be a devastating mistake in the line of silencing great journalism and discussion.

  10. ^ Suggest on Memorial Weekend other MONUMENTS should be revered.

  11. Hayes made a big mistake, but VM is right, it’s a very good show that goes into amazing depth on difficult issues. UP does what 24-hour cable news was supposed to to do: Take its time.

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  13. lonestar77 Says:

    “I think it’s because it fits his “NBC News puts corporate PC-dom over ideological purity” meme”

    Yeah, good point.

  14. Hayes should be commended for having an adult conversation and putting out the question that people are too afraid to ask… but God for bid, if someone doesn’t label the troops as heroes, they are anti-American.

    I understand the reason why people want to put that label on the brave men and women who fight in war (which a lot of us can’t do), but just because you go into the military doesn’t automatically make you a hero.

    If anything, pushing the PC narrative that every single person in the military should be commended as heroes promotes the idea of more violent war, more funding of the pentagon, more of our troops dying, more killing of innocent civilians, etc.

  15. Hey, you’re back and out of touch as ever! Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is not a celebration of all things Millitary, you dumba$$.

  16. As a Vet with a Bronze Star, I understand and agree with what Chris was trying to say — he was not being disrespectful, I’d like to go a little further, though, in condemning Bush for starting are recent unnecessary, immoral wars and also condemn Obama for expanding them — they’re both chickenhawks in my opinion!

  17. […] NBC made it extremely clear where they stood on the matter, and it wasn’t behind their employee. The Today Show ran a segment this morning on Hayes’ comments, with NBC employees as the commentators, and they universally […]

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