Thomas Roberts: POV Star…

Mediaite’s Noah Rothman writes about Thomas Roberts doing his POV thing again…

Roberts first detailed the negative response from Democrats to Romney’s appearance with Trump. He asked Gidley if President Obama had appeared at a fundraiser with comedian Bill Maher, “wouldn’t Republicans be just as outraged?”

“I’m sure they would be,” said Gidley. He went on to characterize the controversy surrounding Trump as “ridiculous.” Gidley said that one of MSNBC’s anchors had asked how Romney could stand on stage with someone who could embarrass him at any moment. “And I’m thinking to myself, well Barack Obama could be embarrassed at any moment by a guy he made Vice President,” said Gidley.

“Hogan, are you really going to throw Joe Biden under the bus,” asked Roberts. “Are you really going to compare Joe Biden, one of this country’s most dignified and greatest political leaders that can cross the bridge getting to both sides of the aisle, and compare him to a Donald Trump? Do you really want to say that?”

I’ve said enough about Roberts, who used to be considered a straight news anchor, already. I’ll just let this exchange stand without further comment…

Update: I tried but I can’t just let it drop. The Biden to Trump analogy is accurate in one important detail, the most important detail. Biden is a serial gaffe magnet. Everyone knows this. He’s a loose cannon. Everyone knows this. He’s not a huge conspiracy theorist like Trump but Gidley wasn’t arguing that point. He was arguing that Biden could embarrass Obama at any given time, just like Trump could embarrass Romney. And he’s right…because Biden’s gaffes have embarrassed the President on occasion.


7 Responses to “Thomas Roberts: POV Star…”

  1. I remember Biden dropping out of the 1988 Presidential Primary because of plagiarism issues. He is not a saint and reverence of Roberts is misplaced. But Roberts is doing what is expected of him, and by this time there is no surprise nor is he to be blamed.

  2. lonestar77 Says:

    I’m way beyond the POV stuff that makes up the entire MSNBC lineup, day or night. And, I called Thomas out way back for being a partisan hack and was (ahem) questioned on this very site. Anyway, what sticks out to me is the statement about Biden as “one of this country’s most dignified and greatest political leaders”. If that doesn’t sound like state run media, I don’t know what does.

  3. The plagiarism story was BS. He quoted that line a hundred times, and one time forgot to attribute it.

  4. The BS is coming from car guy:

    This is SLATE by the way, not Daily Caller.

  5. Slate is a stupid rightwing…um..I mean..that’s a good article. I was right on my specific point, but there’s a lot more to the story than I was aware of. Good catch, Larry.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    “Slate is a stupid rightwing…um..I mean..that’s a good article.”

    Haha! That was laugh out loud funny. Well done Mr. Joe.

  7. Thanks, man.

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