What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/03/12

What’s Hot:

Steve Krakauer – Krakauer subjected himself to the “ICN Treatment” and answered a bunch of too nosy questions on the subject of CNN and Social Media.

Wolf Blitzer destroys Donald Trump – The Donald decided to do his best non-birther birther impersonation again and Wolf Blitzer just scorched him rotten. I haven’t seen Trump look that feckless in a long long time.

John Berman Joins CNN – Berman will be anchoring on Early Start which means everyone will be watching to see which of Ashleigh Banfield or Zoraida Sambolin will be eventually moved off the show.

Ashleigh Banfield – Banfield waded headfirst into controversyland by making some inexact comments regarding a person being Gay in response to comments made by a controversial preacher in an interview with her. This caused a backlash from the pro-Gay movement and Banfield clarified her comments. Her clarification caused a backlash from conservative groups accusing Banfield of bowing to pressure by the Gay movement. All of which reminded me of this quote from the WOPR computer in the movie “War Games”

Strange game. The only way to win is not to play.

White Backgrounds – Whoa…ICN is readable now…three cheers for Spud!

What’s Not:

White Backgrounds – Whoa…ICN is unreadable now…Spud sucks!

Chris Hayes – Hayes tried to do nuance using a delivery platform (cable news) incapable of understanding nuance. He got roasted for it and apologized 24 hours later.

The Today Show Throws Hayes Under the Bus – Nobody was expecting another arm of NBC News to pile on top of Chris Hayes. It generally isn’t done on the air. If it’s done at all it’s done either via a pithy statement from the network saying “Blah, blah, blah…contrition, contrition, contrition” or some network exec does a quick interview where they say they talked to the person or something similar. So eyebrows were raised everywhere when on Monday Today had a Today’s Professionals segment where one of the topics was Hayes’ gaffe and Hayes got roasted.

Roger Ailes – Last week Ailes had to, via anonymice proxy, backpedal from scorching the New York Times. This week his explanation for his feelings about the New York Times were scrutinized and found wanting. Actually wanting is too tame a word. Fundamentally flawed? That’s better…

Anthony Bourdain joins CNN – This could have been hot except for what happened the next day…

CNN shatters all time ratings lows at 7pm and 9pm in both Total Viewers and the Demo in May – Whatever positive press CNN could have gotten out of the Bourdain hire was stamped out cold by these earth shattering oxygen sucking headlines one day later.

MSNBC Allows Ed Schultz to Speak at Wisconsin State Democrat Convention – Do I really need to say why here?

MSNBC Yanks Ed Schultz Wisconsin Lean Forward Ad – They say it will be “revised”. Better to take a shovel and bury it.

Fox and Friends Airs In House Campaign Style Obama Retrospective – And catches all kinds of flak for it. FNC tries to spin it as a rogue producer type scenario where the senior FNC execs weren’t aware of it. Well, the anchors were. The production staff was.

Mediaite, TVNewser, Deadline.com – All three outlets reported that the FnF Obama video editor producer Chris White had an offer from CNN. Deadline went even further to say that White got an offer to double his salary from CNN after the video aired even though the timeline created from that scenario was all but impossible to believe. CNN subsequently yanked the offer. It seems pretty clear to me that rogue FNC elements decided to screw with both White and CNN by leaking the offer knowing full well that this fiasco would all but assure the offer got yanked. And Mediaite, TVNewser, and Deadline went along with this with their eyes wide shut. Suckers…

Jacqui Jeras and Reynolds Wolf out at CNN – The CNN meteorology on air staff just shrank considerably…


11 Responses to “What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/03/12”

  1. imnotblue Says:

    So the new color scheme is… different.

    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY… the text beneath the comment window is white like the background, so all I see at the moment are two check boxes. The two “notify” lines are essentially invisible.

    That’s bad. Other than that… things are just “different,” and will take some time to get used to.

  2. The non-nuanced TODAY Show took the nuanced Chis Hayes and shoved his brain dead insensitive nuance up his nuanster. Saved hin from excreting future nuance on CURRENT.

  3. Sherlock Spud has thrown his web of deduction over rouge FNC elements, but the sinister bunch somehow remain at large.

  4. . The two “notify” lines are essentially invisible.

    I am aware of this. Those checkboxes aren’t very critical as nobody here relies on email notification for the blog very much.

    I haven’t been able to find the correct CSS line to change the color scheme. I think it’s the same color as the text in the comment box we type in. So I need to change the color scheme of the comment box. I’m working on it.

  5. Sherlock Spud has thrown his web of deduction over rouge FNC elements

    You had me going there for a minute. I thought your misspelling of “rogue” was a not so subtle hint that I misspelled it. Fortunately it’s just you

  6. Bit of rouge on my face, eh?

    The check box issue would be a low priority in way of thinking.

  7. I think the colour scheme is great… and Spud sucks.

  8. Al Sharpton is holding recall Walker rallies in Wisconsin, and Spud is accusing FNC editors of wearing girlie makeup.

  9. No one is the least bit surprised about a MSNBC host being actively engaged in political activism? FNC is and should be held to a higher standard.

  10. ^ I did not type that “?”, dagnabbitt.

  11. Spud’s new format changes things after you type them. Made me misspell a word today by dropping a letter.

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