Free for All: 06/06/12

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6 Responses to “Free for All: 06/06/12”

  1. Interesting bit on MJ this morning. Regis Philbin asked Mika if she had ever acted before and if she was interested in doing any acting in the future.

    Surprisingly she said she had always wanted to act but that her family had discouraged her until she received an education . She then hinted that there were possible performances in the works re her acting future. It sounded more like a real role in some TV show or movie rather than the usual appearance as herself in a movie walk on.

  2. Mika and Joe perhaps as Nora and Nick Charles in a remake of THE THIN MAN.

  3. Or perhaps the whole MJ cast in a film version of Gilligan’s Island.

  4. Jake Tapper’s press briefing questions yesterday to Carney about the use of drone strikes becoming a ‘precedent’… that’s how the press should work during all administrations. ABC News best keep that guy happy.

  5. Jake is recognized as top notch by his WH correspondent colleagues as awards by their asssociaion the last two years testify.

  6. icemannyr Says:

    They are using very dark lighting for the Melissa Francis show which is very strange since every other show that uses that studio, America’s Newsroom, America Live and Hannity has good lighting.

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