Free for All: 06/08/12

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  1. paminwi Says:

    Really? Maybe this kind of joke can be dome within your own home and with your close friends – but – at a fundraiser – as President? I don’t like that the President makes jokes like this!

    I’m sure you don’t need three sources but I’m giving them to you nonetheless.

  2. carolmr Says:

    Jon Stewart making fun of Lawrence O’Donnell’s comment that Tuesday’s recall election in Wisconsin was a big win for President Obama:

    STEWART: Yep, just like Obama drew it up on the chalk board. “Hey, guys, I got an idea. What if we could figure out a way to have the core of what we believe soundly rejected by voters in a swing state just five months before the national election? It might just be the boost we need.”

  3. Elliot Spitzer on CNN:

    “CNN tries very hard to position itself as an non-ideological news network, but there’s no objectivity in network news. It would be better for all of us if we just accepted that.”

    That insistence upon remaining “non-ideological” poses a problem for the struggling network, Spitzer said: ”CNN has a serious question of what it is and they’ve got to answer that.”

    CNN’s complete neutrality pretext has been the big lie of their three decades of existence.

  4. Pam, I was furious when I heard about this last night, but I hadn’t seen the clip. I think Tommy’s right..the prez looks blindsided buy the apparent double entendre in the scripted joke. I think there’s a jokewriter without a job today.

  5. I thought Obama looked absolutely horrified. Honestly, did people in his audience have to be that gross?

    I felt sorry for him.

  6. I agree, Larry. The pool report last night was “the audience obviously took the joke that way”. What it should have said was “the audience were a bunch of drunk idiots who set their President up to look like a scumbag, to the delight of the rightwing blogosphere”.

  7. paminwi Says:

    I read this analysis on another website and it stuck with me. It may not with you re: Obama’s “joke”

    “Chip S said: IF we’re treating this seriously, then the question is whether it makes any sense as a joke that doesn’t refer to oral sex between the First Lady and a high-visibility lesbian.

    Was there some context in which it makes any sense to talk about a pushups contest involving the First Lady and a middling tv personality? Do they work out together occasionally? Is the FLOTUS known for her pushup prowess? (Cue the “Michelle’s arms” jokes.) Is DeGeneres?

    Next we consider the audience–the immediate target of a joke. Does the LGBT community have an exceptional interest in pushups or other forms of calisthenics–as compared, say, to its interest in oral sex?

    Finally, is the “yes, it’s about oral sex (though clearly NOT blowjobs)” interpretation consistent with the President’s behavior at similar events?

    On balance, I’d say that it probably was intended as an oral-sex joke. If I were to conduct an Althousian (Althouse – the website this was posted on) search for deep political motives, I’d say it’s an attempt to get right wingers talking about something silly instead of the Wisconsin recall election.”

    Just thoughts from a worn out Wisconsinite.

  8. It’s silly. The First Lady did pushups on a show recently. It was a stupid joke written by an overly clever writer in a lot of trouble today.

  9. The shown was the ELLEN show. I have someone in my household who never misses it. The pushup thing was a big deal for the fans and a joke writer would have taken that into account for a LBGT audience that loves Ellen. No way. No way. No way. Was this joke intended to be about sex.

  10. Some weirdness, about 30 minutes into AC 360. Hard to describe, but AC was coming out of a commercial, and almost seemed as though he thought he was rehearsing and didn’t realize he was ‘on’. Very strange.

  11. Apparently the latest drug craze nicknamed “bath salts” has created multiple incidents accross the country of zombie like cannibalism. Mindless hyped up junkies area eating people. As a precaution, the sale of these have skyrocketed:

  12. Tough to deal with that sort of motivation.

  13. Perhaps this wouldn’t have happened if he weren’t so dependent on his teleprompter.

  14. Spud’s once again looking for tomorrow. Or he’s west of the IDL.

  15. The screw-up on AC was actually about 45 after the hour, and they edited the second showing. You know, in case anyone around here cared.

  16. Yeah, most people making a speech just make up the opening jokes on the spot. It’s all Obama’s fault.

  17. Presidential ad-libbing. Yeah, that sounds wise..

  18. Harry Truman, when addressing an LGBT audience, always left out the jokes, but Bess played the piano and Margaret sang.

  19. Like I always say, to err is Truman.

  20. and to forgive eating dog turds is Divine.

    (anybody get that?)

  21. Nobody wants to, Larry…

  22. libertyandjustice Says:

    The NYP reports that time Warner is looking for a new CEO for world wide CNN.

    I laughed out loud when I read this. “ Several news business high-ups say one name being floated internally to come in and revive CNN ratings is Jeff Zucker, the former NBCUniversal boss. “

    Wasn’t NBC under Jeff last in the ratings? However, his liberal editorial direction will sure fit the continuing failed programing template at CNN. He may be a very nice man but he sure would represent more of the same old stuff!

  23. Mark Whitaker + Jeff Zucker = Olbermann

  24. erich500 Says:

    If Barack Obama loses reelection he can point to this week – and probably his statement today about the economy (“The private economy is doing fine”) – as the tipping point.

    When McCain said things like that we thought he was senile.

    What’s the President’s excuse?

    Talk about dumb….

    His team will be all over the talkshows this weekend.

  25. Yeah, are the Dems still overconfident? Cuz that would make it just perfect,

  26. Yes I know many of you are irritated by my old stuff, but tough.

    I remember when Gerald Ford let slip in a debate that Poland was a free country. Many thought that one remark might have cost him the election.

  27. Please tell me that the audience wasn’t actually “shocked” at Rickles’ “racially-charged” jokes. Please.

  28. “Audience shocked that Don Rickles does the same act he’s been doing for 50 years.”

  29. Exactly. Look up Rickles at Reagan Inaugural on YouTube. He could just as easily have done that joke about anyone in power, and probably has.

  30. What I like about this article is that it points out the absolute hysteria that accompanies not just this (IMO), but so many left-wing causes. You might think that everything they favor, if not supported, would result in people, poor and otherwise, dying in the street.

    There was a documentary, about 20 years ago, called Abortion for Survival(I swear). They found one teenage girl who wouldn’t tell her parents that she was pregnant, and died in an attempt to self-abort. Based upon that, there should never be parental-notification. They react with the same amped hysteria over any other abortion proviso, even when it amounts to nothing more than informed-consent. I recall when the Webster ruling came down, in late ’89. Even as part of that crowd, I could not see what the big deal was about the decision. “A chill wind blows”, said Harry Blackmun. Yeah, whatever.

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