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Cumulus to take Rivera Nationwide…

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Cumulus Media announced that it will be syndicating Geraldo Rivera’s radio program nationwide…


New York (June 11, 2012) – Cumulus Media Networks, with more than 4,000 affiliate radio stations reaching 121 million listeners, will offer stations nationwide a live 9 am-noon radio show hosted by award-winning journalist and commentator Geraldo Rivera beginning August 13.

Rivera began hosting live and local radio shows titled “GERALDO” in the New York City and Los Angeles markets earlier this year. Following the success of those shows, GERALDO will become a single live national show launching in advance of this summer’s political conventions. The tagline of GERALDO is, “Not Red. Not Blue. But Red, White & Blue.”
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What’s Hot/What’s Not: 06/10/12

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What’s Hot:

Fox News to absorb News Corp’s NewsCore – This may prove to be a significant mover for FNC. Or it may prove to be nothing at all. But there’s a lot of potential there for the taking.

A change at the very very top of CNN? – The New York Post floated the story that Jim Walton’s days may be numbered.

Dylan Ratigan to Exit MSNBC – Too bad. His show was one of the few bright spots in all too predictable POV TV world.

What’s Not:

Oliver North – North wrote a Memorial Day article that included a quote that apparently didn’t come from who it came from, but came from someone else’s prior work.

Darren Rovell – Rovell got had by a prankster who clamed to run an escort agency that catered to NBA players.

Ratigan Leaving MSNBC…

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Dang you Stelter. You’re not supposed to break news on a Sunday afternoon when I’m out enjoying the weather! Anyway, Brian writes in the New York Times that Dylan Ratigan is leaving MSNBC…

“Once you’ve said your piece, you can either keep saying it — and then it’s a job, good job, pays well, everybody knows your name, it’s great — or you can decide what you’re going to do about it,” he said. “And the answer is, I don’t know. But I do know, in order to figure it out, I have to dismount.”

On MSNBC, Mr. Ratigan will be replaced by the man whose show precedes his at 3 p.m., Martin Bashir. MSNBC staff members were told of the changes on Sunday afternoon after a reporter inquired about the plan.

Some members of Mr. Ratigan’s staff will be charged with creating a new show at 3 p.m. The channel may try out an ensemble of hosts and contributors at that hour.

The changes will start to take effect on June 25, after Mr. Ratigan wraps up his show on June 22.

Interesting that MSNBC wants to move Bashir closer to Matthews rather than create a new show at 4pm.

Alex Wagner Profile…

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Politico’s Dylan Byers profiles Alex Wagner…

Wagner’s role in this discussion is as subtle and understated as her show’s influence. As host, she sees herself as the moderator, and there is a near-unanimous feeling among guests that her ability to facilitate — rather than dominate — the conversation is what makes it feel genuine and organic.

“I hate to besmirch an entire profession, but the vanity of most cable TV hosts is pretty significant. Alex gets that the host’s job is to make everyone look good in one segment,” Josh Tyrangiel, the editor of Bloomberg Businessweek and a weekly guest, told POLITICO. “She’s quite generous, in the way the best hosts are. There’s a lot more alley than oop.”

“Alex understands that her job is to communicate, push back, lead the group — but also to let people flex their muscles,” said S.E. Cupp, a conservative political commentator and frequent guest. “To Alex’s credit, we all feel very comfortable stretching on that show. I’ve never felt afraid to go ahead and put my opinions out there.”

“Alex lets everyone talk, she creates an environment where people respect each other’s opinions,” said Alice Stewart, the former press secretary for Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign. “Alex sets that tone.”

Wagner also makes a point of preventing shouting matches, something many cable news programs encourage. “We are not firing shots across the bow,” she said. “People can disagree strongly with one another, but rudeness is not tolerated. We’re very careful to cultivate a spirit of goodwill. People disagree, but they rarely cut each other off. If I have a pet peeve, it’s when we have the rare guest who gets fired up enough to be antagonistic.”