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MSNBC News Anchors Beware?

Posted in MSNBC on June 11, 2012 by icn2

Ok, today was a bust blog-wise. Was just too busy. I’ll try to do better tomorrow, though there really wasn’t any earth shattering news today. Joy Behar to Current? Puh-leeze! Sorry Dan, but If Olbermann couldn’t move the needle for Current and its horrid carriage levels and miserable ratings, what chance does Behar have? It’s news, but it’s not news worthy of the coverage level it got today. The King still has no clothes…

But I do want to take a moment tonight and write a bit about something MSNBC President Phil Griffin said in yesterday’s Alex Wagner profile by Politico’s Dylan Byers as it’s been rattling around my head ever since. Key sentence…

Griffin, the network president, said Wagner “breaks the mold of anchor we’ve had in there for the last 15 years.”

Your first impression upon reading this is that it’s a not very subtle shot at former MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer, the previous holder of the Noon slot. Wagner’s arrival breaks a trend…apparently a negative one in Griffin’s view. But Griffin adds the qualifier of “the last 15 years” which means…um…basically anyone who has anchored at Noon in MSNBC’s history. That group would include a few current MSNBC news anchors now anchoring other hours.

Do I think Griffin meant to undercut his remaining news anchors with this shot from the hip quip? That depends on whether or not he wants to keep them on the air anchoring in the long run. If he does, hopefully he has already clarified his true feelings regarding this with them. Otherwise, if I was a news anchor and not a POV host like Ed Schultz or Martin Bashir, or a POV analysis host like Wagner, I wouldn’t be feeling too good about my long term prospects at MSNBC.


Free for All: 06/11/12

Posted in Free For All on June 11, 2012 by icn2

Blogging will be more sporadic the next month or so and restricted primarily to early morning and late evening with afternoon updates when possible. So, what’s on your mind?