Deirdre Bolton Interview…

The Next Web’s Drew Olanoff interivews Bloomberg TV’s Deirdre Bolton…

TNW: Is micro-investing the secret weapon to staying out of a technology bubble?

Deirdre Bolton: I’ve heard some interesting viewpoints on this topic. This Friday, I aired my Bloomberg TV “MoneyMoves” from the F.ounders conference (also known as Davos for Geeks) on location at the NASDAQ.

I interviewed Dave Goldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey (and Sheryl Sandberg’s husband), who had some interesting thoughts on this topic since he lived through the last tech bubble. He told me that this time it’s definitely different with tech funding because the majority of companies now have real business models. These new companies really want to create something—they’re not just in it to get rich quick—unlike in ’99 where greed was rampant. Goldberg says this time, investors and entrepreneurs are “sober.”

TNW: Do you think we’ll ever get to a point where a company can ask its users for funding instead of asking them to pay for services straight up?

Deirdre Bolton: There is so much money available right now that it’s probably not necessary. The challenge for entrepreneurs is not to take money unless they really need it.


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