Free for All: 06/18/12

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42 Responses to “Free for All: 06/18/12”

  1. Did I read SE Cupp gets a show on MSNBC?

  2. The new MSNBC show concept is kinda murky. At first it was that several hosts – including SE – would be rotated through the time period as an audition; then we heard that she and Toure would be regular co-hosts, with others auditioning for the panel, but that it was all still temporary.

    This sounds exactly how The Five started, with the rotating panelists quickly settling into mostly the same crew every day, and the show becoming permanent.

  3. Having a show on MSNBC is sort of like asking what happens if a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it.

  4. Yes, it’s hysterical every time a conservative pretends there are no liberals watching MSNBC. No really, it never gets old.

  5. Why can’t MSNBC just drop Martin Bashir’s show? It’s boring, he’s smug, he usually gets his “facts” wrong and it’s unwatchable.

  6. lonestar77 Says:

    ^ We know this but the audience that MSNBC now caters to eats it up. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous he is as long as he brings the hate.

  7. MSNBC already has their own version of “The Five”. It’s called Morning Joe and NOW With Alex Wagner. Why can’t they just give Veronica De La Cruz or Craig Melvin their dues?

  8. If MSNBC is remaking themselves away from news and into POV programming, their show concept makes some sense. Hey, might even be really good.

  9. @LoneStar: I’m one of those progressives MSNBC caters to and I expect better from our discourse. Martin Bashir’s show is awful and boring and he doesn’t even come across as a nice guy.

  10. ^^ Andy is right on point re Bashir.

  11. lonestar77 Says:

    Well, he has a show so he appeals to someone. I’ve watched it and it’s by far, the worst show on cable news. Bashir doesn’t show up every afternoon because he has secret pictures of important NBC people.

  12. “it’s by far, the worst show on cable news.”

    ^^ I’m not even sure it’s the worse show on MSNBC; after all Dylan Ratigan is still on the air. And John Kings show on CNN and F&F are pretty brutal affairs.

  13. I love Martin Bashir’s snarky attitude, especially when he goes after Mittens for his weirdnesses and lies. Excellent show.

  14. ^ don’t bite the hook

  15. When MSNBC abandons the POV nonsense five years from now and moves to the more profitable home-shopping format, Bashir will be the only one left. Demonstrating the incredible SHAM WOW.

  16. When will Obama propose a Windycity surge?
    More killed this year than in Afghanistan…

  17. CNN change

    I like, but will anyone else?

  18. How is this different from the show Malveaux was already doing?

  19. Lil’Joey, we don’t doubt that some leftists watch MSNBC… when they’re not watching Fox, because they love to froth at the mouth and get angry. But how many conservatives or centrists watch MSNBC?

  20. It is differ in they will bring in the International Corresondents at that time every day.

    And maybe Malvoex will sit up straight.

  21. But how many conservatives or centrists watch MSNBC?

    Don’t know, don’t care..ratings have nothing to do with quality. Look at the top 20 TV shows each week. The list ain’t pretty…

  22. When MSNBC puts on better programming more conservatives will watch. Generally, I doubt many “centrists” can be attracted to political POV programming.

  23. How can they miss with this sort of quality reporting? Tell liberals what they want to hear, and they’ll beat a path to your door.

  24. That story about the ‘change of address’-form sounds suspiciously like my experience in getting underage permission for a GED.Won’t liberals be thrilled when our entire healthcare system is like that.

  25. Tell liberals what they want to hear, and they’ll beat a path to your door.

    “Liberals”? Since when do you talk in lazy, sweeping generalities as if “liberals” is a single-thought monolith?

  26. Normally bright, highly-skilled, and resourceful people seem to lose much of their abilities within weeks of going to work for a large bureaucracy. Over just a few months most become extremely frustrated for not being allowed to use common-sense solutions until, perhaps a year or so later, they just accept it.

    Within the realm of large government agencies the result is inconvenienced and irritated citizens. Within the realm of the myriad of healthcare-related bureaucracies, however, people die because of this and it happens every day.

  27. because I stand on my monolith of right-wing nuttery, is it better to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous caricature, or by simplifying the archers in return, oppose them?

  28. Hard to buck the system, any system, Al, without the risk of becoming an outcast. Then the gamble is on whether you can accomplish anything.

  29. I don’t get the Wawa (whatever that is) story at all. In or out of context, Mitt’s feigned fascination with their ordering system didn’t strike me as if he’d never seen such a thing before. He was simply doing that weird insincere smiley/happy one-of-those folks things he does.

    The reality is the real Mitt Romney is a steely-eyed businessman, and looks ridiculous trying to act folksy. Is there really a voter out there who likes him better for faking this crap?

  30. If you have no intention of answering Bob Shieffer’s questions, don’t go on Face The Nation. “We’ll figure it out when we get there” is not an answer.

  31. Oh stuff it. Potiticians answer questions when they are ready and none of them turn Face the Nation, Meet the Press, or This Week into a Sunday confessional. Quit the phony outrage and stupid “Mitten” baiting horseshit.

  32. No, I will continue. Willard is a serial liar with no moral center. He will say and do whatever it takes to win, and apparently the Republican Party is going to support him without a clue what his policies will be. I find the whole thing incredibly cynical, and I hope this country is better than to go with this crap.

  33. Joe voted for Obama, which makes ^ post incredibly dumb.

  34. I voted for someone with a moral center who’s trying to help people. You’re about to vote for a serial liar who thinks rich people getting richer at the expense of everyone else will magically solve all our problems. Congratulations.

  35. No, you think “rich people” are the source of your problems. They aren’t. Your guy is the one who hob-knobs with the powerful and wealthy class. There’s a reason the Wall Street big-wigs vote Dem.

  36. That’s a tired talking point. I don’t think rich people are my problem; I think politicians who hand them all the breaks at the expense of the rest of us are the country’s problem. Trickle-down is BS. It doesn’t work.

  37. All you have to know is that they think California’s problems are mostly the fault of Republicans. And that raising taxes on the rich one more time will magically fix things. It ain’t worth the effort.

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