Nielsen Can Now Measure Tablet Data…

MediaPost’s David Goetzl writes that Nielsen now has a system to measure tablet data…

Nielsen CFO Brian West just reported the company has a measurement system to capture iPad and other tablet usage that is being tested by large media companies. The move is a natural extension of Nielsen’s efforts in its extended screen work, where it would add tablet data into a system with TV and PC measurement.

“This is one where technically we can do it,” West said at an investor event.

Yet there are still significant steps that must be taken before the tablet measurement functionality becomes widely deployed in the market, partly because the marketplace often breeds disagreement.

“Nothing moves fast enough in the space,” West said, referring to client adoption and revenue potential for Nielsen. “You’ve always got to facilitate constituents that have different viewpoints, but you’ve got to be the referee sometime — and that’s the role we play, and we’re perfectly happy to do that.”


3 Responses to “Nielsen Can Now Measure Tablet Data…”

  1. spdavid Says:

    I don’t mean to be picky but your headline needs an edit.

  2. All your typoes are belong to us.

  3. […] to some, though not ICN readers who have had plenty of warning things were going in this direction (this, this, and this). The New York Times Brian Stelter writes about a major change coming to […]

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